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General Relax

This series includes much of Michael's earlier work from the 1980's and 90's, as well as some recent titles. His earlier works are considered classics in the relaxation/ambient genre. His later works are more spacey & ambient.

DEEP TIME (Latest Release)


Transcend Time
(for almost 70 minutes !)

This new CD by Michael is another textured, ambient & spacey soundscape, this time inspired by our deep past, from the beginning of time to the present and beyond. Specially useful for meditation or late night background listening. Particularly suited to those who enjoyed ‘Inner Horizon’ or ‘Sacred Geometry’, two of Michael’s other CD’s.

Track Titles:
1. Deep Time - 16.51
2. Pangaea - 11.57
3. The Ancients - 7.57
4. New Earth - 14.40
5. Future Time - 17.08

Total Time 68.43 minutes


Comments by Michael: Deep within us is the seed of our past & future from the beginning of time, imprinted with all that has come to pass till now, and all that will be.


May 2011

Heavenly relaxing music for sleep, dreaming and traversing the Heavens. Can also be used as background music for meditation and healing therapies. Ascending the Heavens is in part a symphony of heavenly music, particularly represented in the first track on the album. Overall however, choir and strings sounds create a beautiful angelic texture or higher dimensional feel to this music. More orchestral, and less ‘spacey’ sounds that other recent releases.

Track Titles:
1. Ascending the Heavens - 17.10

2. Gateway to the Stars - 13.04
3. Beyond the Light Barrier - 15.26
4. In the Kingdom of Angels - 10.18
5. Where Earth Meets Sky - 9.10

Total Time 65.18

Comments by Michael: Although to me 'the heavens' represent the cosmos, I did have angels in mind when composing this music!




Haunting, soundscapes for experiencing the Infinite in the natural patterns and designs that underlie our Universe.

Sacred Geometry CD is an exploration in music, that has a deep haunting quality about it. Choir and strings meet with 'beyond earthly' sounds to make an interesting texture or soundscape as a backdrop for traversing the fundamental structures beneath our existence.

Track Titles:
1. Star Tetrahedron (Merkaba) Parts 1 & 2 - 12.28

2. Divine Proportion - 10.20
3. The Infinite Pi - 10.41
4. Labyrinth - 11.20
5. The Venus Pentacle - 9.46
6. Harmony of the Spheres - 8.54

Total Time 63.30

See track comments below......

Comments by Michael: Being trained in Mathematics as well as Music, and exploring the relationship between the two, it was no surprise that Geometry in some form would come into my music as an expression. Sacred Geometry is the basic belief that geometry and mathematical ratios, harmonics and proportion are also found in music, cosmology, space, time & form, and all structures whether large and small. This belief has been found even in prehistoric times and is considered by some to be a cultural universal of the human condition. By studying the nature of patterns, forms and their relationships and connections, insight may be gained into the mysteries of the Universe.

Such can be exemplified with a description of each track:

Star Tetrahedron - Referred to the Merkaba or two interlocking tetrahedra, where one points up and the other down. Many mystical or metaphysical phenomena have been related to this geometry, including some views from the scientific community that the tetrahedron is the prime geometry fundamental to all nature & matter.
Divine Proportion - this term often refers to the Golden Ratio (1.618...), a mathematical constant found in many natural systems (a well known one being the spiral in shells). However I was attracted as much to the name itself at it seemed to imply an ultimate meaningful structure or proportion that underlies the Universe.
The Infinite Pi - Another mathematical constant as described above and forms the basis of many geometrical computations. What I like about Pi (3.141...) is that it cannot be expressed exactly and reaches towards infinity in its definition. It is also a transcendental number with no decimal sequence that repeats. It is chaos that actually creates order.
The Labyrinth - Wonderful structures, Labyrinths can be thought of as symbolic forms of pilgrimage; people can walk the path, ascending toward salvation, enlightenment or to the center of all things.
The Venus Pentacle - Venus & the Earth relate to each other and the Sun in a 13:8 orbital resonance (for every 13 orbits of the Sun by Venus, the Earth orbits 8 times or for 8 years). In this period relative to Earth, Venus traces a Pentagram in the heavens. Viewed more widely than this it traces what is termed the 'Rose Mandala' with the Pentagram in the middle (Mercury relative to Earth forms the Star of David !). Truly fascinating stuff.
Harmony of the Spheres - The ancient philosophical concept that regards proportions in the movements of celestial bodies—the Sun, Moon, and planets—as a form of music. This 'music' is not literally audible, but a harmonic or mathematical and spiritual concept.




