doses of non-lethal remote control

2010 viewing
My Kitchen Rules (Ch 7) One hour spent on one meal? It drags, and yet it's required viewing for foodies.
Inside Maximum Security (Ch 7) Fascinating and horrid: as all prison subject matter tends to be.
Unexplained (SBS) Again, padded with fancy video inserts. Disappointing all up; sorry Tony.
True Horror (SBS) Padded and light on data. The brutal Vlad installment was a total knockout.

2009 viewing
Man vs Wild (SBS) Best enjoyed with a grain of salt. Still, it's fucking awesome television.
The Bachelor (7 Two) Brad Womack series. Amazing bimbos, likeable bloke, high melodrama, unmissable.
Curb Your Enthusiasm (Go!) Larry David of Seinfeld. Incredible stuff – why have I missed this?!?
Heston's Historical Feasts (SBS) Extreme cooking on steroids. Fucking out there!!! Again, enjoyable and educational.
A History of Scotland (SBS) Educational for this know-nothing. The daft cloudy maps were confusing!
Dead Set (SBS) Energetic UK zompocalypse for the masses. I stopped watching three eps in.
The Lost World of Communism (ABC 1) The episode about Romania was incredible and included the execution footage.
The 7PM Project (Ten) Kinda Good News Week Lite. Hit and miss, but it's still on air.
Jennifer Burne Presents (ABC 1) Horror lit. Predictably, it stuck to the classics. Lively all the same.
Rage: Lamb of God (ABC 1) Lamb of God programmed for Halloween. I kept watching until 2:40am.
Celebrity MasterChef Australia (Ten) Fuck the celebrities. Who cares? Have not seen many episodes to date.
Beauty and the Geek Australia (Ch 7) Frequently hilarious, though not as extreme as the US series.
Destroyed in Seconds (Ch 7) Large and small disasters caught on film. I never miss it.
Engineering Connections (SBS) Richard Hammond explains the science behind four engineering projects.
ABC Fora (ABC) Should be 2-3 hours long, not 1 hour. Required viewing.
Talkin' 'Bout Your Generation (Ten) Clunky and padded, Shaun Micalef's demented persona makes it addictive.
Tread BMX (One) Slackers doing incredible jumps and street stunts on BMX bikes.
NASCAR US (One) Mesmerising motor sport American style. I like it.
Stanley Kubrick's Boxes (ABC 1) About gaining access to the Kubrick Estate's amazing paper archives.
What the Future Sounded Like (ABC 2) Fine documentary about avant garde and experimental music.
MasterChef Australia (Ten) Ported from UK. Perfect reality TV: melodrama, education, suspense.
Bones (Ch 7) Has a great balance of grue, droll humour, and plot.
Iron Chef (SBS) Date stamped 1998, it lacks the bombastic music & motor-mouth voice overs.
81st Academy Awards (Ch 9) Downsized, chintzy, and a tad more pathetic than usual. Mega-cringe.
Captain Cook: Obsession & Discovery (ABC 2) Similar to the series on Darwin. Fills many gaps about the man.
Darwin's Lost Paradise (SBS) An illuminating bio-drama about naturalist Charles Darwin.
The Da Vinci Detective (ABC 1) Superb documentary about solving various LDV mysteries with forensic science.
Aussie Ladette to Lady (Ch 9) This fucked up reality TV show provides some good after-work laughs.
Find My Family (Ch 9) BYO Kleenex and stacks of them.
The Movie Show (ABC 1) Hard to miss this with about three screenings per week.
Good Game (ABC 2) The great format continues, and it's funny every episode.
The Peter Serafinowitz Show (ABC 2) Hilarious parody sketches of showbiz celebrities and UK TV staples.
Seconds to Disaster (Ch 7) Again, Channel 7 plays roulette with an excellent show.
The Farmer Wants a Wife (Ch 9) The female farmer Jenny has made things interesting, huh?
Ramsey's Kitchen Nightmares (Ch 9) One of Toxic Waste's favourite shows of 2008 is back.
Air Crash Investigations (Ch 7) Seeing this show is like pinning down an electron. Thanks Channel 7.
The Cook and The Chef (ABC 1) I'm tuning in to Simon and Maggie for one more year.
The Museum (ABC 1) Covers daily upkeep of the British Museum. Very watchable.

