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In General:

Michael’s music is considered to be some of the finest free flowing, deep relaxation music available. While there are some differences between all the CD’s, there is a common thread to all productions and that is the free flowing, drifting nature of the music. Listeners often report, right across many of the titles, being transported to other realms, be they realms of relaxation, meditation, sleep & dreaming. In addition, a common area of feedback, is the non imposing aspect of the music, where listeners feel the music floats around, without distracting them from where the mind is placed or from any focused activity. The CD’s are also popular for both repetitive and long playing and great for going to sleep or slowing down the mind or the breath. They are widely used for therapies such as massage, reiki etc. where gentle background music is required. Please email any reports, comments, feedback of your own.



"First let me say thank you once again for your music. In some twenty five years of teaching and private practice, I have found your work to be the most profoundly healing and relaxing music I have ever used."
Peter McDonald - Clinical Hypnotherapist, Nth QLD

"Michael's music is the most beautiful, healing music I have ever experienced. It touches the essence of one's feelings, of one's being - where no words can explain."
Cathy Bayliss - Total Transformations, QLD

"I would like to thank you for bringing your music into the world, as it has been profoundly inspiring & healing for me"
G. Pearson, WA

"Michael's music has provided an opening at a time in my life when I was particularly receptive to change, An integral part of my path to realizing my higher self. As a healing agent I find it unsurpassed"

"I love to use Michael Wild's music when massaging clients. It allows the client to relax into their own peaceful space and it allows me to move into a healing space where the healing energy can flow freely.."

Travelling Beyond

"Imagine watching the heavens through a giant telescope observing the stars, planets, the hues. Then suddenly your transported in to the astral world. That's the feeling I get listening to Michael Wild's Beyond Worlds. One of the better CD's that I have heard in a long time."
Spiritual Links Magazine

"After listening to your latest CD, it confirmed my belief that your music takes you to the outer universe, yet at the same time it takes you (as one of your track titles states) to the 'Inner Universe' of the Self.
Rev. Helen Gray VIC

"Beyond World's is a remarkable collection of beautiful ambient pieces which are soft, relaxing, gentle and inspirational. Each track is a delight to the ear and soothing to the soul. The album takes the listener on a journey beyond the boundaries of space and time."
The Planet - Music Review

Relaxation & Meditation

"Please allow me to thank you for your personal contribution to the relaxation music scene. As a teacher of Astrology & Meditation I have found many music pieces excellent for relaxation, however it has been your music which has truly filled the criteria of being gentle and tranquil enough to quickly settle clients down to a peaceful state of slow and relaxed breathing."
Beverley McKie, VIC,

"The best ever meditation music"
Sally Ann Shepherd - Medititation Teacher, VIC

" Michael is a master of creating 'free flowing' ambient music. I've heard enough albums over the last 8 years to say that Michael is producing some of the best contemporary relaxation music in the world."
Peter Roach Presenter


"I have purchased all your CD's and have found them exceptional, especially as an avid Hi-Fi listener. Unlike other similar 'genre' of music they give emotion to the extent of bringing forth tears, happiness, warmth and
Peter Butlin, ENGLAND

"Last year I bought your album 'STARDREAMS' which has to be one of the finest Australian ambient recordings I've yet heard. There's an essence to your music that is to me pure spirit; I must admit that on one occasion it even moved me to tears. Your ability to draw from such a deep musical well is a precious gift, may you never lose it."
Mike Watson 2NCR-FM

Thank You

"Thank you, Michael, for sending your music out into the world. It is a beautiful gift to others. I've loved the sound of your music since I first heard it and recently used it in seminar on the inner self on the Gold Coast, with great results.
Maggie QLD

" Thank you for your wonderful CD, Beyond Worlds which has become a favourite of with me and my reiki friends. I play it almost every day & recently took it to France where it was noticed every time I put it on. Everyone wants one."
Tess Edwards VIC

Thanks for the inspiration your music has blessed me with. It is always exciting to discover music that connects me to the universe within/without
Charles Kruppay NSW


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