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Take Me / Qing Bu Zi Jin (1991)
DirectorChuen-Yee Cha
Cut FormatsFilm
Classifications R (3/2/1992 - 86 mins film), Banned (15/1/1992 - 91 mins film)
Cut Footage About five minutes of running time.
Reason Cut to avoid being banned.
Uncut Releases Unknown.

Tales from the Crypt (1972)
Director Freddie Francis
Cut Formats VHS
Classifications Unknown
Cut Footage A version of Tales From The Crypt played on the Fox movie channel when during the three wishes sequence, a man's intestines are shown while his wife chops him up with a sword.
Reason "The local VHS version was mastered from a censored UK print, per many of the titles listed herein, and as was commonplace with many films locally up until the late eighties." [M. C. Thomason]
Uncut Releases Pay-TV screening.

A Taste for Fear (1988)
Director Piccio Raffanini 
Cut Formats VHS
Classifications R (1989), Banned (1988)
Cut Footage Unknown.
Reason Cut to avoid being banned.
Uncut Releases Unknown.
Original Entry Refused-Classification.

A Taste of Kiwi (circa 1992)
Director Unknown
Classifications Banned (27/5/1992 - 27 mins PAL)
Uncut Releases None.
Comments As the name implies, this is a New Zealand short film. The classification applicant was The Museum of Contemporary Art, which brings to mind any number of bizarre possibilities as to the title's content.

Taxi Driver (1976)
Director Martin Scorcese
Cut Formats Film, VHS, DVD
Classifications R
Cut Footage The massacre at the end of the film had the colours muted by the studio Columbia.
Reason This was an attempt to tone down the impact of Bickle's rampage. Scorcese has since said that he now likes the way it looks.
Uncut Releases None.

Taxi Zum Klo (1988)
Director Frank Rippoloh
Cut Formats Film
Classifications R (1989), Banned (1981)
Cut Footage Unknown.
Reason Cut to avoid being banned.
Uncut Releases Unknown.
Original Entry Refused-Classification.

Team America: World Police (2004)
DirectorTrey Parker
Cut FormatsFilm, DVD
Classifications MA (28/11/2006 - DVD, 24/3/2005 - DVD, 19/11/2004 - 94 mins film)
Cut Footage The puppet sex scene featured more varied action in the US NC-17 version, such as scat play, fisting and a golden shower. The British DVD (Paramount) runs to 93:38 PAL, whereas their theatrical print is listed as being 97:49 film in duration. The Australian DVD (Paramount) runs to a similar time of 93:41 PAL and does not include the kinky material. The uncut Australian release hit retail shelves in February 2007 after being reclassified MA 15+ on 28/11/2006.
Reason Cut to obtain a US R rating.
Uncut Releases Local DVD (Paramount), US unrated DVD (Paramount).

Tender and Perverse Emanuelle (1973)
Director Jess Frano
Cut Formats VHS
Classifications R (1981)
Cut Footage Explicit sex.
Reason Cut to avoid obtain an R rating.
Uncut Releases Unknown.
Original Entry Refused-Classification.

Tendres Cousines (1980)
Director David Hamilton
Classifications Banned (1981 and 1984)
Uncut Releases Unknown.
Original Entry Refused-Classification.

Tenement / Slaughter in the South Bronx / Game of Survival (1985)
Director Roberta Findlay
Cut Formats VHS
Classifications Unknown
Cut Footage Sadistic violence [assumption].
Reason Unknown.
Uncut Releases US VHS rated X [assumption]. [Thanks to Heath G.]

Terror (1978)
Director Franco Prosperi
Classifications Banned (1985)
Uncut Releases Unknown.
Original Entry Refused-Classification.

Terror (1979)
Director Norman J. Warren
Cut Formats Film
Classifications R (1980)
Cut Footage Violence.
Reason Cut to avoid being banned.
Uncut Releases Unknown.
Original Entry Refused-Classification.

