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Sailor Moon Volume VI - Adventure Girls (1995)
DirectorJunichi Sato
Cut FormatsDVD
Cut Footage A face slap among other bits.
Reason Cut during its perparation for US release.
Uncut Releases Japanese release.
Original Entry MichaelDVD.

Salo - 120 Days of Sodom (1974)
DirectorPier Pasolini
Classifications Banned (13/7/2008, 29/1/1992, 9/12/1992), R (17/2/1998)
Uncut Releases Local Italian VHS, US laserdisc and DVD (Criterion) – out of print, and the UK DVD, which has an extra few minutes of dialogue and a brighter transfer.
More Details Visit Refused-Classification for a gigantic info 'dump' on this pathetic banning saga.
Entry Last Updated 19/7/2008

Saturday Night Fever (1977)
DirectorJohn Badam
Cut FormatsVHS
Classifications MA (26/6/2002), PG (17/10/1990)
Cut Footage (a) Some nudity and a rape sequence.
(b) Profanity [Source: The ATTIC].
Reason Cut to obtain a US PG rating.
Uncut Releases Local DVD (Paramount), US DVD (Paramount), UK DVD (Paramount).

Savage Man Savage Beast (1975)
DirectorsAntonio Climati, Mario Morra
Cut FormatsVHS
ClassificationsR (1986), Banned (1976)
Cut Footage The stag hunt, fox hunt, lion attack, faked death at the hands of the mercenaries, and other chunks.
Reason To avoid being banned.
Uncut Releases Forthcoming US DVD.

Savage Streets (1984)
DirectorDanny Steinman
Cut FormatsVHS
Classifications R (1986), Banned (1984 and 1985)
Cut Footage The extended rape of a deaf girl (played by scream queen Linnea Quigley), nudity in a girl's gym shower room, violence during the showdown at the end, including close-ups of thugs stuck with arrows, and the main thug pulling two arrows from his legs.
Reason Cut to avoid being banned. The version we have is the cut UK version [speculation].
Uncut Releases US VHS rated R (contains all footage), VHS in Greece, US laserdisc rated R, which is probably the uncut version, Dutch DVD (Video Entertainment) with a running time of 88:35 PAL, Danish VHS.
Comments "The OFLC had some serious issues with the film's extremely rough rape of a handicapped girl, as well as its uneasy combination of sex and violence within a high school setting. The rape was removed, as was a completely gratuitous girls shower-room scene, and all of the finale's graphic gore was toned down into virtual obsolence. From what I can ascertain, the final print we have through CBS Fox Video is the re-edited UK video print. The uncut version, although not particularly pleasant by any stretch, is a zippy piece of exploitation and delivers within its rape-revenge sub-genre. It's not hard to see how Steinmann was once touted for the director's reigns on a sequel to Wes Craven's Last House On The Left, which was sadly abandoned when financing fell through." [M.C. Thomason]

The Savage Zone (1984)
DirectorMario Morra
Cut FormatsNever released
Classifications R (1987), Banned (1986)
Cut Footage Sexual violence.
Reason Cut to avoid being banned.
Uncut Releases Unknown.
Original Entry Refused-Classification.

