skintomb issue #8
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Best Novel:
The Green Mile by Stephen King

Best First Novel:
Crota by Owl Goingback

Best Novelette:
'The Red Tower' by Thomas Ligotti, from The Nightmare Factory

Best Short Story:
'Metalica' by P. D. Cacek, from Hot Blood: Fear the Fever

Best Collection:
The Nightmare Factory by Thomas Ligotti

Best Non-Fiction:
H. P. Lovecraft, A Life by S. T. Joshi

Lifetime Acheivement Awards:
Ira Levin and Forrest J. Ackerman (why two?)


1995 judges: Leigh Blackmore, Bill Congreve, Steve Proposh
1996 judges: Me, Steve Proposh, Chris Masters

Best Horror Novel 1995:
An Intimate Knowledge of Night by Terry Dowling

Best Short Horror Fiction 1995:
‘Scaring the Train’ by Terry Dowling, Intimate . . .

Best Horror Novel 1996:
- No Award -
(Short List: Storyman by Victor Kelleher, Strange Rain by Venero Armano, The Scarlett Rider by Lucy Sussex, Dim by Carolin Window)

Best Short Horror Fiction 1996:
'Passing the Bone' by Sean Williams, Eidolon #21

Judging the Aurealis Awards was made difficult by the tedious solicitation of review material (a chore imposed at our expense) and by the poor standard of fiction.

Recently the identities of the judges has remained secret, even between the SF, Fantasy and horror panels. Totally insane. And the bickering between Aurealis and Eidolon is just plain funny.


Yes, it's time Skintomb got into the awards caper. Here are my official pics for 1997. Note: this is a one-off affair - it dies with the magazine.

Best Australian Horror Novel:
The Infernal by Kim Wilkins, Random House

Worst Australian Horror Novel:
Funnel Web by Richard Ryan, Harper Collins

Best Australian Horror Fiction Magazine:
- No Award -

Best Australian Horror Comic:
Spore Whores III: Nest of the Necrofems by Steve Carter and Antoinette Rydyr, Eros Comix

Best Australian Horror Fanzine:
Severed Head, edited by Aaron Sterns

Best Horror Film (Cinema):
Mimic, directed by 

Worst Horror Film (Cinema):
The Relic, directed by Peter Hyams

Best Australian VHS Sell-Through:
Independence Day (2.35:1 THX), 20th Century Fox

Best Horror Laserdisc (NTSC):
From Dusk Till Dawn - Director’s Edition, Dimension

Best Horror Film Magazine:
Flesh and Blood (UK), edited by Harvey Fenton

Best Horror Computer Games:
The House of the Dead (arcade), Carmageddon (PC)