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Faceless (1988)
Director Jess Franco
Cut Formats VHS
Classifications R (9/5/1989 - 95 mins)
Cut Footage Hardcore sex inserts. No gore is missing from the Australian version.
Reason The sex was probably inserted for European markets. English speaking countries received the softcore version.
Uncut Releases Not yet available; probably bootleg VHS [speculation].

Faces of Death (1978)
Director John Alan Schwartz aka Conan le Ciliare
Classifications R 18+ (30/3/2007 - DVD), Banned (1980 and 1983)
Uncut Releases US DVD (MPI Home Video), US VHS. I thought it had been released uncut in New Zealand, but a reader pointed out that it was never officially classified or released there.
Original Entry Refused-Classification.
Entry Last Updated 20/12/2007

Faces of Death II (1981)
Director John Alan Schwartz
Classifications Banned (17/12/2007 and earlier)
Comments Umbrella Entertainment tried to have this mondo film classified. The OFLC seem to come down hard on real-life carnage, perhaps to discourage the proliferation of copy-cat criminals posting their own footage on the Internet. Note that part one (above) did received an R 18+ classification earlier in 2007. Perhaps Umbrella will have better luck with parts 5-8 and the best-of compilations.
Uncut Releases US DVD (MPI Home Video), US VHS. It may have been released on NZ VHS. Yet to be confirmed.
Original Entry Refused-Classification.
Entry Last Updated 20/12/2007

Faces of Death III (1985)
Director John Alan Schwartz
Classifications Banned (14/12/2007)
Comments Umbrella Entertainment again tried to another in this series of mondo films classified.
Uncut Releases US DVD (MPI Home Video), US VHS.
Entry Last Updated 20/12/2007

Faces of Death IV (1990)
Directors John Alan Schwartz, Susumu Saegusa
Classifications Banned (14/12/2007)
Comments Umbrella Entertainment strike out a third time. December 2007 was an expensive month for this company.
Uncut Releases US DVD (MPI Home Video), US VHS.
Entry Last Updated 20/12/2007

Face/Off (1997)
Director John Woo
Cut Formats DVD
Classifications MA (24/7/1997 - 139 mins film, 19/4/1999 - DVD)
Cut Footage    (a) At 11:42 side B John Travolta twirls a butterfly knife for Jamie.
   (b) At 46:16 side B Jamie stabs him with it in the leg during the climax.
If your DVD is the flipper edition, then you have the cut version.
Reason The UK version was originally released on DVD in Australia.
Uncut Releases VHS rental, film. The re-released Australian special edition DVD (dual layered) is uncensored. The cut footage appears at 82:50 and during the climax.
Comments "Woo's initial cut ran 155 mins, which Disney felt was too long. He then trimmed it down to 148 mins, which he felt was just right, as did Disney. Producer Michael Douglas disagreed and felt the film could be 'tightened' a little, and a further 9 mins was removed bringing in the release print run time to 139 mins. Woo was not happy about the final cut, and there was talk that the 148 min version would see a release on DVD. As per usual, it never happened, and at this stage it's highly unlikely it ever will happen." [M. C. Thomason]

The Fast and the Furious (2001)
Director Rob Cohen
Cut Formats DVD, VHS and Film [confirm]
Classifications M (25/7/2001 - 107 mins, 12/9/2003 - DVD)
Cut Footage    (a) For the scene where the thug is hanging off the side of the semi trailer cab by his arm tangled in wire, the director shortened shots showing the bloody arm. A gunshot strike to his torso is still shown, however. The total amount of time missing may amount to about two or three seconds.
   (b) The scene where the motor mechanic is beaten up and doused in grease has also been shortened. This modification was mentioned in the DVD commentary by director Rob Cohen.
   On the special edition DVD, a featurette shows the director Rob Cohen in the editing room with the editor, removing frames and trying to guess whether the impact of the scene had been suitably lessened.
Reason Cut to obtain a US PG rating.
Uncut Releases None.

Fast Times at Ridgemont High (1982)
Director Amy Heckerling
Cut Formats DVD, VHS [confirm]
Classifications M (24/5/1995 - 91 mins, 15/1/2002 - DVD), R
Cut Footage (a) Kids smoking dope is apparently missing from the DVD release.
(b) Male frontal nudity in the boathouse sex scene [confirm].
   "The MPAA originally slapped the film with an X rating, stating that the male frontal nudity had to be cut from the boathouse sex scene. This cut, along with a few other trims to that scene, was made and the MPAA gave the film an R rating." [Source: IMDB]
Reason DVD release: Unknown. All DVD versions apparently have the same cuts.
The boathouse sex scene was cut for the US R rating.
Uncut Releases Unknown.

