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Much of Michael's music is inspired by the wonders of the Universe. The Cosmos Series is more a specific dedication to this magnificence. Truly transcendant & travelling beyond music.
COMPILATION - Cosmos Music Series: Limited Edition






Cosmos Music Series Compilation


Celebrating 30 Years of Music Inspired by the Heavens

As a celebration of 3 decades, and an acknowledgment of his unique style of music and source of inspiration Michael has released a Limited Edition CD of 12 tracks/track excerpts from his 6 Cosmos Music Series CD's:

Morning Light - The Sun
Heavenly Spheres - The Planets
Star Islands - The Galaxies
Colours of the Cosmos - The Nebulae
Dance of the Moons - The Moons
Inner Horizon - Beyond Time & Space

To sample the tracks from these CD's refer to the respective titles below.


Track Titles:
2 tracks or track excerpts from each of the 6 Cosmos Music Series CD's

Track 1: Mercury (full track...5.26)
Track 2: Saturn (excerpt...4.24)
both from the album, Heavenly Spheres - The Planets

Track 3: Pillars of Creation (full track...10.36)
Track 4: Into the Blue - Reflection Nebula (excerpt...5.34)
both from the album, Colours of the Cosmos - The Nebulae

Track 5: Morning Light movement 1 (excerpt...5.50)
Track 6: Morning Light movement 2 (excerpt...5.40)
both from the album, Morning Light - The Sun

Track 7: Andromeda (excerpt...6.37)
Track 8: Galaxy Field (excerpt...5.32)
both from the album, Star Islands - The Galaxies

Track 9: Triton (excerpt...5.24)
Track 10: Sea of Tranquility (excerpt...5.09)
both from the album, Dance of the Moons

Track 11: Event Horizon (excerpt...6.51)
Track 12: Singularity (excerpt...4.25)
both from the album, Inner Horizon - Beyond Time & Space

Total Time 72 minutes

INNER HORIZON: Beyond Time & Space


Outer Space Music for Inner Space Calm

Travel beyond our earthly dimension and explore the boundless wonders of a sweeping inner expanse.

With this album, Michael Wild has created three long tracks of free-flowing music that will transport you through a moving, serene kaleidoscope.

Perfect music for gliding through the inner worlds or just play, sit back, relax and enjoy!!

" 'Inner Horizon - Beyond Time & Space' could not have been titled anything esle. It takes you to a place where time stands still. You feel like you are one with the universe and suspended in time and you have feeling of renewed body, mind and spirit" Bonnie - Clairvoyant/Medium

Track Titles:
1. Event Horizon - 21.19
Part 1: The Approach
Part 2: The Edge
Part 3: The Crossing

2. Inner Horizon- 13.44
Part 1: Space Time Cascade
Part 2: Bridge To Beyond

3. Singularity - 25.12
Part 1: Collapsing the Void
Part 2: The Next Universe

Total Time 60.19 minutes

"I just love your music and the latest is just out of this world (Inner Horizon), I love it to bits, and listen often." Sarah Rosewall

Comments by Michael: Inner Horizon is my exploration in going beyond our usual dimensions of existence - with music. It is a 'cosmic' soundscape. and music for traveling beyond which at the same time is ultimately for moving through the inner worlds of our being. In this sense this CD can be used for meditation and deep reflection, or just enjoy is background music to our physical here and now.


Joint release from
James & Michael Wild

Goodbye Earth Hello Cosmos is an album of cosmic fascination and discovery. Michael Wild's ambient, ethereal compositions mixed with the cruising percussion from brother James, gives these tracks a chillout feel that is fresh, unwordly, rich and resplendent.

Simply hop in your spaceship, put on the music and take off. You will be rewarded with an inspirational journey from planet earth out into the mysteries of the Universe.

Terrific for traveling or just lounging in any cosmic space.
(This album is quite different to other CD's of Michael's on the website. The additional elements from James give it more 'chillout' feel that would appeal to people interested in more than relaxation music. It is an amazing production.)

Track Titles:
1. Saying Goodbye to Earth (5.28)
2. Everybody Here Says Godspeed (10.47)
3. Solar Bypass (8.34)
4. Starport (14.41)
5. Entering the Nebula (10.36)
6. Galaxy Quest (7.46)
7. Event Horizon (9.20)

Total Time 67.20

If one would like to hear 2 tracks viewed with images (one includes short video clips of the Apollo 11 mission) then please feel free to peruse these You Tube links - maximize screen size and have your best speakers connected for optimumresults !

sample: Track 2: Everybody Here Says Godspeed:
(copy this link to your browser)

sample: Track 5: Entering the Nebula:
(copy this link to your browser)

Comments by Michael: This is an album I have been wanting to do for many years. My passion for the cosmos and interest in space travel has often led to the idea of mixing Apollo mission transmissions and other off wordly sounds with my music. In particular this dream became a reality when my brother James started the unlikely combination of percussion with my music. Some sample ideas proved to work well. He went on to mix in some recordings of Apollo 11 transmissions with the 'Earth Moon' excerpt from my Dance of the Moons album. After hearing this we agreed that an album was on its way. Track number 2 (Everybody Here Says Godspeed) we dedicated to the Apollo missions.



