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Mean Taxable Individual Income above $82,550, 200910 Year, By NSW Postcode

Retail Selected Grocery Items (Prices in Dollars and Cents) - Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane

Exchange Rates (Since Australian dollar introduced 1996) 
GDP & GDP Per Person 
Proportion of Total Population by Country of Birth 
Australian Advertising Statistics
Number of Dwelling Approvals by private Section & Number of Persons Per Approval


Statistics are recently available from our data base on the following: 

GDP by Industry

Population by States

Employment by Industry

Population by Countries of Birth

Consumer Price Index

Ethnic Structure

Stock Market Indicators

Labour Market

Interest Rates

Employed Persons by Industry

Investment Income

Average Weekly Earnings

Foreign Investment

House Hold Income

International Trade

Sources and Uses of Household Income

Trade by Selected Countries

House Hold Expenditure Patterns

Retail Trade

Loan Approvals

Motor Vehicle Industry

Building Approvals

Rural Sector

Mining Sector

Manufacturing Sector

Service Sector

  Moderate change apply to the above.


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