Fear City (1984)
DirectorAbel Ferrara
Cut FormatsVHS, DVD, Blu-ray
ClassificationsMA (17/11/1994 - 92 mins PAL), R (20/11/1985 - VHS), Banned (1/1/1985 - film)
Cut Footage One local VHS tape (Warners) runs to 91:27 PAL and appears to be cut at least for violence. This R-rated tape is neither the EMI release nor the Polygram edition mentioned by M. C. Thomason below, although it appears to be the US TV version, wrongly labelled R by Warners. The German DVD (EMS) runs to 92:24 PAL.
   The German DVD (EMS) contains a short version in English and a longer version in German. The English transfer is notiably sharper and more colourful than the German counterpart. Each version runs similtaneously as camera angle one (German) and camera angle two (censored English). The following items list differences between each cut of the film.
   (a) At 8:46 the first discrepancy appears as Tom Berenger carries a small birthday gift to Melanie Griffith's dressing room when she finishes topless dance routine. Peeking in the door, he sees Rae Dawn Chong kissing Melanie's neck in one shot, and then her mouth in another. Instead of entering he walks away depondantly. The English version simply shows a shot of Rae Dawn Chong resting her head on top of Melanie's as they look at each other in the mirror.
   (b) At 22:20 another lesbian smooch hits the cutting room floor. The scene shows Raw Dawn Chong and Melanie Griffith talking before Chong leaves the apartment.
   (c) At 27:30 Rae Dawn Chong is attacked by the utility blade psycho on a subway station platform. Two cuts occur in this scene. The first is the initial slice across her forehead which runs for 11 frames in the short English version and 33 frames in the German language version. The second cut happens just after Chong's wrist is slashed. Covered in bloody, her cries of angish last for an extra two seconds in the longer version. On the cut VHS tape at 26:10 the scalping of Rae Dawn Chong cuts away just as the killer is about to scalp her. The sound track also jumps at this point. We only see much later in a hospital scene that she also had her throat injured, possibly slashed. There is also no sign of the nunchakus mentioned by White Dragon below.
   The following scenes on our the butchered VHS tape looked cut. I have to confirm whether they all play the same as the German DVD release or the US TV version. I suspect the latter. The forehead slice scene seems to be missing much more on VHS, according to my notes. Stay tuned.
   (a) The early attack with the scissors does not show the killer cutting off the stripper's fingers, we only learn the nature of his attack later.
   (b) When the killer recalls the death of the stripper with the doberman, there are two soundtrack jumps at 52:54 and 52:57, the later followed by a shot of a utility knife lying covered in blood.
   (c) At 62:22 the result of the sword swing is never shown.
   (d) Melanie Griffiths is stabbed in the hamstring at 82:18. A few frames of the knife denting her flesh is shown, as would happen with a blunt tip, but no blood is shown. This may not have been cut, however, since is plays more smoothly than the preceding examples.
   (e) One character clearly mouths the word "fuck" but the actual dialogue is different.
   (f) There is hardly any topless nudity shown, let alone full-frontal shots. The German DVD shows quite a lot of topless nudity.
   The Shock Blu-ray appears to be the Shout! Factory Blu-ray, which contains two versions of the movie, the censored US theatrical R version (95:02) and supposedly the US unrated version (96:40).
   What they've done for the longer version is insert the missing scenes from a poor quality master, i.e. what was released in France, Germany and Holland on DVD.
   However, one scene on this Blu-ray is still censored, namely the bit where Rae Dawn Chong gets her forehead sliced. The theatrical version runs for 11 frames and the longer version runs for 33 frames. Both versions on our Blu-ray feature the shorter 11-frame shot. It's assumed that the US Shout! release is the same.
   This means the Aussie and US Blu-rays are still slightly censored, despite efforts to incorporate virtually all of the other so-called US unrated footage.
Reason Cut for US network TV broadcast.
Uncut Releases Greek VHS, Dutch VHS (Thorn EMI), German DVD (EMS), Dutch DVD (World Wide Cinema/Dutch Film Works - Extreme), French DVD (Cheyenne Films).
Comments There are at least three versions in circulation across the world.
   "Originally refused classification in Australia, Thorn EMI's cassette version was modified from Ferrara's uncut print. The version that eventually turned up on sell-thru cassette here was the broadcast version prepared for network television in the US, that ended up being the master used for the UK cassette, as it had similar censorship problems in Britain. The old R-rated cassette from EMI was a lot stronger than the more recent version released by PolyGram. I always felt that the killer's attack on Chong with nunchakus was particularly strong, even in modified form, in the first release version!" [M. C. Thomason]
Entry Last Updated 10/2/2014

