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The Oblong Box (1969)
Director Gordon Hessler
Cut Formats VHS
Classifications R
Cut Footage (a) The pre-credits voodoo scene runs about 50s longer in the DVD. The additional footage consists of several short additional shots and extensions of individual shots. The extra footage tends to appear immediately after the shots of Vincent Price approaching the hut. The longest extra shots are about 10s of dancing that appear after the first shot of the Africans following the close-up of the fire when the AIP credit disappears. 
(b) After Chris Lee is strangled by the corpse in the coffin the close-up of his face dissolves to a scene of Price and Hilary Dwyer walking in a garden and talking about Africa. This scene is entirely missing from the VHS and runs 1m 3s (it is a fairly superfluous scene).
(c) The VHS bridges the missing scene by inserting the scene of the body being found in the lake before cutting back to Sir Edward putting on his red mask. In the DVD the scene of the body in the lake comes after the scene with Sir Edward and his red mask. Because of this, the order of scenes between the two versions moves out of synch for several minutes until they join together again for the scene in which Lee and Sir Edward have dinner. 
(d) The murder of Carl Rigg's character runs about 15s longer in the DVD and includes additional shots of Sir Edward stabbing at him (from Rigg's POV) as well as a close-up of Rigg leaning forward and blood dripping out of his mouth. 
(e) When Sir Edward grabs the prostitute (Uta Leuka) by her breast the DVD print runs about 7s longer than the VHS and the scene is extended so that you see her exposed breast and she utters an additional line - "that will cost you extra". Incidentally, Leuka appears to have been dubbed by Hira Talfrey, who played Clifford Evans' housekeeper/lover in Curse of the Werewolf and has a small role in this film as one of Price's servants. 
(f) When the film cuts back upstairs from the tavern antics, the DVD cuts into the scene earlier to allow you to see Leuka's breasts in the mirror. The VHS misses off the first couple of seconds of this shot so that you don't see her breasts.
(g) When Leuka has her throat cut you see both sides slashed in the DVD but only one side in the VHS. The slashing you do see in the VHS is slightly shorter (and therefore you don't see the gaffe of the blood coming out of the knife before it touches Leuka's neck). 
(h) When Ivor Dean's policeman goes into the outfitters the VHS cuts immediately to Lee hearing the doorbell ringing. The DVD has an additional 31s of footage - in the DVD after Dean goes into the outfitters we cut to a scene of Lee giving a woman some medicine and brief dialogue is exchanged and she leaves. Then we see Sir Edward lying on his bed and he gets up and looks out of the window to see the police arrive and Dean going up to ring the doorbell. Then we cut to Lee hearing the doorbell as in the US VHS.
[Source: IMDB]
Reason Sourced from a cut UK print [speculation].
Uncut Releases M-rated US DVD (MGM) running to 96:08 NTSC or 92:17 PAL.
Comments "The original video version released locally by Playaround Video ran 91 mins after conversion out from its PAL runtime (approx 87 mins) and carried the original theatrical R rating. It was double-billed with Gordon Hessler's wonderful Cry Of The Banshee. Mind you, as has been stated on more than one occasion here, it was probably sourced from the modified UK master, which would have been the already censored 1970 theatrical print in this case. The film was trimmed for cinema release in the UK by the BBFC back in 1970, but released in a longer print in the US by its American co-producer AIP for the American market. The film was originally released in the US with the experimental MPAA classification M, which was the precursor of today's R rating (allowing for more adult content)." [M. C. Thomason]

Old School (2003)
Director Todd Philips
Cut Formats Film
Classifications MA (26/2/2003 - 91 mins film, DVD), M (84 mins PAL)
Cut Footage (a) Extra 15 seconds or so of Frank streaking. (The scene where he is leaving the party and runs down the street setting off the car alarm).
(b) Extra 45 seconds or so with Andy Dick, lots of stuff in this scene that was cut.
(c) Finally, there seems to be an additional 5 seconds or so with the naked girls in the KY Jelly.
[Source: IMDB]
   The BBFC lists the theatrical release at 90:36 film, which is comparable to the rounded OFLC time of 91 mins film.
   These scenes should be in our DVD, since it is uncut. With a DVD counter running of 88:06 PAL or 91:46 NTSC/film, this puts the local DVD roughly one minute longer than the theatrical release (we should have received the same English language print as the UK). Hence I would conclude that the DVD is most likely longer than the presumably cut theatrical version. The fact that our film release was cut still needs to be confirmed.
Reason Cut to obtain a US R rating.
Uncut Releases Local DVD (Universal), US unrated DVD (Universal) listed at 93 mins NTSC.

The Outlaw Brothers / Zui Jia Zei Pai Dang (1990)
Director Frankie Chan
Cut Formats Film
Classifications M (23/7/1990 - 97 mins film), Banned (9/7/1990 - 98 mins film, 2/5/1990 - 100 mins film)
Cut Footage Eventually three minutes were taken out, resulting in an M rating. The applicant obviously got sick of trimming bits here and there only to have it banned.
   The scene involved a truck full of chicken that are killed or maimed from the fall, sprayed with machine gun fire, and rammed en-mass by a car. [OFLC via Refused-Classification]
Reason Cut to avoid being banned.
Uncut Releases Unknown.