2008 viewing
The Museum (ABC) Covers daily upkeep of the British Museum. Very watchable.
Judgement Day: Intelligent Design on Trial (SBS) Thorough overview of the Dover case. Science won comprehensively.
Mayday: Collision Course (Ch 7) Air Crash Investigations on the high seas. Why the sporadic scheduling!?!
Summer Heights High (ABC) I've only just caught this via repeats. Ridiculous and excellent.
The Daily Show (Ten) Frequently funny news desk piss-take by Jon Stewart.
Late Show: David Letterman (Ten) Pay top $ you get good writers. Watch Dave's personable interview technique.
First Tuesday Book Club (ABC) This bookchat show is still brilliant and totally unmissable.
Underbelly (Ch 9) Tries to be The Sorpranos. Needs more blood. Will it hold up without Collosimo?
Living with the Future (SBS) Covers a different modern, minimalist house in each episode. Absolutely fantastic.
Secret Diary of a Call Girl (Ch 9) More 'inspired by' the weblog. Piper was OK; she should have been a brunette.
Make Me a Supermodel (Ch 7) Jennifer Hawkins sizzles. An unintentionally hilarious poor-man's Next Top Model.
The Farmer Wants a Wife (Ch 9) Why am I addicted to this reality-TV hayseed love bollocks? Was kinda sweet.
Stranded (SBS) Amazing Andes plane crash survival story involving cannibalism and courage.
The F Word (Ch 9) The latest highly entertaining Gordon Ramsey cooking show.
Boiling Point (Ch 7) Ramsey's first TV show – warts and all.
Lipstick Jungle (Ch 7) Based on Bushnell's book, season one was quite excellent drama.
Taxidermy: Stuff the World (ABC 2) Crazy human condition shit. Obsession taken to alien and horribly familiar levels.
How Much is Your Dead Body Worth? (SBS) A grisly and absorbing exposé of the human body parts black market.
Ready Steady Cook (Ten) Follows Oprah. The inventiveness is fun despite the rushed filming.
Huey's Cooking Adventures (Ch 9) Basic recipies and ingredients done well. Huey loves his food.
The Cook and the Chef (ABC) I like this one. Traditional homey approach vs contemporary hep style.
Surfing the Menu (ABC) Ocker beachside cookery focusing on seafood and messy, no BS dishes.
Food Safari (SBS) Features mouth-watering ethnic cuisine. Eat dinner first or suffer untold agonies.
Q & A (ABC) First episode had "Kevin 24/7" on the hot seat. All grins, Tony Jones officiated.
The Girls of Playboy Mansion (Ch 7) Not as exciting as it should be, sorry dudes.
Cyber Shack (Ch 9) This tech gadget informercial still has some interesting content.
Big Brother VIII (Ten) Sandilands and boring housemates suck. Bridgette's legs earn it one star.
Hell's Kitchen (Ch 9) Gordon in mean spirited R-TV mode. Watchable, but too distasteful for many.
America's Fattest City (ABC) Goddamn, this show made me hungry. City in question: Houston, USA.
Crimes that Shocked the World (Ch 9) America's answer to Born to Kill? A must for serial killer fans.
Paparazzi (ABC 2) Only the BBC could make this misunderstood topic fasincating.
Seconds to Disaster (Ch 9) A diabolical 11:30pm timeslot for this absorbing 'fatal mishap analysis' series.
Impressionism: Art of the Nice (ABC) Matty Collings is back with another high quality art series. Catch it!
I Love Carbuncles (ABC) More architecture, this time praising brutalism in England. I wasn't convinced.
The Perfect Home (ABC) A repeat of the marvelous Alain de Bouton series, based on his book.
Rove Live (Ten) Rove's almost got his old zing back. Still very much optional viewing.
Gladiators (Ch 7) I used to watch the old series...and it's now a ratings winner in the 00s?!?
I Survived Impailing (Ch 7) Another trauma injury show. Gruesome footage content varied.
Air Crash Investigations (Ch 7) Dropped to 11:00pm. Even more terrifying with a focus on death and injury.
Hired Assassins (ABC 2) Great little 2003 expose about editorial cartoonists.
Dancing with a Serial Killer (SBS) Disturbing doco about the infamous French maniac convicted of 11 murders.
