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Jack the Ripper (1976)
Director Jess Franco
Cut Formats VHS
Classifications R (1977), Banned (1977)
Cut Footage Miscellaneous gore and sleaze.
   The budget line PAL DVD (Front Row) is reportedly still the cut version and is listed with an MA rating. There is no recent OFLC classification for this title. Judging by the cover photo, this release a grey market import product since it does not show the mandatory Australian classification.
Reason Cut to avoid being banned.
Uncut Releases Local DVD, Swiss DVD (VIP), US DVD, Danish VHS.
Original Entry Refused-Classification.

Jason Goes to Hell - The Final Friday (1996)
Director Adam Marcus
Cut Formats DVD, VHS
Classifications MA (2/9/1993 - 87 mins PAL)
Comments According the message board postings, the Australian DVD is the cut version. I own the uncensored US DVD and laserdisc from New Line. Interestingly, the 1993 OFLC viewing is the only official classification for this title. It was never reclassified for DVD, as per the OFLC requirements, assuming it's the same as the compromised theatrial print of course.
Cut Footage (a) The sex scene is longer and more graphic.
(b) Much more gory violence; nearly all characters cough up blood as they are being killed, the shot of the tent pole being rammed through the girl, the shot of the chubby guy's hand being broken off, the shot of Robert(Jason) crushing the girl's head and blood spurting out (she then says "go to hell"), Coroner(Jason swings the scalpel more times at the girl outside the tent.
(c) The shot of the creature crawling up Diana's dress was also omitted from the R-rated version.
(d) After Jason leaves Josh's body, his jaw can be seen on the floor as it melts. This was cut for the R-rated version. The R version also omits most of the heart-eating scene near the beginning.
(e) At the beginning, before Jason gets blown up by the FBI, the female op shoots Jason in the head.
[Source: IMDB]
Reason Cut to obtain a US R rating.
Uncut Releases US DVD (New Line), US laserdisc and VHS sell-through, UK DVD. The US region 1 New Line DVD contains the censored R-rated version and the unrated version.
Comments "The film was cut to obtain a US R rating, and it was this softened version that local distributor Roadshow screened in theatres in 1993 with an OFLC MA rating. The uncensored version was initially only made available in the US on an unrated laserdisc. In 2002, New Line released the unrated version on DVD in a new anamorphic transfer, and a newly created DTS audio track. There is a possibility that this version may eventuate locally through Roadshow, as they are the Australian licensor for all New Line product." [M. C. Thomason]
Entry Last Updated 25/8/2009

Jason X (2002)
Director James Isaac
Cut Formats Film, VHS, DVD
Classifications MA (22/7/2002 - 92 mins film)
Cut Footage The following data shows frame counts for the key death scenes. Until confirmation is made that this version is uncut, this entry will remain in the list. The DVD running time is 87:46 PAL.
(a) Cronenberg Spear Death 6:12
Impact shot while running - 24 frames
Kneeling with spear protruding - 62 frames
(b) Arm Lopping 13:05 
20 frames with a blood spurt
(c) Adrienne's Death (the cute blonde) 29:27
Initial face smash on bench top - 15 frames
Jason lifting head off bench top - 9 frames
Jason throwing her corpse down - 50 frames
(d) Screw Death 44:39
Fall and impact shot - 15 frames
Turning overhead shot - 93 frames
Turning close shot - 47 frames
(e) Cut Throat 42:13
Walking - 45:38 frame 11 to 45:44 from 13 = 6 secs two frames = 152 frames
Fall and gurgling - 45:46 frame 04 to 45:56 frame 00 = 9 secs 21 frames = 246 frames
(f) Half Man Crawling 41:06
46:43 frame 00 to 46:48 frame 04 = 5 secs 4 frames = 129 frames
(g) Sucked Out Through Hole 74:17 - 73 frames
   On the commentary James Isaac said that the only scenes they had to change for the MPAA were the Screw Death "by 12 to 15 frames, mabye more" and Adrienne's Death, because it showed a shot of her caved-in head for too long, so the filmmakers just "edited around it". This shot is in the movie, but they also said they filmed two versions of this effect, and used the tamer one anyway. Is this the one in the DVD? Cronenberg's death scene was also filmed with two versions, one that had more blood spurting from the wound. The version on our DVD does not seem especially splashy.
   So...questions remain. But if anyone finds a version with more or less frames of the above deaths, that will be conclusive.
Reason Cut to obtain a US R rating.
Uncut Releases None yet determined.

Jeepers Creepers (2001)
DirectorVictor Salva
Cut FormatsFilm, VHS, DVD
Classifications MA (10/12/2001 - 89 mins film)
Cut Footage Gore when the creature eats a manís tongue.
Reason Cut to obtain a US R rating.
Uncut Releases None.

Just Before Dawn (1981)
DirectorJeff Leiberman
Cut FormatsVHS
Classifications R
Cut Footage The small amount of material missing from the new US DVD (Shriek Show) is also missing from the local VHS rental. [Heath G.] IMDB says that an uncut version was released by Paragon Video for the US market, and jaws-35 on the message board says, "The hunter in the orange cap who is macheted in the groin is most trimmed".
Reason Unknown.
Uncut Releases US VHS (Paragon).