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Commercial Economic Advisory Service of Australia (CEASA) was established in 1967 as an information research company specialising in its own

Media, Economic, Marketing, Advertising and Industry research, 

surveys and publications. 


These currently include: Australian Profile A reference book to business and economic statistics kept up to date regularly. Australian State Of The Nation 12 Months of Events in Australia, Everything of Note (Government, Society and the Economy) that happened in Australia, released in March each year. Advertising Expenditure in Main Media released in March and August each year.

Some of our other primary publications/Data are: Australian Economy, Grocery Industry Review, and Ethnic, Culture and so on Statistics and information collected since 1967




Recently we have had considerable interest and demand for all kinds of Data - Media, Industry, Marketing and Economic Statistics as competition drives the need for accurate statistics and information to support clients various needs.


Economic data* is set out overleaf with many useful examples which you are welcome to download.

For further information or to discuss statistics which you may need please contact: to Managing Director: Bernard Holt

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