'v' titles

Valentine (2001)
Director Jamie Blanks
Cut Formats VHS, Film, DVD
Classifications MA
Cut Footage    (a) A scene where Dorothy is attacked by the killer and dressed as the Cherub was cut.
   (b) Shelley's death was trimmed heavily. Originally, her neck actually split open and spewed blood. Now it is only implied. Ruthie's death originally contained blood flowing out into the shape of a heart. This was digitally "cleaned up" later on to decrease impact.
   (c) The death of Kate's neighbour Gary, was trimmed. He was originally hit with the iron 11 times, instead of the 2 shown in the film.
   (d) Dorothy's stepmother, Kim Wheeler (Benita Ha), is murdered by the cherub. After Paige is electrocuted in the jacuzzi, her skin begins to melt.
Reason The studio forced Blanks to make these cuts because of the social climate at the time in the US.
Uncut Releases None.

Vase De Noces (1974)
Director Thierry Zeno
Classifications Banned (1975 and 1976)
Uncut Releases Unknown.
Original Entry Refused-Classification.

Vendetta (1986)
DirectorBruce Logan
Cut FormatsVHS
Classifications R
Cut Footage "Rape scene removed at OFLC instruction." [M.C. Thomason]
   The rape of Laurie's younger sister Bonnie cuts away at 8:18 to a shot inside the bar. Up to this point, the rape had been a clothes on affair, with the rapist holding a gun to her head and thrusting his body into hers. The next time we see Bonnie she is dressed and sobbing on the bitumen beside the truck, having shot the rapist dead with his own gun off screen.
   Our Vestron VHS tape run to 85:56 PAL or approximately 89:39 NTSC.
Reason Cut to avoid being banned.
Uncut Releases US VHS.

Vendetta (1996)
Director George Saunders
Classifications Banned (5/6/1996 - 88 mins PAL)
Cut Footage Possibly a rape scene but no details are available yet. This cut budget label version was not examined by the OFLC for its DVD release. The distributor, Flashback Home Entertainment, slapped an R 18+ rating on the slick of its own accord.
Reason Sourced from a cut master. [confirm]
Uncut Releases Unknown.
Original Entry Refused-Classification.

Versus (2000)
DirectorRyuhei Kitamura
Cut FormatsDVD
Classifications R (24/2/2004 - 115 mins film)
Cut Footage Various shots of gore.
   Our DVD (Eastern Eye) runs to 115:11 PAL or 119:59 film and is listed as the cut theatrical print at Rewind Comparisons. The BBFC listed the uncut UK DVD (Tartan) at 120:19 PAL. Since I doubt there are five minute's worth of differences between the two versions, I assume that the UK DVD is a direct NTSC to PAL conversion. France and German also have the cut verison on PAL DVD. An even longer extended version was released in Japan on DVD by KSS Films.
Reason Cut to obtain a US R rating.
Uncut Releases UK DVD (Tartan), unrated US DVD (Media Blasters), Japanese DVD (KSS Films), .

Vicious - Box Set (2001)
Director Sakura Harukawa
Classifications Banned (2002) - Customs confiscation
Uncut Releases DVD, VCD.
Original Entry Refused-Classification.

Victimized / Violated (1984)
Director Richard Cannistraro
Cut Formats VHS
Classifications R, Banned (1986)
Cut Footage Two rapes and flashbacks to said rapes.
Reason Cut to avoid being banned.
Uncut Releases Unknown.
Original Entry Refused-Classification.

Videodrome (1983)
Director David Cronenberg
Cut FormatsVHS, Film, DVD
Classifications R (1983)
Cut Footage The original Australian release on VHS rental was missing a lot more footage: some gore, some S&M between Nicki and Max (including the cigarette 'brand'), and more shots of the Videodrome torture pirate tapes. This DVD is better, but it appears to be the US R-rated version, and hence is still missing: 
   (a) The complete reveal of the Oriental dildo, which lasts 4 seconds longer. 
   (b) When Max and Nicki first get together, Max picks up a needle from the floor and traces it along Nicki's legs and torso. 
   (c) When Max pulls the needle from Nicki's left ear, four seconds showing the needle sliding out of the lobe and being held clear are cut. 
   (d) Max pushing the needle into Nicki's right ear amounts to about 2 seconds of delete video. 
   (e) The view of Max and Nicki making love on the floor of the torture chamber is longer by about 5 seconds.
   (f) The shot of Max's second executive murder runs for 23 frames in the PAL version and 48 frames in the NTSC version, amounting to 1 second of missing film. 
   (g) The shot of Barry Convex's face splitting open is more lingering, as are some of the other points of view.
   (h) An additional close up of Barry's open chest, with the jagged ends of ribs clearly visible, amounts to 3 seconds. 
   According to one source, back in the 1980s Universal originally submitted the US R-rated version to the Australian censors, who granted it an R classification. But an even shorter cut, taken from the UK PAL master, was released on rental video. This is the only version I had ever seen until I saw the US R-rated release on the UK VHS sell-thru tape (Universal).
Reason Cut to obtain a US R rating (DVD) and sourced from a cut UK master (VHS).
Uncut Releases US unrated DVD (Universal) with a running time of 88:34 NTSC, US unrated special edition DVD (Criterion), US VHS (MCA/Universal), UK PAL laserdisc.

A View to a Kill (1985)
Director John Glen
Cut Formats DVD
Classifications M
Cut Footage The BBFC requested cuts to the film in 1985 for cinema exhibition, and this cut version was subsequently released on both video and DVD in the UK. Two kicks to the crotch were removed, and the image of a nude woman in the opening titles was altered to mask her nudity. [Source: IMDB]
Reason Sourced from a cut UK master.
Uncut Releases US DVD [assumption].

Violated (1986)
Director Janet Greek
Cut Formats VHS
Classifications R (1986)
Cut Footage Two rapes scenes.
Reason Cut to avoid being banned.
Uncut Releases Unknown.
Original Entry Refused-Classification.

Violence Jack - Evil Town (1988)
Director Ichiro Itano
Classifications Banned (2/7/1997 - 55 mins PAL)
Uncut Releases Unknown.
Original Entry Refused-Classification.

Violent Shit (1987)
Director Andreas Schnaas
Classifications Banned - Customs confiscation (1991)
Uncut Releases VHS from the film maker.
Comments This amateur production, shot on video, is overflowing with scene after scene of gore, all cheaply realised. One may suppose the the two sequels, Violent Shit II and Violent Shit III: Infantry of Doom, would also be banned if the OFLC saw them.

Virgin (circa 1996)
Director Unknown
Classifications Banned (25/11/1996 - 46 mins film)
Uncut Releases None.
Comments No information about this title could be found other than it is a Japanese film.

Virgin Among the Living Dead (1971)
Director Jess Franco
Cut Formats VHS
Classifications Banned (22/3/1995 - 77 mins PAL), R (20/7/1995 - 76 mins PAL)
Cut Footage Rape abuse. A cut version appears to have been submitted by Siren. The full version runs to approximately 87 mins NTSC.
   The US DVD (Image) is longer than our VHS release by about 14 secs, but the uncut rape sequence as described on Refused-Classification is only on the DVD as a supplement, despite Tim Lucas being quoted on the DVD cover as saying "uncut for the first time". [Heath G.]
Reason Cut to avoid being banned.
Uncut Releases US VHS (Video Search of Miami) [Source: IMDB].