Saw (2004)
DirectorJames Wan
Cut FormatsDVD
ClassificationsMA (18/4/2005 - DVD, 13/10/2004 - 103 mins film)
Cut Footage It was shown uncut at the Sundance Film Festival. The UK print at 102:12 film was apparently the uncut version, with the cut US print clocking in at approximately 100 mins according to IMDB. After watching the film at the cinema, it did look cut to me. My stop watch also timed the Australian print at 102:12 film, so one can conclude that our print and the UK print were identical and cut compared to an uncut video copy. Even though I was sure that the film print was cut, I can't rely on my memory at this stage without further corroboration.
   After seeing that unoffical copy of a longer and bloodier version, the film was obviously designed to secure a tame US R rating for its theatrical run. Nevertheless, the MPAA imposed eight seconds of cuts:
   (a) The scene where the jaw trap girl cuts open the bloke's stomach shows a total of four shots of her fumbling with his guts. The cut version only shows one.
   (b) The scene of the victim struggling through the barbed wire was shortened briefly.
   (c) "Forensic" gore according to the director James Wan. I could not nail down exactly what was cut. Perhaps only a few frames were removed here and there.
   (d) One shot lasting two seconds of one character cutting a limb off with a hacksaw is missing. These shots were not graphic, and basically involved a simple effect where a blunt blade is moved across the skin with fake blood pooling around the area. In the cut threatrical version I remembered seeing only agonised facial reaction shots, but I could be wrong. The Aussie DVD has the first of these shots (also lasting two seconds) intact but not the second.
   Mention has also been made of cuts to the gunshot booby trap scene, but there were no obvious differences.
   The director James Wan had this to say about the film's US censorship: "The actual theatrical R-rated version is slightly cut and it's been a little bit more finessed, the color's even, and the sound... Essentially, what ended up being taken out for the theatrical cut were some of the sifting through the guts shots. I reduced the scene of the guy thrashing around in the barbed wire so it wasn't as long, and a lot of the forensic shots as well, shots that were a bit more gratuitous." [Screen It! Entertainment News]
   According to message board banter on the Internet, it appears that Lion's Gate (US) has not put out the uncut version on US DVD. If true this could be bad news for us too if the master comes from the US. The UK DVD runs to 99:04 PAL and is labelled the unrated version with a rating of '18'. Another Saw DVD was classified '18' and runs to 98:56 PAL. The uncut version converts to 103:11 film, so there is a discrepancy between the cut and uncut DVDs (eight seconds) and the cut film print compared to the uncut DVD (59 seconds). I suspect that the DVD has additional logos and/or an introduction by the filmmakers. Our DVD runs to 98:55 PAL, which makes it the same as the shorter UK DVD.
   The Australian DVD (Sony Pictures) is definitely the cut version. No mention was made of MPAA cuts in the commentary by James Wan and Leigh Whannell. The DVD menus mention the "unrated" music video clip by Fear Factory. This indicates that the DVD authoring was laregly ported from the Lion's Gate US disc, except for being encoded in PAL rather than NTSC. The cut version has also been released in the UK along with the uncut version.
Reason Cut to obtain a US R rating. It originally received an NC-17 rating.
Uncut Releases Unrated US DVD, UK DVD (Entertainment in Video) labelled "unrated", UK film print, Sundance and German Fantasy Filmfest screenings, bootleg video.
More Details Interview with James Wan and Leigh Whannell. Pics of the cut scenes on a German website.

Saw II (2005)
DirectorDarren Lynn Bousman
Cut FormatsFilm, DVD
ClassificationsMA (31/1/2006 - DVD, 21/10/2005 - 93 mins film)
Comments Predictably, this film was released theatrically in the US with a US R rating. This version appeared in Australian cinemas with a likely running time of 92:40 according to the BBFC, and rounded to 93 mins by the OFLC. The Aussie DVD (Sony) runs to 89:00 PAL compared to both UK DVDs with durations of 88:55 PAL (the equivalent cut version) and 90:36 PAL, which must be the unrated US version. The BBFC viewed this version on 22/1/2007. There's not sign yet of an Australian uncut release, probably due to the lower projected sales for our smaller market. The unrated US DVD (Lionsgate) runs to 94:36 NTSC or 90:49 PAL, therefore the 2007 UK DVD is probably the unrated version.
Cut Footage The US unrated version restores the following moments of violence. This list may not be exhaustive since a comprehensive frame by frame comparison has not been done yet.
   (a) When the victims first awake in the room, one man is shot in the eye through the booby trapped peephole. In the uncut version there is an additional third shot of his bloody head wound.
   (b) More shots of Obi inside the cremation furnace appear in the uncut version, prolonging his death scene. These shots are difficult to spot since no addition gore (e.g. blistering skin) is shown.
   (c) More shots of Amanda in the needle pit appear in the uncensored version. There are also extra shots of needles stuck in Amanda's arms after she's pulled from the cavity.
   (d) When Xavier cuts his throat, the uncut DVD shows a longer shot of his slashed throat bleeding. This glimpse is fast and needs to be confirmed with counted frames.
Reason Cut to obtain a US R rating.
Uncut Releases Unrated US DVD, UK DVD (Entertainment in Video).
Entry Last Updated 8/3/2007

Saw III (2006)
DirectorDarren Lynn Bousman
Cut FormatsFilm
ClassificationsMA (9/2/2007 - DVD, 16/10/2006 - 108 mins film)
Comments The cinema print ran to 108:08 according to the BBFC website, which was rounded down to 108 mins by the OFLC. The US DVD runs to 113:50 NTSC, making over five minutes longer than the theatrical version. The Australian DVD is marked as "the unrated version" so ahead of its release, I will conclude that it is also the uncut version. The UK DVD runs to 109:02 PAL. The cinema print I watched did look cut. Note that the uncut version also scored an MA 15+ classification.
   The movie apparently went through seven rounds of MPAA examination before getting the golden US R rating for its theatrical engagement. As is customary, the rest of the world inherited this compromised version. Mention of the MPAA troubles and a three-hour original assembley is made on the filmmaker's DVD audio commentary track.
Cut Footage A direct comparison with the censored film print is not possible, since that version is not available on home video for analysis. Until I see the uncut DVD, my research and memory of seeing the cinema print lists the following candidates. These details will be updated once I view the Aussie DVD.
   (a) The Hellraiser-style chains in the flesh death scene may have had snippets of steel rings being pulled out of skin and flesh removed.
   (b) When the female detective is dispatched by having her chest ripped open by spring-loaded claws, extra snippets of gore could be missing.
   (c) The racking sequence where the victim's arms, legs and head are twisted through 360 degrees. Shots of flesh and bone trauma may have been trimmed.
   (d) In the theatrical version, the scene where a someone's head should have exploded simply cuts to the aftermath. In the uncut version, we might see what was missing during this payoff.
Reason Cut before release to obtain a US R rating.
Uncut Releases Local DVD (Sony), US unrated DVD (Lionsgate), US Blu Ray disc (Lionsgate).
Entry Last Updated 25/3/2007