Female Vampire / Bare Breasted Countess / Erotikill (1973)
Director Jess Franco 
Cut Formats VHS
Classifications R (1980), Banned (1995 and 1983)
Cut Footage Unknown. One version of this film contains hardcore sex inserts.
Reason Cut to avoid being banned.
Uncut Releases Softcore version: US DVD (Image). Hardcore version: Erotikill on German DVD (X Rated)
Original Entry Refused-Classification. [Thanks to RC]
More Details Visit Cutlass Video.

Fingers (1978)
Director James Toback 
Cut Formats DVD, VHS
Classifications R
Cut Footage    (a) Perhaps some sexual content.
   (b) The climax seems to be missing a glimpse of gore, which instead shows a jarring cut between one shot of Harvey Keitel staring at his handywork and another.
   Toback does not mention cuts to the violent climax in his DVD commentary, but refer to his remarks below.
Reason Cut to obtain a US R rating.
Uncut Releases None.
Comments Regarding his dealings with Warner Brothers, Toback mentions his "great experience with the people at Warner Bros. on Fingers, which had to be resubmitted 13 times before it got the 'R' it needed to be released. That was 1978, so I don't think the original cut of Fingers even exists." [Source: Las Vegas Weekly]

A Fist Full of 44s (1975)
Director Jaacov Jaacovi 
Cut Formats VHS, Film
Classifications Banned (1984), R (1978)
Cut Footage "Indecency and indecent violence". [OFLC via Refused Classification]
Reason Cut to avoid being banned.
Uncut Releases The German DVD is longer but its cut status is unknown.
Original Entry Refused-Classification. [Thanks to RC]

Fire Walk With Me (1995)
Director David Lynch
Cut Formats Film, VHS
Classifications R
Cut Footage The are rumours that stronger footage exists in the directorís cut [speculation].
Reason Cut for the US R rating and/or brevity [speculation].
Uncut Releases None. The New Line US DVD contains none of the lost footage.

Flesh Gordon (1974)
Directors Michael Benveniste, Howard Ziehm
Cut Formats Film, VHS
Classifications R
Cut Footage Explicit sexual content. The Media-Video Classics VHS tape is 72 mins and the film length was 84 mins.
Reason Unknown.
Uncut Releases Restored US DVD (Hen's Tooth) running to appoximately 88 mins NTSC.

The Fog (2005)
Director Rupert Wainwright
Cut Formats Film
Classifications M (19/1/2006 - DVD, 9/11/2005 - 100 mins)
Comments The theatrical print is rounded up to 100 mins film by our ever-precise OFLC. The BBFC lists the theatrical running time at 99:48 film, which is comparable to the Aussie running time. DVD Compare lists the Australian and Scandinavian DVD releases at 99:02 PAL or 103:10 film, putting the DVD roughly three minutes longer than the theatrical edition. For the record, the US unrated DVD (Sony) clocks in at 103:16 NTSC, which matches to the second the PAL duration with 4% speed-up. Curiously, the BBFC has the UK DVD (Sony) running to 98:57 PAL – that's still comparable to all other uncut DVD masters.
   When reclassifying the longer version for DVD, the OFLC retained the M 15+ rating and "Moderate horror violence" consumer advice. Like many recent examples, minor (i.e. token) cuts to on-screen violence seem to have been made to satisfy the MPAA. Additional dialogue probably accounts for most of the three minute discrepancy between versions. More details about cuts will be added if they are discovered.
Cut Footage The following shots are mentioned in a review of the US unrated disc on DVD Compare by Jari Kovalainen:
   (a) "Additional shots of a man burning, after he has been thrown through the window in flames."
   (b) "Additional shots of a man burning at the end scene. When there were around 3 shots in the PG-13 version, the scene is now about 8 times longer showing more coverage of the burning man."
   "It seems, that two latter scenes were shortened due the MPAA, and rest by the studio. It's quite clear when you listen the audio commentary, that this Unrated version is the one that Wainwright prefers, saying a few times lines like I don't know why [the] studio cut that one out?"
   Eric D. Snider at DVD Talk had this to say in his review: "This 'unrated version' has about 3 minutes of additional footage incorporated into the story, and director Rupert Wainwright identifies the moments in his commentary, always declaring that he wished they'd remained for the theatrical version. In other words, this is a director's cut that's been called an 'unrated version' solely as a means of fooling viewers into thinking they'll be seeing more gore or nudity. We do get a little bit more gore, mostly in the form of people being on fire, but nothing spectacular. And no nakedness."
Reason Cut before release to obtain a US PG-13 rating.
Uncut Releases Local DVD (Columbia Tri-Star), US unrated DVD (Sony), UK DVD (Sony).
Entry Last Updated 14/4/2008

