Damo joined sideFX late in 2017. With  many years of experience as a front man  he quickly took on the lead singer duties and gets the crowd up on their feet quickly creating  many memorable nights.

From age
six I learned piano, clarinet and saxophone. Annoying my teacher I turned my energy to the electric guitar when I was preparing for year 12 music exams ! After high school I became a passionate bass player and during the early 80ís played in several bands around Adelaide. Later I became involved in a number of gospel based music projects playing a lot of keyboards and electric guitar while still having an occasional play on the bass. In 2006 I joined with the rest of the SideFX crew and have rediscovered a passion for playing bass and even a bit of a sing. I have many musical influences but jazz funk and acid jazz continue to be a mainstay on the iPod, anything with a groove, funky bass line and a Hammond organ is more than likely to draw my attention.

In my teens and twenties I played with such notable bands as Hot Rocket, The Manics, Instant Memory and Joyous Invasion.
After a short break of about twenty years I have have returned to the fray.
After participating in the Weekend Warriors programme>
I now enjoy being part of the driving force behind Side FX's tight rhythm section.



I have played guitar since the age of nine.
Aside from a couple of teenage garage bands there has not been much band action until now.
Since joining SideFX as a Weekend Warriors band in November 2006, I haven't looked back.
My Musical influences are the classic rock bands of the seventies and eighties. Favourites among them Led Zeppelin and The Pretenders. My favourite guitarists are Jimmy Page and Frank Zappa - I can t play like either of them though. I just play like me instead.
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