Saw IV (2008)
DirectorDarren Lynn Bousman
Cut FormatsFilm
ClassificationsMA (23/1/2008 - DVD, 11/10/2007 - 91 mins DVD for film), R (27/9/2007 - 91 mins DVD for film)
Comments This is a confusing one. The OFLC classified the theatrical print for Hoyts based on a DVD copy listed at 91 mins PAL. One may assume that this screener disc was a PAL transfer. Now, the BBFC lists the theatrical print at exactly 92:26 film and the DVD at 91:33 PAL, which equates to 95:22 film. There's also a UK disc listed with a running time of 95:22 – this is probably the 1080p Blu-ray release at 24 frames per second, because it matches the converted PAL running time for the DVD.
   Although there are some uncertainties, I'm going to make a judgment call and state that all theatrical releases were probably the shorter US R-rated version. This is mainly because the Blu-ray disc running time matches the PAL DVD running time. Since the Blu-ray release is touted as the "Unrated Director's Cut", it can be inferred that all cinema prints were cut. It's highly unlikely that prints outside the US were longer international versions.
   I did not see Saw IV in cinemas, and therefore cannot confirm first hand whether footage has been restored for home video. The rounded 91 minute running time for the DVD viewed by the OFLC to classify the film first R 18+ and then MA 15+ may not match the 91:33 PAL time of the consumer DVD. Note that this OFLC screener DVD could not have been in NTSC format, because that would result in the local DVD running to 87:16 PAL. For what it's worth, IMDB also quotes the running time at 95 minutes. I will contact Hoyts and Sony for more information.
Cut Footage No specific details yet. I have seen the Aussie DVD, but need to hear Bousman's audio commentary and note the runing time.
   The following comments refer to said director's commentary, made by Rob G. at Icons of Fright: "Among the deleted material are a few short scenes that just help flesh out some of the characters a tiny bit more. In particular there's one great short scene where Agent Strahm calls Agent Perez's parents to inform them her daughter's been hurt and is fighting for her life. Sure, I dig the extra couple of seconds of gore tacked on to each kill sequence, but it's these little character moments that really add so much more texture to a film like this for me."
   There's also these remarks by Uncle Creepy at Dread Central: "Now let's address the eight-hundred-pound gorilla in the room – the words 'Unrated Director's Cut'. Is there more gore? More torture? Yes, and it mostly comes in the form of some extra long looks at the film's violence. The rest of it is mainly just some re-added transitional sequences."
Reason Cut before release to obtain a US R rating.
Uncut Releases Local DVD (Sony), US unrated DVD (Lionsgate), US Blu-ray disc (Lionsgate).
Entry Last Updated 14/4/2008

Score (1972)
DirectorRadley Metzger
Cut FormatsVHS, Film, DVD
ClassificationsR (30/9/2004 - DVD, 6/5/1992 - 79 mins VHS, and circa 1974), X (18/6/1991 - 92 mins film)
Cut Footage Hardcore sex footage. The X version was never released in Australia.
Reason Cut to remove explicit sex footage. The cut DVD (Umbrella) runs to 94:45 PAL.
Uncut Releases The uncut print has been shown in LA for a Radley Metzger retrospective.
More Details Mondo Erotico lists details of the missing footage.
Original Entry Refused-Classification.

Scream (1996)
DirectorWes Craven
Cut FormatsVHS, Film, DVD
Cut Footage The following scenes exist on the US laserdisc from Dimension Home Video:
   (a) Guts falling out of Scott's stomach on porch.
   (b) Rose McGowan's head is crushed bloodlessly by the garage door.
   (c) When the camera man's throat is cut is bleeds more profusely as the scene lasts a second or two longer.
   (d) The two killers stab each other a few more times during the climax.
   (e) The approach shot onto Drew Barrymore’s hanging corpse is not sped up with the removal of frames. It happens in real time.
   On 30 April 2000 a version screened for a Scream trilogy in Brisbane was even more butchered than the US theatrical edition released locally. The new local anamorphic DVD is reportedly cut.
Reason The US R-rated version was circulated into theatres worldwide and on to VHS, including sell-through tape and DVD. It was cut before its theatrical release.
Uncut Releases Unrated US laserdisc (Dimension/Buena Vista), Japanese DVD (has both versions using seamless branching), Danish DVD, Korean DVD (Dawoori Entertainment, released 10/28/2004). The US collector's edition DVDs (not the special edition, the ones with actor's faces on them) reportedly contain the US unrated version, but I have yet to confirm this. These were still marked R-rated on the packaging.