The War (ABC) Superb WW II series shows the good and bad of the American campaigns.
80th Academy Awards (Ch 9) Still a drag, but I couldn't turn it off. Some OK sarcastic jokes.
Amazing Medical Stories (Ch 9) Back for another bizarre year. On late but worth catching...weirdorama.
Ramsey's Kitchen Nightmares (Ch 9) Another eatery reform series. Uncensored Gordon Ramsey = fireworks.
Kitchen Nightmares USA (Ch 9) Same as the normal series but resurrects dire American eateries.
The Dame Edna Treatment (Ch 9) S/he has lots his/her edge (i.e. best writers) so keep a few SMS convos going.
The Biggest Loser (Ten) Kind of tedious. My own 10kg 'fat fracou' is more than enough, thanks.
Cashmere Mafia (Ch 9) Hmm, the writer is overcooking it. Worth following for a few episodes.
Good News Week (Ten) Smart, but an hour's worth? That's way too much fucken Paul McDermott.
The Chopping Block (Ch 9) Iron Chef for bogans? Heh heh. Gotta love the critics...Da truth hurts!
So You Think You Can Dance (Ten) Rather crap, actually. Bad format, lousy 'judging', Nat (get naked) sucks.
Extraordinary People (SBS) Can't resist docos about medical freaks. Superb, and strangely arousing...
Good Game (ABC 2) A near-perfect magazine show – don't matter what the subject matter is.
Two and a Half Men (Ch 9) A funny and not-too-contrived sitcom. Features a boozing twat as well.
Energy War (SBS) Cutting Edge repeat of a fine Dutch doco about the murky politics of oil.
Political Assassination (SBS) Superb series covering the usual suspects, Gandhi and others.
Space Odyssey: Journey to Planets (ABC) Lavish UK interplanetary exploration docudrama. Great SFX but overly sappy.
Meeting Evel Keneval (SBS) Kind of intrusive, but a fine biography of a true daredevil.
My Architect: A Son's Journey (SBS) Doco about brutalist architect Lou Khan by his son.
The Nuclear Comeback (SBS) Interesting recap of the nuclear debate.
How to Survive a Plane Crash (SBS) Primo television: proven tips for air crash survival. Totally absorbing.
Whacked Out Sports (Ch 9) Painful sporting accident footage combined with hilarious commentary.
Spaced (ABC 2) Aunty is showing repeats of this and Black Books in batches.
Extreme Makeovers (Ch 9) Brilliant concept: perform miracles for genuinely loveable freaks. Can't turn it off.
What's Good for You (Ch 9) Light on the science, but scheduled at 7:30pm prime time, think of the audience...
Forgiving Dr. Mengele (SBS) A bit melodramatic. Worth it for the brief Auschwitz footage and info.

2007 viewing
Whacked Out Sports (Ch 9) Painful sporting accident footage combined with hilarious commentary.
Victoria's Secret Catalog (Ten) Curiously unerotic, boring, and too sanitised. The Spice Girls mimed 'Stop'.
Mythbusters (SBS) Excellent, of course, despite some petulant behaviour.
The Long Way Round (SBS) An absoring motorcycle road trip with Euan McGreggor.
Top Gear (SBS) Can't fault it. A perfect blend of information and humour.
Cheney's Law (SBS) Killer Frontline doco about powermonger Dick Cheney and legal abuse.
Frankenstein: Birth of a Monster (ABC) Acceptable Mary Shelley bio. Too much dramatisation, too little info.
Heavy Metal Junior (ABC) 11 year old Scottish kids start a metal band. Seems to be a one-off?
Erky Perky (Ch 7) Funny kid's show featuring bugs living in a kitchen. Shades of Ren & Stimpy.
Born to Kill? (Ch 7) Creepy UK series on serial killers. Only seen the Dahmer episode.
My Pet Dinosaur (SBS) Very good doco that pondered on life on Earth if dinosaurs had survived.
Homo Sapiens (SBS) Fascinating doco series about how humans evolved and developed.
The Singing Bee (Ch 7) Leggy dancers aside, why the fuck did I bother?
Amazing Medical Stories (Ch 7) Kind of like Ripley's Believe it or Not, this freakshow is required viewing.
City Homicide (Ch 9) Australia's own crime show. The quality varies but I like the rough edges.
e-Dreams (ABC 2) Interesting doco about the rise and fall of a Dot Com start-up.
