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N A T U R E ' S
This series contains titles that are either relaxing ambient music mixed with nature sounds or just nature sound recordings by themselves. In the 1980's Michael recorded many nature sounds such as birds, water and waves around the forests and beaches of South East Australia.


Relaxing music dedicated to the Plant Kingdom that sustains our Planet Earth. Contains Nature Sounds scattered throughout.

This new CD is not as 'spacey' as Michael other recent releases. The gentle strings accompanying the occasional Nature Sounds give it a more contempary, grounding feel. It does however retain the free flowing nature of his past music making it perfect for relaxation, various therapies or just plain background listening.

Earth's Garden can be likened to a 'soft & gentle symphony', with its undulating strings and passive and subtle melodies.

Track Titles:
1. Earths Garden - 25.33
2. Green at the Water's Edge - 9.06
3. The Forest, The Tree, The Leaf - 15.08
4. Across the Morning Landscape - 15.06

Total Time 65 minutes


Comments by Michael: Earth's Garden was inspired by my love of being in the bush and connecting with nature. Related to that is also my passion for gardening.

To date most of my CD's have been inspired by the cosmos and therefore have been understandably ' beyond wordly'. Earth's Garden is, perhaps, a little less 'spacey' with more string sounds & general orchestral instrumentation. I particularly avoided those 'other wordly' sounds and concentrated on a more conventional approach to keep the music grounded and more 'earthly'. The result is a symphony of music with occasional nature sounds, but it is an even flowing, undulating and gentle symphony.

Earth's Garden is about acknowledging the Plant Kingdom and respecting it's place as a founding factor in reason for all life on our Planet Earth. We exist and benefit through plants unbelievable diversity and ecological value and importance. It is up to us to ensure that Kingdom of Plants continues to thrive and prosper. Earth is often called the Blue Planet but it being Green is not far behind.



Experience this flowing, ethereal music combined with the gentle sounds of nature - forest birds, nightfrogs, ocean waves and trickling streams throughout

"I found myself totally captivated & moved by your Celestial Sounds CD and only hope you can continue such stirring works"
G. Lambidis, NSW

"Your CD, Celestial Sounds is terrific. I use it every day as background music for my practice"
J.Cowan, Naturopath, TAS

"My copy of Celestial Sounds has worn out through constant playing by myself & my partner I need other copy and I hope it will last another 15 years! ."
Beverly McKie, Hypnotherapist, VIC

Track Titles:
1. Morning Mountain's Song......8.55

2. Peacefully Sleeping......5.30
3. Etheric Ocean......7.51
4. Timeless Voyage......13.18
5. Journey......5.31
6. Shores Of Time......3.05
7. Forever Drifting......20.53
Total Time........65.03

Celestial Sounds is Michael's first ever production It was was released in 1986 as a cassette of about 45 minutes of music. When CD's became a medium for the airing of music, an additional track of 20 minutes (track 7 above) was added to compliment the length of CD recordings. This production is now nealry 30 years old and is still sold in stores and in some circles is considered a 'classic'. It is one of the first albums to combine Australian Nature Sounds with original relaxing or ambient music.

Comments by Michael: In 1983, after completing a Science Degree and a year of traveling, I settled down with a newly acquired keyboard and recording equipment. Throughout University I had discovered the electronic music of the 70's and was inspired by much of its relaxing ambient sounds (but not so by the noisy, jarring sounds that often came with the genre as well). Such was the passion to explore this music that a desire to manifest my own material was born.

As a lover of nature, camping & bushwalking I also spent time recording the sounds of birds, water and ocean waves. Over a period I recorded many hours of nature sounds, mainly around the forest and beaches of Victoria, in South East Australia. Combining the music and the sounds of nature to produce Celestial Sounds was joining my two great loves in life at the time. Sometimes I feel people still pick up on the joy in the music, especially the first track, Morning Mountains Song, despite the ambient style.

Australian Nature Sounds Series
Recordings by Michael Wild from the 1980's,originally released on cassette. All nature sounds recorded in South East Australia (Victoria).
"There is something special about these original analogue recordings that have lasted the the test of time. It is a pleasure to re-release them on CD decades later".
- Michael Wild, 2014
Complete 4 CD set

4 CD set of
Australian Nature Sounds

Volume 1: Water

Volume 2: Birds

Volume 3: Birds & Water

Volume 4: Ocean Waves

For more information on each Volume see the descriptions below


For individual tracks names and times, plus track sampling,
see the individual 4 CD's below

Volume 1: WATER


Volume 1: Water

Nature Sound recordings of various
trickling streams from the temperate
eucalyptus forests of Victoria, Australia.


Track One: East Gippsland 1 (11.03)
Track Two: East Gippsland 2 (9.17)
Track Three: East Gippsland 3 (19.48)
Track Four: Marysville Trickle (9.28)
Track Five: Young's Creek (10.17)
Track Six: Otway's Medley (6.45)

Total Time: 66.49 minutes

Volume 2: BIRDS


Volume 2: Birds

Nature Sound recordings of various
birds from the temperate eucalypt rainforests & dry outback forests of Victoria, Australia.


Track One: Forest (13.08)
Track Two: Outback (4.42)
Track Three: Mountainside (5.46)
Track Four: Bushland (3.46)
Track Five: Lyrebirds (26.28)
Track Six: Bellbirds (3.21)
Track Seven: Summer Day (3.16)

Total Time: 60.40 minutes

Volume 3: BIRDS & WATER


Volume 3: Birds & Water

Nature Sound recordings of various
birds & flowing streams from around the
temperate eucalypt rainforests of
Victoria, Australia.


Track One: Lyrebirds & Echoes at Kinglake (16.06)
Track Two: Otway Ranges 1 (16.28)
Track Three: Otway Ranges 2 (11.32)
Track Four: Marysville Track (16.29)
Track Five: Otway Ranges 3 (6.32)
Track Six: Bellbirds - Gippsland (4.10)

Total Time: 71.28 minutes



Volume 4: Ocean Waves

Nature Sound recordings from various
beaches around Victoria, Australia.

For specialised use, choose a track
and put on repeat.


Track One: Port Campbell (19.08)
Track Two: Gentle Waves (10.00)
Track Three: Heavy Waves (6.48)
Track Four: Apollo Bay (5.44)
Track Five: Surf & Gulls (8.01)

Total Time: 48.5 minutes



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