Terror on Tape (1983)
Director Robert Worms
Classifications Banned (1985)
Uncut Releases Unknown.
Original Entry Refused-Classification.

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (2003)
DirectorsMarcus Nispel
Cut FormatsFilm, DVD, VHS
ClassificationsMA (3/11/2003 - film 98 mins, 13/2/2004 - DVD)
Cut Footage Deleted footage included on the DVD as a supplement shows:
   (a) A bloodier version of the chainsaw into the crotch death scene, where a male youth is hung by his wrists from a light fixture above the floor. There is a shot of some blood splashing from between his kicking legs after Leatherface gouges him with the chainsaw.
   (b) A slightly bloodier version of the van suicide.
Reason Cut prior to release to obtain a US R rating.
Uncut Releases None.

Texas Chainsaw Massacre II (1987)
Director Tobe Hooper
Classifications R 18+ (30/11/2006 - DVD), Banned (1986)
Uncut Releases Local DVD (MGM), NZ VHS (Warner), US VHS, US Laserdisc (Elite Entertainment), R-rated US DVD (MGM).
Comments It was great news that The Texas Chainsaw Massacre II has finally received an Aussie R 18+ classification after languishing in unclassified limbo since 1987. The DVD is the special edition released by MGM/Sony in the US, though it's still only the shorter theatrical version. Either way it's cause for celebration. The consumer advice is "High level horror violence". The screening on Foxtel pay TV (Feb 2000) was missing the part where Choptop repeatedly hammers the DJ's head. It was passed in the UK uncut in June 2001. The film also appeared briefly on VHS with an unofficial MA rating before authorities swooped.

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning (2006)
DirectorJonathan Liebesman
Cut FormatsFilm
Classifications R (5/2/2007 - DVD, 29/9/2006 - 91 mins film)
Comments The cinema print I saw was obviously cut. It had a duration of 90:43 according to the BBFC. I timed it to 90:37 by stopwatch when it screened in Melbourne. Soon after its theatrical engagement, a US unrated DVD (New Line) was slated for release. Australia has received this uncut version on DVD (Roadshow) as well with a running time of 92:13 PAL. This equates to 96:20 NTSC or 96:14 film, making it about five minutes longer than the cut theatrical version. The US DVD listed with a time of 96:03 NTSC. Most of the extra screen time consist of additional narrative, with the restored gore shots amounting to about 15 seconds at a guess.
Cut Footage The following shots are listed on IMDB. I have only listed the bits that pertain to potential censorship issues. I spotted about half of these cuts when watching the Australian DVD – some are more obvious than others. Other scenes have been added and extended, too, making the DVD a good purchase if you liked the theatrical version.
   (a) A bit more blood when Sloane (Leatherface's mom) is into labor of Leatherface.
   (b) Two more violent shots of Leatherface smashing his boss's legs with the hammer.
   (c) Hoyt pulls the piece of glass out of Bailey's stomach after the car crash and he licks the blood off of the glass and Bailey screams at him "You *beep* *beep*".
   (d) Eric's torture scene is a bit longer, it includes some more shots of him getting tortured and an shot from his arm skin getting peeled off.
   (e) Holden's death is more graphic, it includes an extra shot of him getting cut in half.
   (f) Eric's death has more graphic shots including a piece of flesh flying out of his body and the chainsaw coming really close to Chrissie under the table.
   (g) The scene where Monty's legs are cut off is extended, there is an extra shot of his legs falling to the ground.
   (h) And there's and extra graphic shot of Bailey's slit throat.
   (i) During Dean's death scene, there's an extra graphic shot above Dean when leather face is still running the chainsaw for five more seconds.
   (j) Chrissie's death scene includes two extra shots, one is the chainsaw cutting up her belly button, and the second shot is him pulling the chainsaw out of her.
Reason Cut before released to obtain a US R rating.
Uncut Releases Local DVD (Roadshow), US unrated DVD (New Line).
Entry Last Updated 9/4/2007

Thou Shalt Not Kill...Except / Stryker's War (1985)
Director Josh Becker
Classifications Banned (1986), Customs confiscation (1991)
Reason Cut to obtain a US R rating.
Uncut Releases US DVD (Anchor Bay), Dutch VHS.