Searching for Love / Jin Guo Qing Hua (1987)
DirectorsYeung Chun Bong
Classifications Banned (26/2/1986 - 90 mins film)
Uncut Releases A Hong Kong production.

The Search (1985)
DirectorJuan Carlos Desanzo
ClassificationsBanned (1988)
Uncut Releases Unknown.
Original Entry Refused-Classification.

The Seduction of Amy (1975)
DirectorJean Rollin
Cut FormatsVHS, DVD [confirm]
ClassificationsR (1985)
Cut Footage Hardcore sex footage. The unrated US DVD is the cut version.
Reason Cut to obtain a local R rating.
Uncut Releases Original theatrical film print [IMDB]. An uncut print was supposedly shown at a Radley Metzger retrospective in Los Angeles.
Original Entry Refused-Classification.

The Seductress (1987)
DirectorLui Kei 
Cut FormatsFilm
Classifications Banned (14/4/1987 - 93 mins film)
Cut Footage Unknown.
Reason Cut to avoid being banned.
Uncut Releases Unknown.

Seed of Chucky (2004)
DirectorDon Mancini
Cut FormatsFilm, DVD
ClassificationsMA (7/4/2005 - DVD, 11/1/2005 - 86 mins film)
Cut Footage The following additions exist on the US unrated DVD (Universal):
   (a) A shot of Chucky wanking his plastic penis.
   (b) "A few of the gore shots (and the gore is surprisingly bloody and elaborate) run a bit longer than their theatrical brethren." [Source: HorrorDVDs]
   The cut theatrical version ran to 86:19 film both here and in Britain. The local DVD (Universal) is also cut. It clocks in at 82:41 PAL, or roughly 86:07 at 24 frames per second.
   On the DVD commentary, director Don Mancini mentions a scene where Chucky and his wife parody the board game Operation with the puppeteer by plucking out one of his ribs for real. Mancini said this potentially gruesome scene, which occurs just before Tony's bloody decapitation, was cut for pacing.
Reason Cut to obtain a US R rating.
Uncut Releases Unrated US DVD (Universal).

Sensitive New Age Killer / SNAK (2000)
Director Mark Savage
Cut Formats VHS, DVD, Film
Classifications MA (Feb 2001), R (5/7/2000)
Cut Footage A man screams as he is shot.
Reason To obtain an Australian MA rating by Village/Roadshow. Director Mark Savage reportedly said that the cut scene was badly acted anyway, and it was not missed.
Uncut Releases The original film premier print/tape.

Sex Is... (1993)
Director Marc Huestis
Cut Formats VHS
Classifications R (1994), X (1996)
Cut Footage Gay hardcore sex footage under the guise of an educational documentary.
Reason Cut to obtain a local R and X rating.
Uncut Releases Unknown.
Original Entry Refused-Classification.

Silent Night, Deadly Night (1984)
DirectorCharles E. Sellier Jr.
Cut FormatsVHS
Cut Footage It has been a while since I saw the cut VHS rental tape. The information from The ATTIC has been revised after watching the uncut US tape.
   (a) Billy's wet dream is missing the shot where the knife is dragged along the torso while he has sex with Pamela.
   (b) Billy's flashback of his mother's death has lost the Santa Claus robber slitting the mother's throat graphically and raising the switch-blade knife up in slow-motion. The first long shot her of throat slitting in 1971 does not show the blade being drawn across her throat.
   (c) The death of Pamela is missing the part where Billy moves the knife from navel to sternum after the initial stab, as well as Billy pulling the knife out.
   (d) The death of the drunken female employee does not show her slowly dropping dead with an arrow in her back and protruding from her chest.
   (e) A long-lasting bodyshot of the drunken toy store employee's body.
   (f) The sled murder is missing a shot or two of the headless corpse and severed head in the snow. I am not sure what exactly is missing here: whether the shot is missing totally, or if it was just shortened.
   (g) The death of Denise has been severely cut; the reindeer's horns sticking out of her stomach are not shown. In the uncut version, you do not see the horns break through her flesh, but instead you first see them pushing her skin out, then emerging from her torso just afterward from the bloody wounds.
   (h) The shot of the final murder, the axe murder in front of the wooden shed.
   [Source: The ATTIC and US VHS]
   The Australian double-pack of this film and its sequel contains the same uncut version as the Anchor Bay DVD, which restored cut scenes from an inferior source.
   The US tape was transferred from a release film print, judging from the reel markers appearing in the bottom right hand corner of the frame.
Reason Cut to obtain a US R rating.
Uncut Releases Local DVD, Unrated US VHS (IVE) running to 84:40 NTSC or 81:16 PAL.

