Direct Marketing in Australia 

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Direct Marketing in Australia 

    Table - 5 Years


Proportional Allocation of Expenditure 

    Pie Charts - 5 Years


Total Direct Marketing Media Spend (5 Years) Compared with

    CPI Chart 

    Inflation Rate Chart 

    Retail Turnover Chart 


Comparison of Total Direct Marketing, Household Final Consumption Expenditure

and Gross Domestic Product (5 Years)  - Table


Total Direct Marketing Employment By Category - 5 Years




Australian Direct Marketing Individual Categories

    Direct Mail




    The Internet

    Mail Order




    Classified Directories


Online Advertising Expenditure



    Direct Mail Media Spend 

    Direct Marketing Spend in Catalogues 

    Telemarketing Media spend 

    Stuffers Media Spend

    Total Costs within The Internet 

    Direct Marketing Mail Order Media Spend 

    Direct Marketing Television Media Spend 

    Direct Marketing Newspapers Media Spend 

    Direct Marketing Magazines Media Spend 

    Direct Marketing Classified Directories Media Spend 

    Direct Marketing Shopping Dockets Media Spend 

    Direct Marketing Exhibitions Media Spend 

    Online Advertising Expenditure - Category Share 

    Online Advertising Expenditure Calendar Year Comparison 

    General, Classifieds, Search and Directories 6 Months Comparison 

    General, Classifieds, Search and Directories Quarterly Comparison


The State of the Nation 


International Section

    USA Direct Marketing Expenditure by Category  - Table

    U.K. Direct Marketing Expenditure by Category - Table

    Canada Direct Marketing Expenditure - Table




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