Three Kings (1999)
Director David O. Russell
Cut Formats Film
Classifications MA, R
Cut Footage Slow-motion bloody headshots when the innocent villagers are executed by the militia, and the close-up of the woman who gets shot in the head. The sound track is interrupted at the censored spots and there is an obvious cut-away.
Reason Reduced from an R to MA by the OFLC after viewing a censored version prepared by either the local distributor or the US studio.
Uncut Releases Local DVD and VHS rated R.

Tombs of the Blind Dead (1973)
Director Armando de Ossorio
Cut Formats VHS
Classifications R
Cut Footage A woman bound to a cross gets sliced by a blade. Bit of this sequence are missing, as well as a rape scene.
Reason To avoid being banned
Uncut Releases US laserdisc and US DVD (Anchor Bay), German DVD. Rumours of a longer version (not necessarily with more gore) are circulating.

Tomorrow Never Dies (1997)
Director Roger Spottiswood
Cut Formats DVD
Classifications PG
Cut Footage (a) At 98:22 a ninja star hits a bad buy in the throat. One or two seconds are missing.
(b) Reduced impact sounds in fight at Carver's (Jonathan Price's) studio party.
(c) Reduced impact sounds in Chakra torture scene.
(d) Reduced impact sounds in fight in bike shop.
(e) Reduced impact sounds of Wai Lin's (Michelle Yeoh's) kung-fu kicks.
(f) Reduced sound of man being scalded by steam.
(g) Reduced sound of Carver being hit by an engine and then his death scream.
(e) Reduced impact sounds of Bond's (Pierce Brosnan's) climatic fight scene. [Source: DVDFever]
Reason The UK version was released by MGM on DVD. This is the same version released on Australian DVD. The Australian film and VHS versions are identical to the US version.
   "Australian theatrical and video versions were the uncensored US PG-13 versions; the censored version came about through MGM/Fox's decision to run with the R2 master as their source, even though they had been advised otherwise. A pretty common faux-pas for Fox, truth be known." [M. C. Thomason]
Uncut Releases VHS and film, US special and standard edition DVDs (MGM).
More Details Visit MichaelDVD.

Toolbox Murders (2003)
DirectorTobe Hooper
Cut FormatsDVD, VHS
Classifications MA (13/2/2004 - 91 mins VHS)
Cut Footage The following gory moments are missing from all released versions of this film across the world. 21st Century Pictures released the VHS and DVD onto the Australian market. [Thanks to Heath G.]
   (a) When a woman is drilled to death, much more carnage is shown as the drill bit protrudes from her open mouth, dragging with it bits of flesh and brain matter.
   (b) The handyman's death involves having his head sawn in half horizonally across the face. The top of his head is then dropped onto the floor by the maniac.
   (c) When the old fella is stuck in the workbench vice, the maniac strikes him a few more times on his lower limbs (which are off screen) with the sharp edged tool.
Reason Cut to obtain a US R rating.
Uncut Releases None. The trimmed gore appears in the US DVD as supplements.