Sinner's Blood (1969)
DirectorNeil Douglas
Cut FormatsVHS
Classifications R (1984), Banned (1985 and 1990 - longer versions)
Cut Footage Unknown.
Reason Cut to avoid being banned. [assumption]
Uncut Releases Unknown.
Original Entry Refused-Classification.

Slave of the Cannibal God / Mountain of the Cannibal God (1978)
DirectorUmberto Lenzi
Cut FormatsVHS
Classifications R (1980), Banned (1979)
Cut Footage A castration, and some sex footage at the end, including a bit with a pig, and masturbation.
Reason Cut to secure an Australian release.
Uncut Releases Unrated US DVD (Anchor Bay, EC Entertainment), local Italian VHS (Avofilm).
Comments "The original release print clocked around 99 mins, and was subsequently censored in an awful lot of territories. Australia was one of these territories, but by comparison to many of the cannibal sub-genre it fared the best at the hands of OFLC, with a slight 2 mins of cuts (cannibalism was reduced, a castration was removed in its entirety). The prints available on both the Video Classics label, and later through Columbia Home Video are this slightly cut 97 min print. An Italian language version circulated in ethnic video outlets locally, on the AVOFILM label from memory, and proved to be the uncensored 99 min theatrical version. Come the Anchor Bay edition, the producers of said disc were given access to director Sergio Martino’s personal original materials, and a reconstructed 103 min extended cut was made. This is the longest version in existence, but is not however reflective of the cinema release version. With some explicit female masturbation footage (inclusive of insertion shots) and a brief simulated bestiality sequence, I very much doubt that this version would be approved for any classification locally." [M. C. Thomason]

Slaughter High (1986)
DirectorGeorge Dugdale
Cut FormatsVHS
Cut Footage Some gore, in particular during the acid beer chugging scene where the bloke's stomach splits open to show real intestines for a couple of seconds, and then explodes. This footage was glimpsed in the trailer that appeared in VHS rental tapes, but was not in the actual movie version.
Reason A cut master was used, even though the film was classified with an R rating uncut.
Uncut Releases Unrated US DVD (Lionsgate) and VHS (MPI - 97 mins NTSC).

Sleepaway Camp (1983)
DirectorRobert Hiltzik
Cut FormatsVHS
Classifications M
Cut Footage I have not checked the local VHS rental yet.
   (a) Longer shot of the water snake exiting Kenny's mouth.
   (b) Longer shot of Meg's dead body. 
   (c) Longer baseball game scene. 
   (d) More prank scenes with Mozart. 
   (e) The character of Ricky curses a lot more. 
   (f) A longer scene of the naked guys running down to the dock which included rear nudity. [Source: IMDB]
   These cuts need to be confirmed on our VHS rental release. The new Anchor Bay DVD and presumably VHS are also slightly cut:
   (a) At about 32 minutes; the dvd is missing the "skinny dipping" scene where the boys are running naked down the pier and then jump into the water. 
   (b) At about 36 minutes; the dvd has severely edited the gore scene of Kenny's death. Over half of the close-up shots of Kenny's mutilated face (with the snake sliding out of his mouth) have been cut.
   (c) At about 47 minutes; the dvd has cut a few seconds of dialog (right after Angela is hit with a water balloon and helped up by Paul and Ricky). As Mel is walking away, one of the bullies says "old fucking wrinkled old dick". This line has been cut from the dvd. 
   (d) At about 57 minutes; the dvd is missing a few more seconds of dialog. After Ricky gives Judy the bird (middle finger), Judy says "same to you Ricky". Not much of a cut, but for some reason it's missing from the dvd. 
   (e) At about 70 minutes; the dvd has cut about two seconds of gore. When Mel discovers Meg's dead body (as it falls out of the shower stall), the dvd shortens the first glimpse of her body. [Source: MHVF - Bruce Holecheck]
Reason Unknown. The US VHS is marked as being rated R, but it contains the scenes that IMDB says were cut to avoid a US X rating.
Uncut Releases Canadian DVD (Legacy), US VHS (Media Video) with an exact running time of 84:39 NTSC, and Video Treasures, Dutch VHS.

