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The Wanderers (1979)
Director Phillip Kaufman
Cut Formats VHS
Classifications R [assumption]
Cut Footage Unknown. A contributor to a top-ten list in Fatal Visions #7 said that our release had been toned down. Hence this entry needs further investigation before it can be confirmed. The IMDB does not list any alternative versions.
   Danny Peary in Cult Movies III mentions scenes in the synopsis that are apparently not in our version.
Reason Unknown. If any were made, I suspect they were done for the US R rating.
Uncut Releases Unknown.
Comments The Wanderers runs for 116:46 film (BBFC list this time with an X rating on release in 1979) so with PAL speed up it should come to 112:05 PAL. Amazon UK lists the UK DVD with a 112 min running time, and the R4 Force DVD has a running time of 112:05 PAL. The existence of trimmed pre-MPAA footage needs to be confirmed.

Web of Seduction (1986)
Director Blain Brown
Cut Formats VHS
Classifications R, Banned
Cut Footage Unknown.
Reason Cut to avoid being banned.
Uncut Releases Unknown.
Original Entry Refused-Classification.

Welcome to Greensborough (2005)
DirectorTom McEvoy
Classifications Banned (2/11/2006 - DVD)
Uncut Releases Melbourne Underground Film Festival (MUFF) screening at Kino Cinema, Collins Street, Melbourne on 9/7/2005.
Comments This attrocious shot-on-HandyCam essay about life in the Melbourne suburb of Greensborough probably got banned due to a scene in which the fictional film crew shot a woman having sex then being stabbed, thus turning their production into a snuff movie. This sequence is very tame and amateurish, like the rest of the movie. Although the violence is implied, my guess is that the OFLC objected to the combination of sex and violence in the same film. The certificate applicant was Anewwave Film Production, the same company that produced Welcome to Greensborough.

Werewolf Woman / The Naked Werewolf Woman (1976)
Director Rino Di Silvestro
Cut Formats VHS, Film
Classifications R (1978), Banned (1994)
Cut Footage Gang rape scene. [assumption]
Reason Cut to avoid being banned.
Uncut Releases Unknown.
Original Entry Refused-Classification.

When Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth (1970)
Director Val Guest
Cut Formats VHS
Classifications PG (3/5/1996 - 92 mins PAL)
Comments "Several nude scenes were filmed, but tend to be excluded from the US version of the movie. They include: Robin Hawdon and Victoria Vetri's love-making in the cave and the scene where they both go skinny-dipping. The aforementioned nude scenes are featured in the UK version (as Victoria Vetri revealed in a 1984 interview)." [Source: IMDB]
   The local tape is from Warner. The version shown on local network TV that I have seen also lacked the nudity. The US VHS (Warner) is rated G.
   The following quoted information (and list of cuts below) are from page 8, issue 8, of Dark Terrors, a British fanzine devoted to Hammer horror films. The article is credited to its editor, Mike Murphy.
   "When Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth, produced in 1968, was a forerunner to Hammer's more liberal approach to nudity later to be found in their films of the early Seventies. The film was released in the UK in 1970, uncut and running at 100 minutes. However, for its release in the US the following year the American censor saw fit to cut the film's nudity in order that it would qualify for a 'G' rating. This censored US print was released by Warner Home Video in 1985, and is the same version that appears occassionally on British television."
   The following quote is from page 22, issue 9, of Dark Terrors: "The US version of the film had all nudity removed and was released with a 'G' rating (General Viewing). The British theatrical print retained the nudity and was certified 'A' by the BBFC, and this version was shown on TV up until the late Eighties. More recent screenings have been of the censored US version, the same as released by Warner Home Video (PEV 1073)."
Cut Footage "Tara (Robin Hawdon) walks through the tribe's camp and comes across a woman dying her young blonde daughter's hair black. Tara is joined by a companion and the two walk off to hunt.
   (a) Tara and his friend separate, and the friend sees a group of women collecting firewood. He grabs one of the women from behind and pulls a bundle of firewood from her arms. She slaps his face, and he picks her up, carrying her to a secluded spot on top of a cliff. There, he lowers the woman to the ground and lays on top of her. She struggles in vain to escape him. He forces her mouth into a smile by pushing up the corners of her mouth with his fingers. Eventually, the woman stops struggling, succumbs to the man's subtle (!) advances, and he pulls off the top half off her furs (one of those infamous Hammer 'Fur Bikinis'!). Duration: 64 seconds.
   Tara walks down a hillside and stops to drink. Suddenly, a hugh flying reptile appears, picks him up and carries him to its nest. Tara kills the reptile with his spear and retrieves his weapon from the dead body of the reptile.
   (b) Their 'love-making' over, the man picks the woman's top off a cactus, throws it to her, and she puts it on. He then walks towards her with the bottom half of her costume, but instead of returning it to her, throws it down a cliff. The woman then reaches for the man's spear and throws that down the cliff! (Some bizarre prehistoric courtship ritual, no doubt?) The man climbs down the cliff to retrieve his spear, and the woman stands above watching and laughing. Duration: 24 seconds.
   The man continues his walk down the cliff and picks up his spear and the bottom half of the woman's costume before seeing a huge dinosaur walking along the plains below.
   Tara and Sanna (Victoria Vetri) in Sanna's cave. He grabs her hair, caresses her face, and touches the bone necklace around her neck.
   (c) Tara pulls off Sanna's top, and then the bottom half of her costume. The two kneel down, and Tara pulls the naked Sanna to the cave floor, and they embrace. Duration: 34 seconds. A hunter informs Kingsor (Patrick Allen) that he has seen Sanna and Tara, and the men of the tribe go off to hunt them. (Shot of sunset, with distant laughs of Sanna.) Missing shots: The two lovers are swimming in a lake near Sanna's cave. A naked Sanna gets out of the water, sits on a rock and watches Tara. He swims over to her. Duration: 45 seconds.
   The tribe's hunters walk down the hillside, continuing their search for Tara and Sanna. Cut to: Tara putting on his furs in Sanna's cave.
   Total duration: 2 minutes, 47 seconds."
   There's also these confusing remarks from IMDB to consider: "The original UK cinema version was cut by the BBFC to edit a semi-nude lovemaking scene and a shot of a man kissing a woman's bare leg. The film was re-released for cinema in 1980 and this print was culled from the edited U.S print, though the UK censors removed all traces of nudity. This latter version was the print released on Warner video in 1988."
Reason Cut for the US market. Australia probably inherited these cuts via the UK, which in turn inherited them from the US version, as mentioned in Dark Terrors.
Uncut Releases US DVD (Warner), YouTube. It was supposedly released in the UK with the nudity. A "dannydavies" on IMDB commented that he saw the uncut version on late night TV.
Entry Last Updated 27/8/2008