Resonating and relaxing sounds for journeying
beyond to the beginning of all things.

Whether or not the universe sprang into being through the enormity of a 'Big Bang' or through the wonder of an 'Intelligent Creation', there did exist a resonance, a vibration or an energy that is beyond all comprehension. The music on this CD is dedicated to our beginnings.

The Sound of Creation has two elements that intertwine to exhibit a different feel to Michael’s other CD’s. Firstly there is Michael’s signature flowing music & relaxing themes. Then, delicately balanced in the background are deep resonating sounds, resembling Sanskrit chanting or deep voice harmonics. As with the vibrations behind the Sanskrit universal sounds, these deep resonations transport us to a sense of our beginnings in time & space. A very special CD.

Track Titles:
1. The Sound of Creation - 34.20

2. Genesis - 30.12

Total Time: 64.32 minutes

Comments by Michael: How was the Universe Created? When did Time & Space begin? Has the Universe always existed and will it exist forever? These are questions that have excited the human mind for as long as we have existed ourselves.

The beginning of everything has always taken a special place in my desire to understand the workings of the universe. Inevitably this led to a musical expression. To comprehend our true beginning is such a mind boggling adventure, that one turns to what one can truly understand or find satisfyingly & meaningful, and for me that is music.

Sound, in being a vibration itself, and in being mentioned in the Bible too, in Genesis, allowed for a musical journey to creation, to be a clear path. And further to that choosing to marry relaxing ambient sounds with deep resonating textures was perfect in respect to some people's imagery or perception of the beginning (especially in Eastern Religions or Philosophy).

These sounds, rather like Sanskrit chanting or Buddhist monks sounding in their daily routines, make this CD a little different to my other productions. While they do introduce each track, they are however, essentially in the background throughout each track itself.

This was such an exciting CD to produce. I hope you enjoy the journey to the beginning!




Beautiful, flowing music specially designed for deep relaxation, quiet times of reflective thinking, meditation or tai chi. Also very suitable to play while going to sleep. Transports the listener 'beyond'.

"Celestial Music that is so serene you forget you are on Earth"
Ambience Magazine

"Beyond World's is a remarkable collection of beautiful ambient pieces which are soft, relaxing, gentle and inspirational. Each track is a delight to the ear and soothing to the soul. The album takes the listener on a journey beyond the boundaries of space and time."
The Planet - Music Review

"Thank you so much for your CD, Beyond Worlds. I just love it! We did this amazing meditation and alignment to it at Wellness House and really did connect to other worlds!"
Louise Geldenhuys,

Track Titles:
1. Flying......9.15

To be free in flight, viewing life from above, we see everything as it really is.
2. Eternal Calling......11.25

From beyond all things you can hear 'The Calling',
drawing you closer, to your heart and to your purpose.

3. Into the Light.......10.30
In the essence of all things you will find a glow and a warmth that is beyond all description.
4. Place of Peace.......4.26
Where peace is found there is a joy and a love that lifts our world to a higher place.
5. Adrift in Consciousness.......9.07
We are always adrift in consciousness, connected to all things, near and far, living or material.
6. Angel Presence.......9.18
Always with us, is the presence, that keeps our feet on the path.
7. Heavenly.......4.44
Feel nothing else but that the the Universe is a loving and warm place.
8. Beyond Worlds.......3.49
One does not reach out to the Universe but goes beyond it to the heart of all things.

Comments by Michael: Beyond Worlds (1994) was the last album I produced before my 'distraction' from composing music. I did get involved in some productions with other parties soon after but in reality it was, sadly, another 12 years before I gathered everything together to begin another musical adventure.