" The are over 150 moons in our Solar System orbiting around their host planet in a regular and faithful manner, unwavering and seemingly independent of other happenings. However when viewed as a whole, I cannot help but feel that they are all linked in some way, like a community of different families that dance and weave together. Hence this CD is not made of different tracks representing different moons, but one track that weaves this dance from one moon theme to another".
Michael Wild September 2008

Track Titles:
One track broken into the following sections (planet in brackets refers to the planet the associated moon belongs to)

1. Earth's Moon Rising (Earth): 0.00 - 4.50
2. Sea of Tranquility (Earth): 4.50 - 10.45
3. Eruptions of Io (Jupiter): 10.45 - 14.50
4. From Ganymede to Europa (Jupiter): 14.50 - 20.55
5. In the Atmosphere of Titan (Saturn): 20.55 - 26.35
6. Phobos & Deimos (Mars): 26.35 - 32.00
7. Ode to Triton (Neptune): 32.00 - 40.50
8. Passing Oberon (Uranus): 40.50 - 47.20
9. Charon and beyond (Pluto): 47.20 - 52.00

Total Time: 52 minutes (Continuous Play)

Comments by Michael: This CD was a real adventure into bringing more 'spacey' sounds & combinations into my work. It also set a platform for later works as I explored further music making in this manner. I feel it has allowed for more texture and interest in the music and perhaps for the first time not just music that drifts around unnoticed but music that one can listen to more intently. Any feedback on this is welcome.

I have to admit that prior to this CD I felt the Moons in our Solar System were a little uninspiring compared to the wonders of the cosmos at large. I had encountered information on the Moons many times before, however after researching them in more detail I became entranced and fascinated by their individual character. From then on I was absorbed.

Most people are surprised by the number of moons circling all the major and minor planets - over 150. We think of our own solitary moon circling Earth, perhaps sometimes seeing it as cold, dark and uneventful place and relating that to the many others moons as a merely orbiting rocks. Of course our own moon does play a significant role in respect to its effect on our planet and on the progress of life, but that's another story.

The moons do make a very varied and exciting bunch, exhibiting such things as underground seas, volcanic eruptions and in many cases visually stimulating & interesting landscapes.

Further to that, some moons in their own orbital system around their mother planet, exhibit orbital resonance - a gravitational connection that conforms them to specific movement in relation to each other, in turn giving a sense of them being bonded together. I extended this concept, along with the fact of their sheer number, to that of a whole family right through the solar system. We often have a picture of the Solar System as the sun and its orbiting planets, but have a look at the same picture with all the moons orbiting those planets. What a Dance!



Music Inspired by the Heavens!

Nebulae are great expanses of gas & dust that are often the birth place of Stars. The colours & visual effect of nebulae are so striking and beautiful that one could easily believe there is a 'cosmic artist' at work.

Colours Of the Cosmos represent the feeling of floating free through the expanses of the these 'nebulous' colours. It is truly a journey into relaxation and dreaming beyond the time and space of our day to day life.

Track Titles:
1. Pillars of Creation - Inside the Eagle Nebula...10.36

2. Falling into the Cosmic Cloud Part 1....10.04
3. Into the Blue (Reflection Nebula)....10.54
4. The Great Nebula In Orion Parts 1 & 2....10.34
5. The Helix Nebula (God's Eye)....12.22
6. Falling into the Cosmic Cloud Part 2....10.04

Total Time: 64.46 minutes

Comments by Michael: Nebulae are truly the 'colours' of our Universe. These immense clouds of gas & dust create beautiful cloudy picture scapes that are also the womb of star creation.

The music on this CD has attracted comments such as 'beautiful' and 'calming. It is production that has more general appeal and could be an appropriate choice should someone be unsure which one to choose in the range.

If you would like to know about Nebulae (plural of the singular Nebula) and in particular view some of the fantastic pictures taken by the Hubble Telescope and amateur astronomers I invite you to google some of the names in the track titles. See the Pillars of Creation inside the Eagle Nebula, the star birth in the Orion Nebula and why people call the Helix Nebula, 'God's Eye'. These are just some of the fascinating pictures out there in space - there are many more. I hope you are suitably impressed.

STAR ISLANDS: The Galaxies


Outerspace Music for Inner Space Calm

Travel 'beyond' with the music of the Galaxies.
The Star Islands CD contains what is quite possibly the grandest ambient compositions Michael has ever produced.

Huge & powerful, the galaxies are great star cities. This music reminds us of our own Milky Way galaxy and those way beyond, and in doing so connects us to the far reaches of the Universe.