Where Truth Lies (1996)
DirectorWilliam H. Molina
Classifications Banned (12/6/1996 - 96 mins PAL)
Uncut Releases Unknown.

White Chicks (2004)
DirectorKeenen Ivory Wayans
Cut FormatsFilm
Classifications M (1/10/2004 - DVD, 24/6/2004 - 109 mins film)
Cut Footage Presumably some prurient sexual content. The UK print ran to 108:39 film with a 12A rating and the consumer advice "Contains strong sex references".
Reason Cut to obtain a US PG-13 rating.
Uncut Releases Local DVD (Columbia Tri-Star) marked (again rather pointlessly for us Aussies) as the "unrated version" that should run to about 110:06 PAL according to the BBFC, who increased the rating to 15 from 12A for this version.
More Details Visit Wicker Man Info.

Whore II (1994)
Director Amos Kollek
Classifications Banned (1995)
Uncut Releases US VHS.
Original Entry Refused-Classification.

The Wicker Man (1973)
DirectorRobin Hardy
Cut FormatsVHS
Classifications R
Cut Footage Some nudity, as well as characterisation.
Reason The director's version was edited before release.
Uncut Releases Anchor Bay director's cut DVD, which also includes the theatrical cut.
More Details Visit Wicker Man Info.

Wild at Heart (1990)
DirectorDavid Lynch
Cut Formats VHS, Film, DVD
Classifications R (26/9/1990 - 124 mins film, 12/2/1991 - VHS)
Cut Footage The fabled longer version has not surfaced on home video yet. It reportedly has many extra scenes, such as an extended death scene for Harry Dean Stanton's character.
   "I emailed Barry Gifford about the question of the running time on Wild at Heart and he got back to me. Wild at Heart was longer at Cannes then what we have come to know, mostly violence and sex scenes that got Lynch in trouble with the MPAA. He did not mention the total length. No-one can verify the running time." [Source: Norm Hill at MHVF]
   Note that the gun shot death of Wilem Dafoe on the local DVD has not been censored in the same way as the US DVD. No optical blurring or "smokey haze" was added to lessen its impact.
Reason Cut to obtain a US R rating.
Uncut Releases Cannes preview screening.

