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Zombie / Zombie Flesheaters / Zombi II / Zombi (1981)
DirectorLucio Fulci
Cut FormatsVHS, Film
Classifications R (26/2/2004 - 91 mins VHS, 10/12/1987 rental, 1/3/1980 and 1/7/1980 film), Banned (1/2/1980)
Cut Footage All heavy gore scenes including the eye-skewering and grave-site throat tearing.
Reason After being refused a classification by our censors, the distributor cut the film drastically. K&C then released this version on VHS.
Uncut Releases Local DVD (Umbrella), Dutch VHS and DVD, NTSC DVD (Shriek Show, Blue Underground and Anchor Bay), NTSC laserdisc, German DVD (as Woodoo).
More Details Visit Refused-Classification for an extensive list of the cuts.
Comments "This one surprised me most! I had always assumed that the Australian tape was sourced from the cut British master, but truth is stranger than fiction! After being refused classification, the distributor (GUO from memory) simply made the necessary cuts to the film to get it out with an R rating. K&C then produced a master from this modified version, as it was going to be pointless to resubmit the uncut version for classification (and anyway, most of Australian classifications stand as dual ratings i.e. they apply to both cinema and video exhibition). The original modified British cassette is actually less cut than the Australian one! The Aussie cassette clocks up around 6 mins of cuts." [M.C. Thomason]

Zombie Holocaust (1981)
DirectorFrank Martin aka Marino Girolami
Cut FormatsVHS, Film
ClassificationsR (1981), Banned (1980), Customs confiscation(1991)
Cut Footage The most violent parts are truncated, e.g. head being mangled by a boat propeller.
Reason Sourced from a cut UK master.
Uncut Releases UK DVD (Stonevision), VHS rental and VHS sell-through from the Netherlands, US DVD (Media Blasters Shriek Show).
Comments "The UK DVD is also uncut, but just so happens to be the 84 min edit of the film, not the 88 min version that went out to cinemas, drive-ins and video locally. Haven't been able to unearth any hard evidence that the film was ever submitted to the OFLC in its uncut form; it appears that the version classified R locally was the already censored British theatrical print. Once again, don't think we'll ever see this one surface in Australia in an uncut form, simply due to the fact that no independent distributor would be interested in stumping up the grand to reclassify the film, just to move a handful of units." [M.C. Thomason]
   I would actually pay the fee if someone would distribute a nice transfer of the film.
More Details Visit Refused-Classification for an extensive list of cuts.

Zombie 90 - Extreme Pestilence (1991)
Director Andreas Schnaas
Classifications Banned - Customs confiscation (1991)
Uncut Releases VHS sell-through from the film maker, German DVD (Astro).
Comments "The version that was released as a supplement on the Violent Shit III (Zombie Doom) DVD actually isn't uncut. A shot of a zombie having its penis ripped off and then subsequently run over has been removed, and there were one or two other minor trims to that version that currently have escaped my memory. The German DVD from Astro is however fully Uncut." [Craig]

Zoolander (2001)
Director Ben Stiller
Cut Formats Film, VHS, DVD
Classifications PG (23/11/2001 - 'revised' 85 mins PAL), M (12/10/2001 - 89 mins film)
Cut Footage "The MPAA made cuts to a scene of an orgy between Stiller, Christine Taylor, Owen Wilson, Hansen, some New Zealand tribal warriors, and some Finnish midgets (!!!). The cut parts included the characters rubbing soil to each other, and a sequence with a goat." [The ATTIC]
   The DVD (Roadshow) has a counter time of 85:29 PAL and carries an M rating. I am not sure whether there are differences between the PG and M versions classified by the OLFC, or if a different version was released on home video. The orgy scene at 59:48 on the DVD does not feature a goat or "soil" / oil.
Reason Cut to obtain a US PG rating.
Uncut Releases None.
Original Entry ATTIC MPAA Page [Thanks to The ATTIC].
Comments "The Motion Picture Association of America's ratings board sure got Ben Stiller's goat! Ben was determined to get the MPAA to give his new flick, Zoolander, a PG-13 rating instead of an R, but they objected to an 'orgy scene'. The silly interlude involved Ben, his wife Christine Taylor, Owen Wilson, a Maori tribesman, a goat and a midget. When Ben went before the group and explained that it was merely a humorous 'love fest', he learned they were particularly turned off by the goat. So he edited the animal out completely and got the rating he wanted." [alt.gossip.celebrities]