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Ken Park (2002)
Director Larry Clark
Classifications Banned (21/5/2003 - 92 mins PAL)
Uncut Releases US DVD, Hobart screening in September 2003 despite police action in Sydney to close down the Balmain showing, other unadvertised Australian screenings, Toronto film festival, Amsterdam preview screening, New Zealand screening.
Comments Ken Park is the new film from director Larry Clark, who also made Kids, Another Day in Paradise and Bully. Ken Park contains hardcore sex footage involving young adults or 'minors' according to the OFLC news page, including erect penises and an explicit male masturbation scene. MRA Entertainment was the applicant who tried to get it classified, apparently for home video release.
   The Hong Kong DVD suffers from digital blurring over sexually explicit content.

Kick Boxer / Kickboxer (1989)
Directors Mark DiSalle, David Worth
Cut Formats Film, VHS
Classifications M (3/7/1989 - 102 mins film, 24/7/1989 - VHS), R (3/5/1989 - 102 mins film, VHS)
Cut Footage Various violent encounters. The running times listed on the OFLC website appear to be rounded to 102 mins. Either that or one of them is inaccurate.
Reason Cut locally by the distributor to obtain an M rating.
Uncut Releases Local R-rated VHS (Fox).

Kickboxer II - The Road Back (1988)
Director Albert Pyun
Cut Formats VHS, Film
Classifications M (9/5/1991 - 86 mins film), R (21/6/1991 and 10/4/1991 - 88 mins film)
Cut Footage Fight violence [assumption]. The R-rated DVD counter time is 86:40 PAL.
It seems that the theatrical release was the cut version rated M.
Reason Cut to obtain a local M rating [assumption].
Uncut Releases Unknown.
Original Entry MichaelDVD. [Thanks to MD]

Kidnapped (1986)
Director Howard Avedis
Cut Formats VHS
Classifications R (1987)
Cut Footage Sexualised threats made with a knife to a woman on a bed.
Reason Cut to avoid being banned.
Uncut Releases Unknown.
Original Entry Refused-Classification. [Thanks to RC]

Kill Bill - Vol 1 (2003)
DirectorQuentin Tarantino
Cut FormatsFilm, DVD
ClassificationsR (7/10/2003 - 110 mins film)
Cut Footage I own an original copy of the Japanese standard release DVD which has a DVD counter time of 111:39 NTSC. This equates to 107:11 PAL. The local DVD (Buena Vista) runs to 106:11 PAL, making it one minute PAL at 25 fps shorter. The following list of differences between the Japanese and US/UK/Pacific version are from IMDB. They roughly concur with I saw at the cinema compared to the Japanese DVD. I have not yet had a chance to hire and compare the Australian DVD, but all reports indicate that it is the shorter cut version. Here I have only mentioned the cut gore scenes.
   "The Japanese cut, while only a little over a minute longer than the US cut, features not only a full color version of the 'House of Blue Leaves' fight, but some quick new shots in the anime scenes as well as some alternate footage, most cut/altered to avoid an NC-17 rating:
   (a) In the anime sequence, one of Boss Matsumoto's men has his face smashed into a wall twice, rather then just once.
   (b) In the anime sequence, when O-Ren Ishii kills Matsumoto and tells him to look at her face, she asks him to look at more facial features (nose, chin. etc.) to be recognized, and then before pulling the knife out, there is a close up shot of her moving the knife up his stomach and then finally pulling it out. There are a couple of close up shots of Matsumoto's face as he's dying as well that were eliminated from the US print and then a pan up shot of Matsumoto's blood covered and disembowelled body.
   (c) The 'House of Blue Leaves' fight is not only in full color, but features about 9 new shots missing from the US print which include:
   (d) A close up of the first female Crazy 88 (Julie Manase) gargling blood after being pinned to a wooden pillar by a sword. This shot, while cut from the US version of Vol 1, showed up in the end credits of the US cut of Vol 2.
   (e) A shot of The Bride stabbing two Crazy 88s at once using her own sword as well as another Crazy 88's sword.
   (f) A ten foot high super backflip that The Bride executes before landing back down to pop out one of the Crazy 88's eyes. This shot appeared in the TV spot teaser, but disappeared soon after.
   (g) After The Bride pops out the one Crazy 88's eye, as another one charges at her screaming, she simply throws the eye into the attackers mouth, causing him to start to choke. The partially armless Sofie Fatale gives a follow up disgusted reaction.
   (h) A shot of another female Crazy 88 attacking only to get slashed in the throat and spraying blood everywhere.
   (i) A shot of a Crazy 88 getting slashed across the chest and spraying blood all over a wall.
   (j) When The Bride jumps onto the shoulders of one of the Crazy 88, after she slashes another one across the face, the Crazy 88 she's standing on tries to attack her from below. She parries the attack and cuts his hands off. The shot then cuts to the forward somersault.
   (k) Finally, after the 'House of Blue Leaves' fight, is the most infamous of the missing scenes and that is Sofie Fatale's extended 'trunk interrogation' scene. After The Bride warns Sofie about cutting off something, instead of cutting back to Sofie in the hospital, The Bride is shown grabbing Sofie's arm and screams "GIVE ME YOUR OTHER ARM!". Sofie starts to panic, but then The Bride chops off her other arm, causing blood to splash onto the screen and Sofie begins screaming again." [IMDB]
   The two hospital killings appear to match the theatrical version, but I will examine both scenes frame by frame on DVD. Finally, there is a continuity error on the Japanese DVD in the scene where Sofie rolls down the hill near the hospital. During the fall, the stunt woman's right hand is clearly visible on freeze frame. This would be impossible if that hand had just been severed in the car boot.
Reason Modified to obtain a US R rating [confirm].
Uncut Releases Japanese theatrical release, Japanese DVD (Universal).
More details Here is the full IMDB entry.
A draft of the original script.

