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Frequently Asked Question - Astrochoc

How much do they cost? (Price?)

Where do I get a pup from? Puppies for sale (by AUSTRALIAN state)

Size of a Lab?

How long do they live for

Adopt mature dogs (Adoption, Old, Older)

What to do about an overweight dog?

Golden Labradors

Green Eyes

How much do they cost? (Price?)

Chocolate Labrador puppies should cost the same as black or yellow puppies - between $400 - $800.
Expect to pay at the top end ($800) for pups from very experienced breeders, they have invested a lot in breeding high quality dogs, and will probably have some sort of guarentee.
If you are intending to set up your own breeding line, you will pay more for top breeding quality.

Can I afford a pet?

There are many costs involved with pet ownership. In addition to food, you must consider, vaccination, micro-chipping, de-sexing, general health care, vet bills, grooming, obedience training, boarding, bedding and proper housing. The costs may vary depending on the type of animal you choose - costs associated with dog ownership can be as much as $500 a year. Remember that pets are an expensive addition to the family.

From the RSPCA web site -

Where do I get a pup from? Puppies for sale/ Finding or Buying a Labrador


To locate a Quality puppy (Victoria):
Contact the Labrador club puppy line 1900 931 099 you will get phone numbers of people (Lab club members) who currently have litters whos parents do have hip and elbow scores, but it will not tell you the colour of the puppy - you will need to ring and ask.

Also, for more information or advice on Labradors contact the Labrador Retriever Club of Victoria Inc. Secretary: Leanne Tormey - phone: 03 9359 5648 - e-mail :

Some Lab club breeders:
All colours:
"Waintree" labradors, near Cranbourne - Keith Prior - (03) 5998 2400
"Berreegan", near Geelong - Maree - (03) 52486347
"Zenchel" , near Baccus Marsh- Sylvia Power (03) 9746 1292

Other Chocolate breeders on the web:
VIC: Rickim -
http://www.geocities.com/rikimlabs/ - near Ballarat
VIC: Catraz - http://members.optusnet.com.au/~catraz near Woodend

Trading Post

I have noticed that there are Choc Pups available in the trading post http://www.trading-post.com.au but you have less knowledge of the quality of the pup produced. Might be worth a phone call and asking all the questions.

Please do not consider pet shops - they can be a really bad scene and they should not be encouraged. Look at http://www.labbies.com/petstores.htm for more info (quite distressing in parts). It is American, but the points are valid for Australia too.

Good and caring breeders will be checking you out just as much as you are checking them.


My TAS coctact (for Chocolates) is:
(03)62 978 106
so start with Patricia and see who else she knows.


Chanpema- McLaren Vale, South Australia http://www.arcom.com.au/~chanpema/

GALESTORM Mari Lobbestael Heathfield, SA, 5153 galestorm@dodo.com.au Ph: (08) 8339 7621

Cavajal cavajal@aol.com Sue Dansie (http://hometown.aol.com.au/)

Also try the Edwards family - I am not sure if they are breeding or not - andye@sa86net.com or andye@gulf.net.au (Andrew Edwards) they are in Whyalla.


My only contacts for NSW are:

Labrador Retriever Club of NSW Inc
Mrs A Spanswick,
PO Box 202, Dural NSW 2158, Australia
Ph: (02) 9652 2260

Risingtide in Narooma, rarely have litters, but may be able to put you onto other NSW breeders - labradors@rizingtide.com http://labradors.rizingtide.com/


(Q.L.D. - Queensland)

Lab Club in QLD - Mrs B Norman Phone: 07 3888 1261 (Don't know if this is out of date)

Also I have emailed with Labztales in Brisbane - http://members.optusnet.com.au/~bmdrysdale/index.html

Thornton Park: Laidley, SE Qld. Breeders of Chocolate Labs. Ph: 0754667266 email margo@lowline.com.au


Tony is from the WA Labrador rescue - tony@cunninghamsec.com.au, so he should have a lot more contacts for the area.

Labrador Retriever Club of WA
Secretary - Mrs L Malcom
41 Windouree Road
Wilson WA 6107
Phone: (08) 9458 4450

Size of a Lab? or Body description?

See the
breed standard.

How long do they live for

Bank on 15 years, could be longer.

Adopt mature dogs

Same as for
pups - ring/email the breeders and ask if they have any mature dogs looking for new home.
Ring/email the Labrador Club in your state


An overweight dog

http://www.thedogscene.co.uk/breedinfo/l-r/labrador/ The majority of Labradors in the UK are overweight! They don't need to be, but they are 'dustbins' when it comes to consuming anything edible and indeed consuming many things that appear not to be edible!! An overweight Labrador usually continues to be a happy chappie, but the excess weight puts strain on his heart and joints and will certainly shorten his life.

So the solution is entirely in the hands of the owner. You should be able to easily feel his ribs but not see them. Always feed according to his age, size and exercise regime and use your eye to judge if you are over feeding or indeed underfeeding and adjust the ration accordingly. Sounds easy I know, but few follow this simple rule, which is a great shame for the breed.

Article: Trimming the Fat

dog_weight_chart.jpg - 37306 Bytes

Golden Labradors


green eyes

All puppies are born with blue eyes (when they first open) and they can change to green as the weeks go by. The adult dog will have yellow/brown (hazel), orange/brown (hazel or brown eyes. Also, see the
breed standard.

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