Sleepaway Camp II: Unhappy Campers (1988)
DirectorMichael A. Simpson
Cut FormatsVHS
ClassificationsM (17/10/1989 - 78 mins PAL)
Cut Footage The following scenes are missing from the Australian VHS rental (Virgin Vision):
   (a) At 4:49 a female camper is whacked on the head. The scene then suddenly cuts to her lying on the ground, apparently dead. The Dutch tape shows the block of wood actually hitting her face, followed by Angela cutting out the girl's tongue "for telling filthy stories". This is the longest cut scene by far, amounting to 20 seconds.
   (b) At 35:03 the kid with the Freddy gloves is slashed across the throat in the Dutch version but this shot is bloodless on the Australian tape. Blood issuing from the cut neck flesh is visble, and the boy's hands reach up to the wound. He also coughs up some blood. The gash is hardly more than a line on his skin and is not as graphic as the first killing in Friday the 13th.
   (c) At 36:57, shortly after the death of the Freddy kid, the other dude (dressed as Jason) has his right upper thigh gouged by a chainsaw. A little bit of blood spurts from the wound. None of this is shown on the local tape, which cuts away quickly as the chainsaw is swung towards him.
   (d) In the bathroom scene in which two horny campers ravish each other in the toilet stall, there is more footage of the blond nympho with her top off.
   (e) At 45:31 a back stabbing is missing a close-up insert shot of the knife going into the girl's back twice through her top.
   (f) At 105:10 our tape does not show the guy's head actually coming off. The Dutch tape has an addition couple of frames for this moment, however no blood gushes from the neck wound, and so it's not that gory.
   (g) At 112:08 the brunette camp leader is stabbed in the back by Angela. The Australian tape does not show the knife going in and being twisted.
   The local VHS rental runs to 78:18 PAL or 78:34 PAL if the title of the sequel is included. The Dutch VHS (Fun4 All) runs to 79:58 without the sequel title. Since I cannot account for the time difference of almost two minutes by adding up the cut scenes, I think one of the transfers was done in such a way that resulted in minor time compression. I counted 12 violent scenes in total but only six have been censored. The rest were implied, off-screen or tame kills.
   [Thanks to GOBLIN and Jamie for supplying the tapes used in this comparison]
Reason Unknown.
Uncut ReleasesDutch VHS (Fun 4 All).

Sleepwalkers (1992)
DirectorMick Garris
Cut FormatsFilm
ClassificationsR (28/4/1992 - 89 mins film), M (19/5/1992 - 84 mins film)
Cut Footage Some violent moments.
Reason Cut to obtain a more commercial M rating.
Uncut Releases Local VHS and DVD rated R.

Snuff (1974)
Director Michael Findlay, Roberta Findlay
Classifications R (16/8/2005 - DVD), Banned (1983)
Uncut Releases Local DVD (Stomp Visual), US DVD (Blue Underground), UK DVD. The old Japanese laserdisc (Discus Laservision) might also be uncut.
Original Entry Refused-Classification.

Soldier Blue (1970)
DirectorRalph Nelson
Cut FormatsVHS
Comments "Until recently, Soldier Blue has been difficult to see in its original uncut version. The only one that I was aware of and actually got to see was a damn rare British pre-CERT video from way, way back. But it was far from perfect as video technology at the time was primitive plus take into PAL to NTSC conversion and poor pan and scanning (it was a Panavision film), it was quite a mess as colors were off and picture was not too sharp and badly zoomed in. Soldier Blue was cut to get an 'R' rating in the U.S., then cut further to get a 'PG' in an effort to get more box office. When released on VHS by Embassy, it was the 'R' print on a 'PG' package, with a shortened running time under its re-release year (1974) on the box cover. Now you don't need an all region DVD player to see it as Lionsgate has released this out fully uncut and in its original 2:35:1 ratio and 16x9 enhanced." [Source: Alan Cope at DVD Drive-In]
   There are also two German DVDs (titled Das Wieganleid Vom Totschlag or The Lullaby of Slaughter), one old (Best Buy, letterboxed) that is cut and one new (Kinowelt/Studio Canal) that is reportedly uncut, plus a VHS tape. The Region 2 Dutch DVD (RCV release of the Kinowelt transfer) runs to 109:53 PAL or 114:35 NTSC. This transfer and the US Lionsgate release are said to be uncut according to DVD Compare. For what it's worth, the paperback novel can be found in secondhand bookshops.
Cut Footage The rape and carnage material in the climactic indian massacre sequence has been trimmed. A stronger version had been released theatrically. More specifics will be written up when a copy of the Australian VHS is secured. A friend has said that you do see the woman's breast being cut off, and not in an implied way. The Dutch DVD does not show a fake bloody piece of breast being removed, so this release is either the cut US R version, or the mascectomy was never overtly gory. As mentioned by DVD Compare, this version is uncut, so perhaps my friend was imagining things. They also state that the UK DVD (Momentum) has received a scalping from the BBFC: "Cut by 28 seconds (22 seconds of rape-scene and 6 seconds of horse falls)".
Reason Probably cut to avoid being banned. A shorter US PG version apprently exists on VHS. This is probably what got released on Australian VHS, but I have yet to confirm this.
Uncut Releases US DVD (Lionsgate), Dutch DVD (RCV), German DVD (Kinowelt/Studio Canal), US VHS, UK VHS (Magnetic) released in the early 80s, German satellite screening (dubbed German dialogue), Belgian/Dutch VHS (Embassy).
Entry Last Updated 16/1/2008