The Wild Bunch (1969)
Director Sam Peckinpah
Cut Formats VHS, Film, DVD
Classifications R, MA
Cut Footage This is apparently not the director's cut and therefore some scenes are missing. According to Flesh and Blood magazine (UK) the restoration was performed with the American version of the film, which was trimmed by the studio producer. Those scenes are now back, but other parts are reputedly missing, for instance a line about a whore's nipples being compared to the size of a man's thumb.
Reason The producer recut the film without Peckinpah's involvement. Peckinpah was not happy with the result.
Uncut Releases The original VHS, laserdisc and DVD releases seem to be the same version, but a direct comparison must be made.
Comments "It would probably have been impossibly hard for Peckinpah to be involved with the restoration of his classic western, as he had been dead since 1984. Similarly, he had been dead for 4 years when some bright spark at MGM decided to overhaul his Pat Garrett And Billy The Kid by reinstating footage original excised by MGM, and restructured the film per Peckinpah's shooting notes. What Peckinpah was none too thrilled about was the fact that the film was edited from 144 mins down to 127mins for its theatrical engagements, for the sole fact that exhibitors could squeeze in another screening a day (thus, more money) if the film was around twenty minutes shorter. The 1995 restoration was prepared some eleven years after Sam's passing, and it is about as true to his original vision as intended. As a sly piece of trivia, the version released on video cassette locally by Warner Home Video has always been Peckinpah's full length 144 min cut. You can imagine my surprise when I caught the film at its re-release theatrical engagements in the late nineties, and walked away scratching my head, mumbling "it's exactly the same as the video version! What the…?" Yep, the Australian cassette has always been the Director's Cut per se, albeit pan and scanned." [M. C. Thomason]

Willard (2003)
DirectorGlen Morgan
Cut Formats VHS, Film, DVD
Classifications M (5/11/2003 - DVD, 16/4/2003 - 100 mins film)
Cut Footage "Just watching the making of...documentary which is included on the UK region 2 release of the film. Interesting comments by the director regarding the censorship problems the film company faced when making/releasing the film. The initial test screenings of the uncut R print of the film proved a flop with audiences so to avert a potential disaster (apparently theatres in the south won't play an R) the film was re-cut for a PG-13 so as to reach a wider audience. Lo and behold the the test screenings of the PG-13 cut proved an even bigger flop. The audience was even less enthusiatic. But unfortunately due to advise by various studio chiefs it was the PG-13 version that was to be the final release print. The director went on to say that he may as well have released the R print in the end as Willard went on to be a commercial flop anyway. Oh well we live and learn mate. The cuts reduced the number of "f**ks" to just one as the PG-13 allows only one use of the word. In fact something I didn't know was that sometimes a single use of "f**k" can mean an R if the word is used in a sexual way. Other cuts to Willard were to tone down the porno-imagary that Frank Martin was viewing on his computer when Willard walks in and to tone down Martin's death scene ie make it less bloody. The UK DVD is the PG-13 version. All the cuts scenes can be seen on the deleted scenes on the DVD." [Source: Mercury on DVD World Wide Forums]
   The Australian DVD (Roadshow) runs to 96:14 PAL, which is identical to the UK DVD.
Reason Cut to obtain a US PG-13 rating.
Uncut Releases None.

The Wings of Honneamise (1987)
Director Hiroyuki Yamaga
Cut Formats VHS
Classifications M (6/6/1995 - 122 mins film, 19/1/1995 VHS)
Cut Footage An attempted rape.
Reason Sourced from a cut UK master.
Uncut Releases Unknown. "Interestingly, when the film premiered on SBS, the cut scene was included." [Refused Classification]
Original Entry Refused-Classification.

