As an information based company we have a long history of providing specific information on individual markets.

We have an extensive database on advertising expenditure in Main Media reaching back to 1960. In addition from 1960 to 1991, detailed advertising expenditure by product groups is included. From 1995 advertising expenditure for 28 (now 32) product categories and top 10 advertisers has been included. From 2004 Online Advertising has been included.

We recently prepared a 43 year book of all main events in Australia including  media and advertising, business, the economy, the political scene, the social scene, government and legal events of importance. This well presented three volume data base includes the main summary table from Advertising Expenditure in Main Media for each year.

Our Marketing & Media Forum in November each year is considered to be the most useful and stimulating gathering of Marketing and Media Professionals in Australia and is regularly attended by top representatives from Marketing, Media, Government, Banks, Advertising Agencies, Stockbroking, Financial and Market Consultants.

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