For Love of the Game (1999)
Directors Sam Raimi
Cut Formats Film
Classifications M (26/10/1999 - 138 mins film)
Cut Footage A shot of Kevin Kostner's penis. The OFLC consumer advice for this title does not mention nudity.
Reason Cut by Universal to obtain a US PG rating. Universal also cited a poor test audience reaction to this scene: they reportedly laughed.
Uncut Releases None.

Fox Tang Gi (1980s)
Director Unknown
Cut Formats Film
Classifications R (1989), Banned [assumption]
Cut Footage Sexual content [speculation].
Reason Cut to avoid being banned.
Uncut Releases Unknown.
Original Entry Refused-Classification. [Thanks to RC]

The Foxy Ladies / Gou Ge Nu Lang (1979)
Director Lu Kei / Chi Lu [IMDB]
Cut Formats Film
Classifications R (1981)
Cut Footage Violence.
Reason To avoid being banned.
Uncut Releases Unknown.
Original Entry Refused-Classification. [Thanks to RC]

Framed (1975)
Director Phil Karlson
Cut Formats Film, VHS
Classifications R (1976 and 1985), Banned (1975 and 1985)
Cut Footage Rape scene [speculation].
Reason Cut to avoid being banned.
Uncut Releases Unknown.
Original Entry Refused-Classification. [Thanks to RC]

Frankenstein (1931)
DirectorJames Whale
Cut FormatsDVD, VHS [confirm]
ClassificationsM (24/9/2002 - DVD, 13/7/1992 - 69 mins PAL)
Cut Footage The usual cuts including the bit where the monster throws the little girl into the water. The special edition DVD (Universal) has a DVD counter time of 67:09, while the poor quality censored MRA release runs to 70:09 PAL, "converted from NTSC" [Stephen Dawson].
   "Then there's the censorship. Some found one line in particular to be offensive. In the MRA version this is rendered, just after the monster comes to life, as Frankenstein saying 'In the name of God, now I know what it', and while his mouth keeps moving, his voice is muted (25:10). But in the Universal version, the full line is delivered: 'In the name of God, now I know what it feels like to be God.' (24:08) Interestingly, the subtitles say: 'In the name of God?! Now I know what it ...', and next, '(voice drowned out by thunder)'. Seems like they lifted the subtitle track from a previous version. As far as I can tell, the monster throws the girl into the water identically in both releases." [Thanks to Stephen Dawson]
Reason Sourced from an old cut print, not the restored uncensored version.
Uncut Releases Local VHS and DVD (Universal).

Frankenstein and the Monster From Hell (1974)
Director Terence Fisher
Cut Formats VHS
Classifications M (21/9/1999 - 90 mins PAL)
Cut Footage A deleted  close-up of the bloodied throat of the murdered asylum director (John Stratton). Cuts to some of the footage of the asylum maniac ripping up the monster and eating parts of him. An artery clamping scene is also rumoured to be a common missing bit.
Reason Sourced from a cut UK master.
Uncut Releases Dutch VHS (Sunrise). [Thanks to Melon Farmers for this entry]

Freaks (1932)
Director Todd Browning
Cut Formats VHS, Film
Classifications Unknown
Cut Footage More than 20 minutes were removed, some of which contains disturbing plot developments, especially during the climax of the film. In one shot we learn that the strong man has been castrated.
Reason Cut by the US studio MGM before release.
Uncut Releases A fully restored DVD is reportedly due in 2004.