In a way one can describe the music output as Part 1 and Part 2. Part 1 being from the early 80's to the mid 90's and Part 2 being the mid 2000's to current, with a lean period between.

Whatever the case Beyond Worlds was at the end of inital period and a culmination of works in that era. Is still the most sucessful CD and had a great response in Europe as well as here in Australia. Some of the feedback about this CD has been remarkable. In addition some listeners have reported Beyond Worlds as their favourite CD of any artist of all time.

Personally I enjoy the listening experience of the more current CD's, but I guess that is how creativity works. This aside, history shows Beyond Worlds comes highly recommended.




Over 70 minutes of floating, dreamy, relaxing music.
For dreaming or just drifting off to.
Contains 2 tracks composed and produced for the ABC

Dream Journey is a collection of tracks composed between 1987 & 1994 - not found on Michael's other CD's.

"I have been listening to Ambient music for a long time and nothing really sounds as good as the music you make"
Barry Hatcher QLD

"I have thoroughly enjoyed your music since I discovered it many years ago. It is distinct, beautiful & magical."
Larne Wellington, QLD

"I am moved by your music and constantly amazed by it's ability to to shift me into the deeper realms."
Charles Bartlett, VIC

Track Titles:
1.Dream Revelation - 11.04
From the cassette 'Dream Journey', 1987. Never before published on CD. Original version 16 minutes
2. Ambient Dawn - 11.20

Produced for ABC CD "Dawn", 1994. Full version
3. Searching The Stars - 5.02
From the cassette 'Searching the Stars', 1988. Never before published on CD. Original version 16 minutes.
4. Paradise Within - 5.00
Composed in 1992. Never before published on any medium. Original version 12.5 minutes
5. Dream Journey Part 3 - 10.22
From the cassette 'Dream Journey', 1987. Never before published on CD. Full version
6. Cascading Dreams - 5.02
Composed in 1992. Never before published on any medium. Original version 7.5 minutes
7. Glimpses of Reality - 12.06
From the cassette 'Searching the Stars', 1988. Never before published on CD. Original version 14 minutes
8. Floating & Dreaming - 5.28
From the cassette titled 'Qigong", 1987. Never before published on CD. Original version 23 minutes.
9. Joyous Dreaming - 7.23
Produced for ABC CD "Dreamtime", 1992. Original version 11 minutes.

Comments by Michael: Dream Journey is a collection of music created between 1987 and 1994, that had not been published on any of my other CD's.

It is similar in style to Star Dreams since most of the music was made around the same era (see below). It includes 2 tracks composed for productions of the ABC. If one has heard & enjoyed Star Dreams or Beyond Worlds, one will likely feel the same about Dream Journey.




Serene, floating music for deep relaxation, meditation, massage and other calming therapies.

"Star Dreams is my favourite CD. It is so beautiful that I cannot find the words to describe it. While relaxing and listening, I begin to float away so much that the world around me just disappears" anonymous

"Celestial Sounds was excellent, Star Dreams is OUTSTANDING."
Lindsay Jenkins,
Music Teacher

"I love your CD Star Dreams. It takes me into very deep spaces and is excellent for relaxation or the 'Dreamtime'."
Tara, Dolphin Connections, QLD

Track Titles:
1. Inner Universe - 16.09
2. Transcendence - 14.05
3. Floating - 15.04
4. Dream Journey Part 1 - 3.57
5. Dream Journey Part 2 - 4.02
6. Celestial Choir - 8.31

Total Time 61.48

Comments by Michael: Star Dreams is actually a compilation of music produced in 1987 and 1988 that were originally on cassette medium. It has attracted quite a lot of feedback about assisting people in going to sleep and in calming or slowing the breath.

This is also a feedback attributed to other CD's but more so to Star Deams. Often people describe the breath slowing and the mind claming when listening to my music. Also when going to sleep or similar, the left brain seems to have nothing to hook onto and the right brain takes over and sleep or relaxation naturally kicks in.



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