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Labradors come in three colours. What's it all about? Look at Coat Colour Genetics.

April/May 2008 - check out the friend gallery

chocolate Dog blog (opens in a new window) Have a look at this really good site!! I found them when I checked who links to me.

No More Puppies Here : OCD - Click here for details

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click here for more photos of little puppies Coco (January 2002)

Hey, what type of dog is that?

This page is for people who are interested in Chocolate Labrador Retrievers.

When walking my dog in suburban Melbourne, I am asked what breed is she? - followed by "I've never seen a Labrador THAT Colour before".

Statistically black labradors are the norm and the yellow and chocolate colours are the rarity. There are 4 chances in 9 of being Black, 3 chances in 9 of being yellow, and 2 chances in 9 of being chocolate.

WARNING: Chocolate Labradors are becoming "Flavour of the month" which unfortunately means that unscrupulous people are "cashing in" on their popularity. In producing dogs with the Chocolate coat colour, care and attention to producing sound dogs, free from hereditary disease is being sacrificed. The breeders with dollar signs in their eyes become richer, but the Labrador breed is the poorer. Look at the Warning.

How do Chocolate dogs come about? - Look at the genetics of breeding Chocolate Dogs to see how and why the Chocolate coat colour (the best colour in my opinion) occurs.

Labrador Retriever Club of Victoria Inc.

Other States (SA, WA, NSW, QLD)

For Labrador information in Victoria, contact the Labrador Retriever Club of Victoria Inc.

Secretary: Leanne Tormey - phone: (03) 8300 6339 - e-mail : leannetormey @ -
Puppyline:1900 931 099

An Information Sheet "Buying a Puppy" is also available. To get it from this site, right click on here, then choose "Save Target". When the file has finished downloading, open this file in your word processor.

An Application for Membership is also available, right click on here, then choose "Save Target". When the file has finished downloading, open this file in your word processor.

The club puppy line number 1900 931 099 will give you a list of breeders phone numbers who have puppies for sale at the moment whose sire and dam have had hips x-rayed and scored and whose eyes have been checked for hereditary diseases within the last 12 months.

In New South Wales, the phone number for puppies is 02  96521858

Make sure you ask about OCD in the elbows of any previous litters, and in the ancestors.

Membership of the Labrador Club of Victoria Inc costs $20- single per year or $25-family membership.

Coco, an old friend and a new friend.

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The Future - DNA Testing for Labrador genetic problems

MMI Genomics' initial focus in the companion animal industries is the development of diagnostic assays that allow early detection for debilitating genetic disorders such as chronic hip dysplasia in Labrador and Retriever breed types....These tools will also be used in breeding programs to eliminate defective genes from the population and to certify the health status of individual animals prior to purchase.

It looks like they have two tests so far - DNA Identity (called Paw Print ) and Parentage (called GeneMatch Pedigree), both costing $55US

Look at for more information.

Also see Candidate Gene Studies in Canine Progressive Retinal Atrophy

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dogshirts.gif Labrador T-shirts

DOGS-ONLY.COM - Australian information

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Robert Chapman, a pencil portrait artist living in Austin, Texas. Will commission work from photos.

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