Total Recall (1990)
Director Paul Verhoeven
Cut FormatsFilm, VHS, DVD, HD DVD, Blu-ray
Classifications MA (5/12/2005 - DVD), M (20/9/1990 - 112 mins film, 5/6/1990 - 109 mins film), R (24/5/1990 - 104 mins film)
Comments The infamous Aussie M version was released on VHS, along with the longer but still censored theatrical version, rated R 18+. For its DVD debut, the film was reclassified from R to MA 15+ without cuts. Both the local single-disc DVD (Columbia Tri-Star) and the two-disc special edition DVD (Universal) contain the cut theatrical version.
   The apparent discrepancies of the listed OFLC running times cannot be explained. As usual, the OFLC database cannot be trusted except to provide the most basic information.
   The Australian HD DVD (Universal) has a running time of 113:26 60hz, while the single disc edition DVD runs to 108:19 PAL or the equivalent of 112:50 NTSC. The difference of 36 seconds cannot be accounted for without doing a side-by-side comparison. A Blu Ray disc (Lionsgate) of Total Recall is also available in America. There have been no reports of restored censored footage in these HD releases. Note that the local HD DVD was not submitted for OFLC reclassification, nor did it need to be since the version presumably matched a previously classified release.
   "Unbelievably, the US distributors derided Columbia's Australian office for not contesting the R classification stronger after the OFLC awarded it! Verhoeven and Schwarzenegger got involved in the local war of words with the OFLC (via faxed memorandums). Columbia Australia inflamed the situation by only releasing the M rated versions to theatres, and not making the R rated version available to exhibitors. There was much derision upon Columbia's decision to release dual classification versions come its video release. But by then, the damage had been done. Exhibitors were up in arms that they were not offered the uncut version for theatrical engagements." [M. C. Thomason]
Cut Footage Several bloody bullet hits and Richter's arms being sliced off as the elevator passes a concrete platform where cut from the Australian M version that was prepared by Columbia for the film's cinema run. These cuts were made to the already trimmed theatrical print from the US, which was cut down from a US X rating to the more commercially viable R rating.
   "The [MPAA] cuts were as follows:
   (a) The scene, where Quiad uses a pedetrian as a shield against the bad guy's fire, was originally more bloody (even now it's incredibly graphic).
   (b) The midget stabbing Richter's aide originally showed "the ol' inout, inout" more graphically.
   (c) The shot of Benny's death was cropped to avoid graphic nastiness (the drill coming through from his stomach).
   There was some talk years ago of the unrated director's cut being relased on Pioneer laserdisc, but the release was (for some reason) dropped." [Source: The ATTIC]
Reason (a) Cut before release to secure a US R rating. (b) The Australian cinema print was cut further to secure an Aussie M rating.
Uncut Releases None yet. Our DVDs still contain are the censored theatrical version.
Entry Last Updated 10/11/2007

Toxic Avenger (1984)
Directors Lloyd Kauffman, Samuel Weil
Cut Formats VHS
Classifications R
Cut Footage The kid’s head being crushed by the hoodlum’s car.
Reason There was an outrage about the scene when the VHS tape was released uncut. Most rental copies in video shops were recalled, re-edited, then re-released. Apparently the uncut version was released accidentally.
Uncut Releases Local DVD (Siren), VHS retail (Siren), US special edition DVD (Troma), German DVD (One World/Troma).

Toxic Avenger II (1989)
Directors Lloyd Kauffman, Michael Herz
Cut Formats VHS, DVD
Classifications MA
Cut Footage Some more violent parts are rumoured to exist, including the man in the wheelchair having his intestines squeezed out as a brute crushes his chair.
Reason Cut to obtain a US R rating.
Uncut Releases German DVD (One World/Troma), Japanese DVD (Magnet). The second release of the US special edition DVD (Troma) in the Tox Box collection. The first world-wide re-release was the censored US R-rated version, despite being labelled the "director's cut".
More Details Visit Cutlass Video.

Toxic Avenger III (1989)
Directors Lloyd Kauffman, Michael Herz
Cut Formats VHS
Classifications R
Cut Footage Unspecified gore [speculation].
Reason Cut to obtain a US R rating.
Uncut Releases None.