Freeway (1996)
DirectorMichael Bright
Cut FormatsVHS, DVD
Classifications R (4/2/1997 - 102 mins film, 24/4/1997 VHS), Banned (28/11/1996 - 104 film)
Cut Footage Lewdity and crude spoken language. There is still confusion about what is missing and/or modified. The common wisdom says that the Australian DVD is still not the full uncensored version. This release was not reclassified by the OFLC.
Reason Cut to obtain a US R rating. It was also cut by the BBFC in 1997 and 2001 by 7 secs for home video for distributors High Fliers and Video Collection International respectively.
Uncut Releases Dutch DVD [confirm] according to an E-Bay seller, unrated US laserdisc. The US DVD is cut.
More Details Visit Refused Classification to get an excellent overview of the history of Freeway's bumpy censorship history.

A French Vampire in America / Innocent Blood (1992)
Director John Landis
Cut Formats VHS, DVD [confirm]
Classifications M
Cut Footage "When Innocent Blood was finished, Landis had to cut some sex and violence - sex being nudity only...One shot Landis had to trim in Innocent Blood featured LaPaglia jamming a gun into a vampire gangster's mouth and pulling the trigger. The back of the vampire's head flipped up a little - no blood, no brains." [Bill Warren at MHVF].
   The Australian VHS (Roadshow) version does contain the bit where Anthony LaPaglia handcuffs the naked vampire before having sex with her, which was cut from the US R-rated version. I have not checked the budget DVD release yet.
Reason Cut to obtain a US R rating.
Uncut Releases None.
Comments "There were cuts made to obtain a US R rating, but the local video version features a stronger sex scene than the one featured in the US cut of the film. The fact that LaPaglia hand-cuffs Parillaud before engaging in simulated sex with her was of primary concern to the MPAA, however the OFLC passed the unedited sequence with an M classification. Landis was most vocal that the MPAA made him cut the sex scene for domestic release in the US, although he claimed he wasn't concerned with the other (pre-release) cuts imposed on the film." [M. C. Thomason]

Friday the 13th (1980)
Director Sean S. Cunningham
Cut Formats VHS sell-through [confirm]
Classifications R (20/8/2003 - DVD, 4/6/1984 - 91 mins PAL)
Cut Footage    (a) Includes an extra few seconds in one bloody death scene where a girl jabbed with a sharp object. The first throat slashing of the girl in the woods fades to white in the Australian VHS and HK VCD releases. In the Japanese version and the Australian DVD, she actually slumps to the ground before the fade to white happens.
   (b) The VHS sell-through should also be missing the second shot of Kevin Bacon's death scene after the close-up shot where the arrow pierces his neck and blood spurts out.
   Note that this uncut version on DVD was officially classified R 18+ by the OFLC. According to information on hand, the original theatrical prints and VHS rental tape (Warner Home Video) were also uncut and rated R back in 1981.
   Two sell-through tapes were released by Warner, one with the bloody axe on the pillow, and a tamer one showing a cabin surrounded by forest. I have not verified the cuts to one or both of these releases yet, but the general concensus is that the cut US print was used for these re-releases.
Reason Cut to obtain a US R rating.
Uncut Releases Local DVD (Warner) with a DVD counter time of 91:23 PAL, which includes about 25 seconds of extraneous Warner logos, local original VHS rental (Warner) with the girl in the canoe cover, the original theatrical film print was also apparently uncut, Japanese laserdisc (Warner), Hong Kong VCD first release only [confirm]. Cutlass Video also lists the following as uncut: UK X-rated VHS (Warner), Swedish VHS (Warner), Danish VHS (Warner/Metronome).
Comments The original VHS rental is uncut. I verified this by renting a copy of the now rare original tape release, which has the cover showing the heroine in the canoe. All death scenes match those on the local DVD. I used the picture-in-picture feature on my TV to compare the entire feature side by side. The tape ran about 35 secs faster than the DVD due to the addition logos on the DVD and perhaps imperfect VHS duping. However, every shot was identical to the uncut DVD except for the brief opening title, "A Sean S. Cunningham Film", which is missing on the original VHS rental. Instead, the first shot in the movie is of the moon at night.
   The new HK VCD (Warners) appears to be the cut US R version, since it does not show the girl in the first murder slumping to the ground before the image fades to white. It is also missing the second shot of Kevin Bacon's death scene, cutting at the point where the blood spurt from his neck wound during the initial close up shot touches his lips.
   Reportedly the first VCD release in Hong Kong was uncut as per the Japanese laserdisc. The new VCD with the Warner logo on the cover is not uncut.