Killer Nun (1978)
Director Giulio Berruti 
Cut Formats VHS
Classifications R (1987), X (1984), Banned (1983)
Cut Footage Unknown.
Reason Cut to avoid being banned.
Uncut Releases Dutch VHS (VML).
Original Entry Refused-Classification. [Thanks to RC]

The Killing Hour / The Clairvoyant (1982)
Director Armand Mastroianni
Cut Formats VHS
Classifications R
Cut Footage The local VHS tape (Seven Keys) runs to 92:46 PAL and is missing 8 seconds near the end of the film at 79:25. The man with the leather wrist bands first pulls his jeans down, kneels toward the bound woman on the bed, then reaches out to her face with his right hand. The shot quickly cuts away to another man somking. In the unrated US version, the man on the bed strokes the woman's face and hair before lifting her head toward his crotch. This is all shown from behind him, so no genitals are visible. Because alternative footage was inserted, the running times are comparable.
Reason Cut to obtain a US R rating.
Uncut Releases US DVD (Anchor Bay) running to 96:37 NTSC. Note that the DVD counter time of 96:45 NTSC includes 8 seconds of non-movie time after the feature. The restored footage is noticably softer than the rest of the transfer.

King Arthur (2004)
DirectorAntoine Fuqua
Cut FormatsFilm, DVD
ClassificationsMA (29/10/2004 - DVD), M (9/7/2004 - 125:33 film, 8/10/2004 - DVD)
Cut Footage Two Australian DVDs have been released, one for the censored theatrical cut rated M and another for the director's cut rated MA. The battle scenes were toned down to get a lower US rating, although it is clear that the director was aiming for a US R rating. Hence the violence is pretty tame anyway, about on the level of Braveheart or just below. The longer UK DVD (Buena Vista), which should be comparable to ours, runs to 135:46 PAL, compared to 120:26 PAL for the cut version.
   "Arthur Gets Toned Down. Posted: Friday June 25th, 2004 6:39pm (Au-EST). Author: Garth Franklin. Source: Variety. What do people want out of Jerry Bruckheimer's Arthurian epic? Blood, guts, decapitation, sword handling, Keira Knightley's chest & Clive Owen's ass. Sadly none of those things are likely to be on display according to the latest Variety. The Motion Picture Association of America recently rated King Arthur PG-13 after the studio managed to trim enough of the violence from the epic's climactic battle scenes to avoid an R. The thing is, the PG-13 rating is likely to come as a surprise to some. Producer Jerry Bruckheimer promised last year he'd deliver an R-rated pic, adding, 'Audiences want to see something that's real. They don't want to cut away.' Disney spokesman Dennis Rice told the trade the reasons for the rating change was 'We've always felt it was advantageous to go for as wide an appeal as possible with a big summer film like this'. Thanks to 'The Vibrating Excalibur'." [Dark Horizons]
Reason Modified to obtain a US PG-13 rating.
Uncut Releases Local DVD (Buena Vista) labelled the "director's cut".

Kingpin (1996)
Director The Farley Brothers
Cut Formats VHS, Film
Classifications M (14/6/1996 - 114 mins film)
Cut Footage (a) A scene in a convenience store at 19:30 shows the shop clerk reading a copy of Juggs. This sequence is exactly one minute long.
(b) One shot of pillow talk at 22:57 after Munson sleeps with his landlady: "Guess it's all that pumpin'. Pump and dump," as well as, the "do some tongue exercises" dialogue. 11 seconds are missing.
   Other scenes were cut and edited to shorten the film. Our cut VHS (Roadshow) runs to 109:23 PAL or 113:56 NTSC.
Reason Cut to obtain a US PG-13 rating.
Uncut Releases US R-rated DVD (MGM) running to 117:02 NTSC.
Comments The cut theatrical PG-13 version was expected to be released on DVD by MGM. There is no Australian DVD yet, although one can assume that the cut UK PAL master would be utilised. The UK PAL DVD is listed at 109 mins.

The Krays (1990)
Director Peter Medak
Cut Formats VHS, Film
Classifications M (20/8/1990 - 115 mins film), R (17/7/1990 - 116 mins film)
Cut Footage More graphic shots of sword mayhem and an eye stabbing.
Reason Cut to obtain a lower classification.
Uncut Releases Local R-rated VHS (Palace). "The local R rated version was released briefly through Palace Video locally, as this was the full uncut version. The more widely seen M rated tape was duplicated from the modified-for-classification theatrical print." [M. C. Thomason]
Comments The UK DVD (Universal) is apparently also cut. The total running time on that DVD is 114:32 PAL. A US laserdisc exists with a running time of 119 mins NTSC (shown on sleeve) but its completeness is unknown.
   "The UK DVD is still cut, as the film was modified for an 18 classification on its original cinema release. I'm surprised that you never tracked down the local R rated version released briefly through Palace Video locally, as this was the full uncut version. The more widely seen M-rated tape was duplicated from the modified-for-classification theatrical print. I used to own a copy of the R rated cassette, but sold it years ago, as the difference in runtime between to two versions was literally a few seconds." [M. C. Thomason]

Kung-Fu Executioner / Shou Zhi Niu Chu (1980)
Director Hwa Yi-Hung
Cut Formats Film
Classifications R (1981), M (1988)
Cut Footage Violence and animal cruelty.
Reason Cut to avoid being banned.
Uncut Releases Unknown.
Original Entry Refused-Classification. [Thanks to RC]