"Thank you so much for your wonderful CD. We played it at our recent class with amazing effect. It sent chills down my spine. ......Magical.....What beautiful music!!!!"
Earl Cook, Laser Solutions, USA

Track Titles:
1. The Milky Way.....13.20
2. Andromeda.....14.00

3. Galaxy Deep Field.....10.38
4. The Whirlpool Galaxy.....10.16
5. The Perfect Spiral.....7.26

Total Time: 55.50 minutes

Comments by Michael: Galaxies are certainly magnificent & grand. They are islands of stars in space. And while mere specs of dust within the universe itself, they are in fact on our scale of things as big as a universe. They often contain billions of stars like our own Sun. The galaxy that we reside is actually the Milky Way, the band of stars that traverses right across our night sky. It is so big that to travel across it at the fastest speed we are used to traveling it would still take us millions of years to do so.

The mind boggling thing is that there are billions of galaxies in the Universe, making the total number of stars reach into numbers difficult to comprehend. Many of these stars could have planets revolving around them and perhaps, we hope, something Earth like.

Galaxies are often associated with their spiral like structure, but they can come in variety of shapes and mixtures of shapes, the latter often caused by collisions between them, creating evemore star creation. Imagine two galaxies colliding each with billions of stars, yet no two stars ever collide, such is the distance between them!

I simply love and adore galaxies and it has reflected in this CD, which is probably my personal favourite.



A meditative and relaxing journey into the inner energies of the satellites of our Solar System.

The Planets CD offers relaxing & warming music that connects us with our nearest neighbours. Each track is both soothing and interesting in texture.

"The Planets CD is absolutely magnificent! This is not music, it is 'art', that is beyond words. Truly sublime and divine. I have been playing it every day, even at work and has an amazing calming effect." Rod Bruten VIC

"Purity, serene spaciousness and peace are just some of the words to describe The Planets CD, Michael's best yet"
Kizzy Jach, Massage Therapist

Track Titles:
1. Mercury.....5.26

2. Venus.....6.52
3. Earth.....5.34
4. Mars.....6.58
5. Jupiter.....9.12
6. Saturn.....6.56
7. Uranus.....5.12
8. Neptune.....6.16
9. Pluto*.....8.34
*and other outer solar system bodies

Total Time: 64.46 minutes


Comments by Michael: The Planets CD contains 9 tracks that are quite separate and independent as representation of the planets. However they do fit together wonderfully for general listening and relaxation. For some it is their favourite CD. The Mercury track is one of my own favourites. The Jupiter track is grand. The Pluto track is 'spacey' (see below).

Although Pluto was, in recent times, demoted to a dwarf planet and no longer holds the status of the other 8 planets, I did include this heavenly body in the range in respect to past tradition and personal preference. Way out there towards the edge of our Solar System it is somewhat cold & dark, and to a degree the spacey music of the Pluto track reflects this. Whatever the case I did feel good about bringing this seemingly lonely entity back into the fold, and incorporated into the concept other outer solar system bodies (and there are many).



A meditative and relaxing journey into the inner energies of our nearest star.

Subtitled 'The Sun', Morning Light is dedicated to the power and magnificence of our Sun. It is celebration of it's gift of life and a prayer devoted to those first rays that greet us each morning.

Morning Light can be used to greet the new day with joy & thanks, or to prepare for the coming day as you go to sleep. It can also be used for relaxation & meditation during those quiet spaces between the hustle & bustle of daily life.

Track Titles:
1. Morning Light

One continuous play track.

Total Time: 55.50 minutes


"I have to say I found Morning Light absolutely beautiful. Music comes and goes, but each time I revisit yours it continues to have depth and emotion like no other" Peter Butlin ENGLAND

"Thank you for your Morning Light CD. It is being enjoyed and appreciated. My colleagues love it too" Celestina Hogerheyde QLD


Comments by Michael: Five billion years ago a star was born - The Sun. Now half way through it's life, The Sun continues to convert
four million tons of hydrogen into energy every second. That single second of energy production is enough to supply our energy needs for the next thousand years. While most of this energy radiates away into space, a minuscule, but valuable proportion bathes our planet Earth, providing the basic sustenance for all living things. Quite Amazing !

As we go about our busy lives in our efforts to survive in our modern world, a miracle of light and energy takes care of us each day, something quite beyond our measure and comprehension.

This CD was my first production for over 12 years. Around 2005 I began to resurrect my musical creativity with new equipment and a new zest and appetite for the cosmos. The result was Morning Light and it is often considered my most 'beautiful' composition. One thing that was different to previous recordings (from 1983 to 1994) was that the new equipment allowed me to record tracks up to maximum CD length and that is what I immediately ventured into. Prior to that 4 track analogue recordings maxed out at just over 20 minutes.

Although this CD is about our nearest star, the Sun, I always had this feeling or sense of the morning - the oncoming warmth, the sunrise and the anticipation, expectation and inspiration of the new day. Inherit in that is something joyous and motivating. Hence the CD came to be titled Morning Light.



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