'x' titles

XX Beautiful Hunter (1994)
DirectorMasaru Konuma
Classifications Banned (7/5/1996 - 90 mins PAL)
Uncut Releases Unknown.
Original Entry Refused-Classification. [Thanks to RC]

XXX La Fura dels Baus (2003)
Classifications Suitable for public exhibition
Cut Footage Hardcore sex material that included close-ups of penetration have been digitally blurred out. La Fura dels Baus is a Spanish live performance troupe whose show details the corruption of an innocent girl. It is based on a Marquis de Sade story. The hardcore footage was projected onto a screen erected on stage.
   I saw the blurred footage myself when I attended the show in Melbourne. Apparently on opening night, the performers announced that their production had been censored by the Australian authorities. This was greeted with jeers and boos from the audience.
Reason Modified to obtain an R rating.
Uncut Releases Every performance of this live show around the world featured the uncensored sexual footage.

xXx II: The Next Level (2005)
DirectorLee Tamahori
Classifications M (30/6/2005 - DVD, 6/4/2005 - 101 mins film)
Cut Footage "Lacks a shot of a knife emerging from a man's stomach in the opening raid in order to achieve a '12' rating." [DVD Compare]. "The UK version was trimmed slightly for a scene where a man is stabbed from behind to remove 'detail' of the knife emerging from his stomach'. This was done before formal classification by the BBFC and was done after being given advice by them during post-production so that they could secure a 12A certificate." [IMDB] The UK DVD (Columbia Tri-Star) is listed as having a running time of 96:45 PAL.
   The Australian DVD (Columbia Tri-Star), which runs to 96:50 PAL, simply shows a long shot of the stabbing. Shown in silhouette, a guard in the stables is skewered from behind by a commando. There is no close up of the blade emerging from the victim's torso.
Reason Sourced from a cut UK master.
Uncut Releases Film print [assumption], US DVD (Columbia Tri-Star).
Original Entry DVD Compare.