Soul Survivors (2001)
DirectorSteve Carpenter
Cut FormatsVHS, DVD
Cut Footage (a) Opening scene showing Cathy's death.
(b) Extra shot at picnic scene with Cassie removing her top.
(c) Extra shot in library scene showing Raven's breasts.
(d) Different dialogue in bar after swim-meet — coarser language.
(e) Slightly extended scene in toilets at rave showing Raven with Annabel. [Source: IMDB]
Reason This is the US PG-13 theatrical version.
Uncut Releases US R-rated 'killer cut' version DVD (Artisan).

Southern Comforts (1971)
DirectorBethel G. Buckalew 
Cut FormatsFilm
ClassificationsR (1979), Banned (1975)
Cut Footage Explicit sex.
Reason Cut to ovoid being banned.
Uncut Releases US DVD (Something Weird/Image).
Original Entry Refused-Classification.

South Park - Bigger, Longer & Uncut (1999)
DirectorTrey Parker
Cut FormatsFilm, VHS, DVD
Classifications MA (1/7/1999 - 81 mins film), 
Cut Footage (a) In the class room, the dialogue which Cartman yells to Mr Garrison with a megaphone was originally, "How would you like to gargle rat jiz?" and not the milder, "How would you like to suck my balls?" This makes you think in the film, that why would Mr Garrison be so offended by the question, in the TV-series, Cartman says shit like that to him all the time.
(b) The dialogue in the school counsellor's office by Mrs Cartman of what fisting is: "That's when the fist is inserted into the anus, or vagina for sexual pleasure" was changed to dialogue about licking ass.
(c) The 'Scheisse' video was originally a video of Mrs Cartman sucking a horse's dick.
Reason Cut to obtain a US R rating.
Uncut Releases Unknown.
Original Entry ATTIC MPAA Page [Thanks to The ATTIC].

Species II (1998)
DirectorPeter Medak
Cut FormatsVHS, DVD, Film
Classifications MA (5/5/1998 - 93 mins film)
Cut Footage The deleted scenes on the DVD feature longer takes of various moments:
(a) Birth and tongue scene was trimmed slightly.
(b) Extra nudity in the stripclub.
(c) Some other sexual material and nudity.
[Heath G., MichaelDVD]
Reason Cut to obtain a US R rating, although there is a chance that the footage was removed for the usual editing reasons, i.e. it was bad or did not work well.
Uncut Releases None.

SS Experiment Camp / Lager SSadis Kastrat Kommandantur / SS Camp 5 Women's Hell (1976)
DirectorSergio Garrone
ClassificationsBanned (1985)
Uncut Releases US DVD (Exploitation Digital), Danish VHS.

SS Experiment Love Camp (1976)
DirectorSergio Garrone
ClassificationsBanned (1977 and 1985)
Uncut Releases US DVD (Media Blasters), Danish VHS.

SS Experiement Camp II / Beast in Heat / La Bestia in Calore / SS Hell Camp (1977)
DirectorLuigi Batzella
Classifications Banned - Customs confiscation 1991
Uncut Releases Dutch VHS, Japanese DVD (The Klock Worx)[Source: DVDCompare].
Comments "Indeed, banned. Not surprising really, as the film has its share of sexual violence and features a foul moment where electrodes are attached to a female prisoner's labia whereupon she is subsequently tortured via electrical shocks." [M. C. Thomason]

SS Girls (1977)
DirectorBruno Mattei 
Cut FormatsVHS
ClassificationsR (1982)
Cut Footage Mainly sleaze: probably more of that section featuring the German Shepard, and the bit with the naked woman tied with rope to a wooden beam.
Reason Sourced from a UK print. It is fair to say that the uncut version would not have been passed locally without cuts.
Uncut Releases Unknown.
Original Entry Refused-Classification.

Stagefright / Deliria / Aquarius / Bloody Bird (1987)
DirectorMichele Soavi
Cut FormatsVHS
Cut Footage Various gore in the murders: arm lopping via axe, stabbing the in bath, shots of a chainsaw carving a torso (seen from above), and half a body being pulled out of a trapdoor in the floor of the stage.
Reason Sourced from a cut UK version that was pre-cut before submitting it to the BBFC.
Uncut Releases US DVD (Anchor Bay), UK VHS/DVD, Dutch DVD (EC Entertainment).
Comments "There was no US R-rated print, the film went out unrated in the US. The version we received was due to the source materials provided by Avatar Corporation UK for the local release (licensed through CIC Video). The only cuts to the local cassette were, per the pre-cuts made to the UK edition to gain an 18 certificate; extra shots of the drill emerging from the guy's stomach through the door, the impact of the pick-axe in the girl’s mouth, close-up of the knife entering the girl's body in the shower stall. No other cuts were made to the original UK print. Salvation Films took a gamble on the uncut print, and it was passed complete with an 18 by the BBFC. There is also an uncut version available on Dutch DVD from EC Entertainment (that offers the film in it's original 'open matte' version). Curiously, the Italian release version is much less violent than the export versions; the drill scene is nearly incomprehensible, the body-in-half scene is replaced by a much tamer sequence where the victim disappears into the opening in the floor when her boyfriend loses his grip on her, and the pick-axe scene is reduced to 'after the fact'!" [M. C. Thomason]