Friday the 13th Part II (1981)
Director Steve Miner
Cut Formats VHS, DVD, Film
Classifications R
Cut Footage    (a) A close-up shot Jeff and Sandra being double-impaled while having sex on the bed.
   (b) A close up shot of Crazy Ralph and the wire cutting.
   (c) A scene at the very end where we are shown the inside Jason's shack and see Pamela's face. (d) While there, her eyes open. It was cut by Paramount for looking too fake.
   (e) A facing shot of Mark's face being split by the machete.
   (f) Blood was trimmed from the shot of Jason driving the hammer in the cop's head.
   (g)The flashback footage showing Mrs. Voorhees decapitation was trimmed.
   (h) Bloodflow was cut from the shot of Jason driving an icepick into Alice's head.
   (i) Additional bloodflow was cut from the shot of Jason slicing Scott's throat. [Source: IMDB]
   The deluxe boxed set still contains the cut version.
Reason Cut to obtain a US R rating.
Uncut Releases None.

Friday the 13th Part III / 3D (1982)
Director Steve Miner
Cut Formats VHS, DVD, Film
Classifications R
Cut Footage Our cut VHS tape (CIC) runs for 91:08 PAL.
   (a) At 100:10 the death scene of Andy originally showed his right leg and stomach being cut apart. The chopping hit runs for 17 frames in our version.
   (b) Vera's death was longer, it included more blood and a shot of her reaction. It was cut because the board said that it looked too real.
   (c) A different ending in which Chris, is killed by Jason. Instead of being attacked in the water by his mother, Chris axes Jason in the head and goes out to lay in the canoe. The night becomes dawn and Chris gets out of the canoe to go back into the cabin. Chris walks up to the front door and opens it. Right there in the door is Jason with an axe in his hand. He grabs Chris by her hair and slices her head clean off of her shoulders.
   (d) At 15:43 Edna's death was cut of excess blood.
   (e) The impaling of Chili at 107:24 with the hot poker was cut. Originally, the impalement was shown, along with a splash of smoldering blood. There is no smouldering blood in our version, just a quick shot of the poker protruding from her back.
   (f) At 102:25 Debbie's death originally showed blood spraying across her upper half.
[Source: IMDB]
   The deluxe boxed set still contains the cut version.
Reason Cut to obtain a US R rating.
Uncut Releases None. The out-of-print Japanese DVD is in 3D and is supposed to be uncut, according to an E-Bay sell. It needs special VR LCD glasses to view it in 3D.

Friday the 13th Part IV: The Final Chapter (1984)
Director Joseph Zito
Cut Formats VHS, DVD
Classifications R, Banned (1985)
Cut Footage Jasonís head sliding onto and along the machete at the end was definitely missing from the original Australian VHS rental release. It has been restored to the version on DVD (Paramount). The following scenes were also apparently cut at the behest of the MPAA:
   (a) Nurse Rhonda was originally held up and gutted, but it ended up being cut out so that it only showed her being stabbed.
   (b) A scene cut in which Tommy shows Rob a fake guillotine. Tommy puts a stick in the guillotine. It drops and the stick is cut in two. Then, Tommy puts a fake arm in and cuts it off. Rob thinks its real and starts screaming. When Tommy starts laughing, Rob figures out that it is a joke. Trish comes in and asks Rob if he wants to stay for dinner. He doesn't.
   (c) One scene in which Doug and Sarah are on the porch. They stand outside and talk about not dancing.
   (d) In another scene, Mrs. Jarvis goes into Trish's room and tells her to go get a car part in town. Mrs. Jarvis also announces that she is going jogging before it storms.
   (e) A small scene cut during the time in which the Jarvis' car breaks down. In the original version, right after Trish tells Tommy to hurry up it cuts. It did continue with Tommy running up to Trish in a scary mask, scaring Trish. Tommy declares that he made the mask the first week that he got there.
   (f) Sarah and Doug are together in their room (before the party starts). They talk about how nice each others legs are and how nervous they are about going to the party.
   (g) A scene where Tommy shows Rob a toy soldier melting under a magnifying glass.
   (h) A scene where Trish finds her mother drowned in a bathtub. [Source: IMDB]
   The deluxe boxed set still contains the cut version.
Reason The cut UK theatrical version was originally released in Australia after the film was refused an R rating. The current version in circulation on DVD was also apparently cut to obtain a US R rating from the MPAA.
Uncut Releases None. The longest version available, which is apparently the US R edition, is currently out on DVD (Paramount) and VHS sell-through (Paramount).