Trainspotting (1995)
Director Danny Boyle
Cut Formats DVD
Classifications R
Cut Footage "Only one major cut to this one. In Ewan McGregor’s injection scene, accompanied by Lou Reed's 'Perfect Day' 14 seconds of material showing his prepping of the vein, and close-ups of the injection were removed from the UK version." [M. C. Thomason]
Reason Cut for the UK version on DVD. Australia has recently acquired this version on DVD, too, for its rerelease.
   "Originally passed uncut with an R classification in Australia, the DVD has been sourced from the edited R2 master. All R2/R4 versions are exactly the same censored print." [M. C. Thomason]
Uncut Releases The uncut version was apparently released originally on DVD by Polygram before they ceased trading. The VHS rental tape and the original theatrical print are uncut.

Trap Them and Kill Them / Emanuelle and the Last Cannibals / Emanuelle's Amazon Adventure (1976)
Director Joe D’Amato aka Aristide Massaccesi
Cut Formats VHS
Classifications R (1978), Banned (1978)
Cut Footage This title was originally released theatrically with some cuts to the cannibalism, torture, mutilation, someone getting cut in half vertically. Force Video released the VHS tape.
Reason Cut to avoid being banned.
Uncut Releases Dutch VHS, Dutch DVD (Italian Shock), forthcoming US DVD (Media Blasters).
Comments "Two minutes of cuts were requested to the local version, reducing the film from 92 mins to 90 mins for theatrical exhibition In the late seventies. The film later surfaced on video (from Force) in its truncated form as Emanuelle's Amazon Adventure, a variant that deletes all of the cannibal footage and graphic violence. I would say that the combination of sexualised violence and graphic cannibalism would have won this one no favour with the OFLC in its day (as other cannibal films were similarly censored). A nipple sliced off with a makeshift blade (in gory detail), another female character split from pudenda to sternum followed by the consumption of her entrails, and Donald O'Brien's excruciating torture at the hands of the cannibals would undoubtedly have been the problematic material. Can't ever see this one being released uncut in any medium on the local front. An uncut Dutch DVD exists, and Media Blasters have announced an uncut anamorphic edition for release in R1 in the near future." [M. C. Thomason]

Troma's War (1988)
DirectorsSamuel Wiel, Michael Herz
Cut FormatsVHS
Cut Footage Some isolated gore moments such as the saimese twin dictator’s heads being separated with an axe, and perhaps some rape footage (the actors were a real couple). Roughtly 15 minutes were removed.
Reason Cut prior to release to obtain a US R rating.
Uncut Releases Unrated US special edition DVD (Troma) with a running time of 104:06 NTSC.

Tropic Thunder (2008)
DirectorBen Stiller
Cut FormatsFilm, DVD
Classifications MA (16/10/2008 - Blu-ray, 10/10/2008 - DVD, 8/8/2008 - 107 mins film)
Comments The cinema release ran for 106:39 according to the BBFC. On DVD they list the equivalent running time as being 102:20 PAL. They also recorded a running time of 116:05 24hz for the Blu-ray disc (Paramount), which confirms that our cinema print was the shorter assembly. The difference is roughly a non-trivial duration of 9:34, although the censored footage tallies up to much less.
Cut Footage There is a vast amount of narrative footage restored or appended to the original theatrical version. All 61 shots are listed on Movie Censorship with screen captures. It is clear that some of the violence should have been in the original US R-rated release, although I've yet to listen to the commentary track to have this potentially confirmed or debunked. For now I'll side with my fellow Germans and judge this title censored before release.
Reason Probably cut before released to obtain a US R rating.
Uncut Releases Local DVD and Blu-ray (Paramount), US unrated DVD and Blu-ray, UK DVD and Blu-ray (Paramount).
Entry Last Updated 7/2/2009

Twister (1996)
Directors Jan de Bont
Cut Formats DVD
Classifications M (10/5/1996 - 113 mins film)
Cut Footage Two uses of the word "fuck" at 6:42 and 58:37 on the new special edition DVD release (Universal). The original DVD is the cut version. [Source: DVD Compare Forums]. The VHS rental has not been checked yet.
Reason Sourced from a cut UK master.
Uncut Releases Local special edition DVD (Universal).