Witchfinder General / Matthew Hopkins - Witchfinder General (1967)
Director Michael Reeves
Cut Formats VHS
Classifications R
Cut Footage The Australian VHS rental (Merlin) runs to 81:34 PAL and contains the cut British version. It does not feature the additional topless nudity shot for international markets. The following trims have been restored to the DVD release (Umbrella).
(a) At 21:20 and 21:45 the initial pricking of the priest is longer.
(b) At 31:30 there is more face slapping.
(c) At 38:23 there is more footage of the accused witches being tied up for dunking on the bridge.
(d) At 38:37 the priest is lifted up.
(e) At 38:58 there is more footage shown of the accused witches splashing in the water.
(f) At 67:34 and 63:49 Elizabeth, who has a bloody face, is shown on the ground being tied to the ladder before she is burned alive.
(h) At 69:02 a shot of her body being lowered into the fire is restored.
(i) At 77:45 a brief shot of Sarah being pricked by John Sterne is shown.
(j) At 80:26 the axe murder of Matthew Hopkins is longer, with Richard landing several more blows with the rubber prop axe.
   These shots were restored from what appears to be a poor VHS source for the UK VHS re-release from a few years back. IMDB says they were restored from a European laserdisc. Note that the DVD contains two versions: one showing additional topless nudity and the director's cut. Reeves shot two versions of the scenes in question. His preferred version does not contain the extra nudity. These DVD versions were not reclassified by the OFLC, although the film should receive an MA rating today.
   "I could give a huge list of the differences between the released X certificate version (that was awarded an R classification locally, and runs 85 mins incidentally) and the original version submitted to the BBFC back in 1968 (what a top year…) but time is against me. Short version is this: nudity was added to the European export versions of the time, while most all of the more violent scenes were truncated by the BBFC for British release (and followed through on the Australian release). Most notably, one 'witch's' torture and burning was virtually completely removed from the release print. Several 'pricking' scenes were also reduced (if you know anything of the witch-hunts, bodkins, and favoured methods of identifying witches, then you'll know exactly what I'm talking about here)." [M. C. Thomason]
Reason Footage was cut by the BBFC for its initial UK release. Any US version should be uncut but it has not been released onto DVD yet.
Uncut Releases Local DVD (Umbrella), the UK DVD (Metrodome) rated '18' has the director’s cut and the European cut, European laserdisc [source: IMDB].

Witchtrap (1989)
Director Kevin Tenny
Cut Formats VHS
Classifications M (22/6/1990 - 90 mins PAL)
Cut Footage (a) The scene where Ginger's throat is pierced by the shower head.
(b) The close up of Elvin's brains being blown out.
(c) A longer shot of the medium's head exploding.
(d) An actual view of the AA character's head being run over by the possessed car. [Source: IMDB]
   The US VHS (Magnum) is listed at 90 mins NTSC [Terror on Tape]. IMDB says is runs for 92 mins.
   "Hmmm, all of the cuts you mention above were in the R-rated rental VHS version through Palace that I saw! Maybe Palace released dual versions of this, per their release of The Krays?" [M. C. Thomason]
Reason Cut to obtain a US R rating.
Uncut Releases None. There appears to be an R-rated version on VHS. Either that, or an M-rated version was never released.

Wizard of Gore (1970)
Director Herschell Gordon Lewis
Classifications Banned (1980s)
Uncut Releases US DVD (Image/Something Weird Video).
Comments This is a later H.G. Lewis splatterfesto.

Woman from Deep River / Cannibal Ferox / Make Them Die Slowly (1981)
DirectorUmberto Lenzi
Cut FormatsVHS
Classifications R (12/2/1984 rental, 1/3/1982 film), Banned (1982)
Cut Footage The most violent parts are truncated: the castration, skull slicing, gut removals, breast hook piercing.
Reason Sourced from a cut UK master.
Uncut Releases Local DVD (Siren), US DVD (Grindhouse), European laserdisc, Dutch VHS, European DVD (Sazuma).
More Details Visit Refused-Classification for a complete list of cuts.

Women in Cell Block 9 (1977)
Director Jess Franco
Classifications Banned
Uncut Releases Dutch VHS (German audio).
Comments This is a fairly tame WIP picture with enough misogyny to tip it over into refused classification status. Highlights includes interrogation of three naked women by being seated on a sharp metal edge, electrocution and finally a combination (anal) penetration and hungry rat inserted via a tube. It sounds more graphic than it really is.

The Wraith (1986)
Director Mike Marvin
Cut Formats VHS
Classifications R (M on the recent VHS sell-through)
Cut Footage Topless nudity of Sherilyn Fenn during a sex scene [confirm]. The Force Video DVD shows this shot at 61:05.
Reason Unknown.
Uncut Releases Local DVD (Force) which runs to 88:50 PAL.

Wrong Bet / Lionheart (1990)
Director Sheldon Lettich
Cut Formats VHS
Classifications M (25/9/1990 - 107 mins film and VHS)
Cut Footage When Lyon's brother gets set on fire (whole scene edited); the scene where Lyon escapes from the Legion, the bit where Lyon stabs the guy in the hand is edited, and other elements. [Source: IMDB]
Reason Cut by the distributor Palace to obtain an M rating.
Uncut Releases Local VHS rated R, US DVD (Universal).