Friday the 13th Part V: A New Beginning (1985)
Director Danny Steinmann
Cut Formats VHS, DVD
Classifications R
Cut Footage    (a) Joey and Robin were in a barn. Robin would put a piece of candy in Joey's mouth. Every time that he ate a candy, she would give Joey a kiss. It was cut because of time restrictions.
   (b) Robin's machete death was originally shown. The knife went through her chest, causing blood to spray across her upper half.
   (c) There was more of a shot of the cleaver in Jake's face. Blood protruded out of the wound and down to his neck. The scene was cut because Paramount was dissatisfied with how it looked.
   (d) There was a scene of Junior's head being cut off.
   (e) A more graphic scene of Joey's death was filmed. His innards shot out of his back as he was stabbed by Jake.
   (f) Violet was supposed to be killed by the machete in between the legs, however the board found it offensive and cut it from the script.
   (g) In the original shooting script, the opening scene was much different. In it, Corey Feldman and Jason were taken to the same hospital after the murders. Tommy goes crazy and kills all of the orderlies and patients while trying to get to Jason. He finally finds him, but Jason rises and attacks Tommy. Then, Tommy wakes up in the back of the mental hospital van.
   [Source: IMDB]
   The deluxe boxed set still contains the cut version.
Reason Cut to obtain a US R rating.
Uncut Releases None.

Friday the 13th Part VI: Jason Lives (1986)
Director Tom McLoughlin
Cut Formats VHS, DVD
Classifications R
Cut Footage    (a) Allen's insides were ripped out of his body by Jason. He dragged the guts and heart out; he dropped them on the ground where his heart laid steaming.
   (b) The triple decapitation of the 3 paintball players. The first print showed their heads being sliced right off of their shoulders.
   (c) The two camp counselors in the car's deaths were also trimmed: The woman speared in the water was cut of excess blood. The man was speared, lifted into the air, and then slid down the spear, leaving his insides on it.
   (d) Jason shoved the broken bottle into the caretaker's neck and he falls to the ground as the camera gets a close up of the blood coming out of the bottle.
   (e) Cort's death had a little more to it in the first print. After Cort is stabbed in the side of the head, blood begins to shoot out his head.
   (f) The wall-to-wall blood cabin originally had a lot more blood and guts in it. There were shots of livers and hearts running down the walls, but it was all thought too graphic to have in the film.
   (g) The backbreaking sheriff's scene had more to it. There were more screams, more bone crushing, and his legs began to kick.
   (h) A scene at the very end was cut. In it, a red-haired Elias Voorhees walked to his son's grave. Knowing he wasn't in the casket, Elias gives the camera a wicked glare.
   (i) Sissy's death was toned down. Originally, you could see her head torn off and dropped.
[Source: IMDB]
   The deluxe boxed set still contains the cut version.
Reason Cut to obtain a US R rating.
Uncut Releases Norwegian VHS. [Source: IMDB]