Californication (Ten) Wow...promising. A Duchovny vanity piece? If it's this good, who cares?
The Footy Show (Ch 9) AFL version. Sam Newman with a gory leg stump was the brief highlight.
Nazi Hate Rock (ABC 2) Interesting UK doco about Nazi punks and the rise of extreme right-wing Fascism.
Jonestown: Life and Death (SBS) Meh, not bad. Avoids the morbid aspects of the mass suicide.
Cutting Edge: Endgame (SBS) Examined the mess in Iraq in true Frontline fashion. Wish I could record these.
The Dame Edna Treatment (Ch 9) Lacking the bite of the original, Treatment delivers chuckles but no belly laughs.
Great Aussie Albums: Woodface (SBS) An absorbing overview of the album and the band Crowded House.
Australian Story (ABC) I sure hope Aunty exports these episodes. Should move even the most hardened viewer.
Ali G. in Da USA (ABC) The clothes alone always prompt a snigger. However, the Borat segments are brilliant.
The Escort Agency (SBS) Slippery doco about two-bit brothel operators in Edinburgh. Rather tame.
Chaser's War on Everything (ABC) Liking this show means I'm forced to tune in and watch it. Damn them!
Spying on the Home Front (SBS) Damning doco about eroded US civil freedoms post-9/11, which was an inside job anyways.
Big Brother VII (Ten) Saw the final 15 mins at Hooverdust Studios. Cat shit on toast...a new nadir for Aussie TV.
Eclipse (Ch 7) Top five pop countdown + filler. The title might be clever word play, but what's the 'E' mean?
Hyperdrive (ABC) Variable Brit SF comedy that has its moments. "Kill the humans, and their culture..."
Spaced (ABC) Still holds up when 'spaced' a week apart. Still way better than the alternatives.
Gilmore Girls (Ch 7) Fast dialogue and quick wits. Should have been watching this from the start.
Rove New York (Ten) Live from NYC. Nasty and acerbic humour all the way through. Better than usual.
Worst Jobs in History (ABC 2) One of the most informative shows about history ever made. Tony Robinson = legend.
Body Hits (ABC 2) Repeats of the excellent BBC 3 health and well-being show. Heavy on medical science.
Bad Boy Racers (ABC) Not all reality TV is bad. The name sucks, but this is rivetting.
Chelsea vs LA Galaxy (SBS) A shabby game of soccer all round. The cult of personality reigns.
Daria (ABC 2) It has its ups and downs. When it's good it's superb, so you can't miss it.
Extreme Makeovers (Ch 9) Brilliant concept: perform miracles for genuinely loveable freaks. Can't turn it off.
MTV Australia Awards (Ch 7) I only saw it to oogle Fergie and Bassingthaite. It was like being in a "pain amplifier".
Lateline (ABC) How can you not like Tony's silver hair, melon face, and tiny glasses?
Climate Change Swindle (ABC) As a champion of science, one-sided 'debates' make me uneasy.
First Tuesday Book Club (ABC) Fabulous and unmissable. Catch the encore on ABC 2.
Root of All Evil? (ABC) Dawkins rocks. Fuck all religions and sky fairies. Logic and knowledge are my temples.
Spartacus: Behind the Myth (ABC) A lucid and fascinating portrayal of someone surrounded by myth.
Classic Albums: Metallica (ABC 2) Recorded when Newstead was still chummy. Good to see metal treated seriously.
Air Crash Investigations (Ch 7) Morbidly compulsive – such detail and clarity. Fucking superb. Fucking scary.
What's Good for You (Ch 9) Light on the science, but scheduled at 7:30pm prime time, think of the audience...
Sunday Arts (ABC) A mixed bag that's usually worth the effort.
Rage (ABC) I guess it's better than watching Late Night Quiz or infomercials. Anamorphic clips rock.
Pimp My Ride (Ch 9) The. Best. Show. Ever. Made. "It's...comfortable. Like Hell is comfortable."
Autopsy: Life and Death (SBS) Gross and educational. Germans should commentate all dissections.
Mad TV (Ch 9) Elusive unless you scan the guides and record it. Gotta love non-PC sketches.
Punk: Attitude (SBS) I learned a lot and enjoyed it. About as solid as subculture docos get.