Stensol (circa 1990)
Classifications Banned (6/11/1990 - 12 mins PAL)
Uncut Releases None.
Comments This short film from Denmark was submitted for an Australian International Video Festival.

Stone Cold (1991)
DirectorCraig R. Baxley
Cut FormatsVHS
ClassificationsR (1991), M (1995)
Cut Footage Violence.
Reason Cut to obtain a local M rating [assumption]. It goes without saying that this released should be avoided in preference for the uncut R-rated tape.
Uncut Releases Local VHS rated R.
Original Entry Refused-Classification.

Straw Dogs (1972)
DirectorSam Peckinpah
Cut FormatsVHS, Film
Cut Footage Some footage in Susan George’s rape scene, amounting to a few seconds.
   "...cut 47 seconds by the MPAA to avoid an X-rating: the first portion of the rape is intact (which includes the girl's old friend doing the raping), but the second portion of the rape, which includes another man doing his turn on the girl, is very heavily shortened - the sight of the rapers getting dressed, and the girl looking around is also missing. The rest of the violence in the movie is intact, so the persistent rumours of the cuts in the R-rated version being several minutes is false." [The ATTIC]
Reason The local version is the US R-rated cut.
Uncut Releases US DVD (Anchor Bay and Criterion) and US laserdisc, UK DVD (Fremantle Media).

The Streetfighter (1974)
DirectorShigerhiro Ozawa
Cut Formats VHS, Film
Classifications M, R, Banned (1976)
Cut Footage Miscellaneous violence.
Reason Cut to avoid being banned, and also to obtain a US R rating.
Uncut Releases US DVD.
Original Entry Refused-Classification.

Street Karate Self Defence Module II (1998)
Director P. Lyons, Richard Woolcock (instructor)
Classifications M (16/8/1999 - 40 mins PAL), Banned (23/4/1999 - 45 mins PAL)
Cut Footage Karate fighting techniques. It is not clear why this particular title was problematic. The Australian distributor MA Marketing sell many hand-to-hand combat videos.
Reason Cut to avoid being banned.
Uncut Releases Unknown.
Original Entry Refused-Classification. [Thanks to RC]
More Details Visit the MA Marketing retail site. Interestingly, they still specify the running time of this title as being 45 mins.

Styker (1983)
Director Cirio H. Santiago
Cut Formats VHS
Classifications R (1985), Banned (1985)
Cut Footage A shot where a bullet emerges from the back of someone's head. The US VHS (Embassy) runs to 83:14 NTSC.
Reason Cut to avoid being banned.
Uncut Releases US VHS (Embassy).
Original Entry Refused-Classification.

Sudden Death (1985)
DirectorSig Shore
Cut FormatsVHS
ClassificationsR (1986), Banned (1986)
Cut Footage Rape and sundry adult themes.
Reason Cut to avoid being banned.
Uncut Releases Unknown.
Original Entry Refused-Classification.

Summer of Sam (1999)
DirectorSpike Lee
Cut FormatsFilm, DVD, VHS
ClassificationsR (12/7/1999 - 136 mins, 9/10/2003 - DVD)
Cut Footage "After they are refused entry into Studio 54, the sex scene between Dionna (Mira Sorvino) and Vinny (John Leguizamo) included more explicit shots in the original cut. This scene was edited a bit after the MPAA threatened the film with an NC-17 rating." [IMDB]
Reason Cut to avoid a US NC-17 rating.
Uncut Releases Unknown.
More Details Read a film review.

The Sweetest Thing (2002)
DirectorRoger Kumble
Cut Formats Film
Classifications M
Cut Footage A song and dance sequence called 'The Penis Song'.
Reason Cut before release in the US due to a bad reaction during preview screenings.
Uncut Releases Local DVD, unrated US DVD. This title is not necessarily a censored film, hence it will be removed from this list if this is the case.

Sweet and Savage (1983)
DirectorsAntonio Climati, Mario Morra
Cut FormatsVHS, Film
Classifications M (1986), R (1984 and 1986), Banned (1984)
Cut Footage Some not so sweet material. The exact details are unknown.
Reason Cut to avoid being banned.
Uncut Releases Unknown.
Original Entry Refused-Classification.