Friday the 13th Part VII: The New Blood (1988)
Director John Carl Buechler
Cut Formats VHS, DVD
Classifications M (12/12/1988 - 85 mins PAL)
Cut Footage    (a) Jason's face is constantly masked in shadows to avoid shots of his moldy, decomposing face. The complex make-up was made to conform to actor Kane Hodder's face, but was later deleted from nearly the entire movie when the MPAA deemed it "a bit too grisly".
   (b) Judy's sleeping bag death was cut to absolutely no gore. In the uncut version Jason slams the sleeping bag against the tree repeatedly until the sleeping bag is soaked in blood.
   (c) Maddy's death, which is offscreen in the wide-release version, but in original prints a scythe is jammed into her neck and bursts from the other side.
   (d) Ben's death is much grislier. In uncut versions, Jason smashes his head into a mushy pulp and blood pours down his face.
   (e) Eddie's death was cut. In the original version, we see his head drop to the floor, but in the theatrical version, we only hear it.
   (f) Russ's head splits open as Jason hits it with an axe. This scene was also cut.
   (g) Amanda Shepard's death is virtually unseen in the wide release, which only shows her get stabbed from behind for a second and then cuts to Doctor Crew's shocked face. Uncut, she is impaled on the blade, which juts violently from her chest. Jason then lifts her off the ground on it and waits until she finally dies.
   (h) Dr. Crews was killed with a tree-trimming saw. Originally, Jason tore into his gut, spilling out a fountain of entrails and blood that spurted up into the air.
   (i) Melissa's death has an ax violently cleaving her face in two, splitting it down the middle in a gruesome close-up that left her eyes still wiggling in their sockets. Jason then tossed her aside, which is all we see in the cut release.
   (j) Stan's death was also cut. There was a shot of Jason's hand ripping through the front of his body with guts attached.
   (k) Tina Shepard has a vision of her mother's demise at Jason's hands while driving a car. Buechler originally wanted the vision to be of Jason holding the severed head of Mrs. Voorhees, but Gulf + Western wouldn't allow it.
   (l) A denouement scene was filmed in which a fisherman in a boat on Crystal Lake hooks a largemouth bass, but as he's reeling it in, Jason rises from the lake and pulls him under. The scene was removed from the final cut, because it was deemed too close to the ending of the original Friday the 13th and Part III.
   (m) Michael's death was cut. Originally, Jason rammed the spike all the way through his body, causing blood to spurt out.
   (n) Tina's vision of Michael getting killed was also more graphic.
   (o) A shot of Jason carrying a severed head into a room was also cut. Kate's death was trimmed of bloodflow.
[Source: IMDB]
   The deluxe boxed set still contains the cut version.
Reason Cut to obtain a US R rating.
Uncut Releases Norwegian VHS. [Source: IMDB]
Comments "I will never give up hope that at least a DVD version of Friday 7 will be released which has the scences in it that were origianly cut. The current DVD realease of Friday 7 has nothing to do with the cause. It was planned a long time ago, along with all of the others. They weren't going to change their plans. They wouldn't even include artists comentaries. Nothing new was considered.
   You see the old regime at Paramount pictures is still embarrassed by these films. They don't want any spot light on the fact that a major studio did a series of incredibly successful low budget, non union films, about a homicidal maniac, which featured young kids having sex, and a tremendous amount of in your face gore!
   My meetings were cancled, my calls were not returned, they wanted nothing to do with a high profile uncut release of something they are embarassed about. They swept the letter writting campaign under the carpet. 
   I'm still trying. My hope is that they'll consider a new DVD release of all the films, with full commentary and uncut sequeces, (if they still exist).
I think that they might. Studio executives turn over quicker than dead fish going belly up in a poisoned pond. New people come, old people go. If nothing else it makes good economic sense for them to create a product that the fans want. 
   I intend to keep trying. 
   I will never stop trying to get them to release my picture in it's uncut form."
[John Carl Buechler - alt.horror 13/2/2003] 

Friday the 13th Part VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan (1989)
Director Rob Hedden
Cut Formats VHS, Film
Classifications M (9/2/1990 - 97 mins PAL, 13/12/1989 - 100 mins film)
Cut Footage    (a) Jim's death was much gorier. Originally, Jason shoves the entire spear gun through his stomach, then rips it out, causing Jim's intestines to slide out along with a large amount of blood.
   (b) Suzy's death was disturbingly gruesome. Jason shoves the spear through her stomach and twists it non-stop. There were close-up shots of Suzy's mouth gurgling blood and blood rapidly oozing from the spear wound.
   (c) Tamera's death in the original print was completely different. Originally, Jason repeatedly stabs her with a mirror shard in a shower while she's completely nude. Blood rapidly oozes from her stab wounds and Jason keeps stabbing non-stop.
   (d) The scene where the uncredited boxer gets the hot sauna rock shoved into his chest cavity was a re-shoot. Originally, Jason jammed two darts through his eye sockets, but it was deemed too graphic in the final cut, and the MPAA forced the crew to re-shot it.
   (e) A close up shot of Julius' head being knocked clean off was cut.
   (f) The scene where the captain gets his neck sliced by Jason's bowing knife is obviously cut. The camera cuts away to the rainy deck while the captain is cringing from the laceration and then cuts back when he falls forward. [Source: IMDB]
   The deluxe boxed set still contains the cut version.
Reason The cut UK theatrical version was originally released in Australia after the film was refused an R rating.
Uncut Releases None.

The Frighteners (1997)
Director Peter Jackson
Cut Formats VHS, Film, DVD
Classifications MA
Cut Footage At the end a worm supposedly squirms into Jake Buseyís rectum in the vortex sequence [speculation].
   "The local DVD has been censored by the BBFC, as the R2 master was utilised for the R4 disc. The solitary edit is the blood-splash when Jeffrey Combs' head is blasted near the finale; the lost footage totals 1 second, and is smoothed over by a flash-frame to disguise the cut." [M. C. Thomason]
Reason Cut for the US R rating before its theatrical release. Our DVD was sourced from the UK master, which is also missing the blood splash.
Uncut Releases The US DVD contains the blood splash but not the rumoured rectal worm bit. Rumours of a deluxe DVD set with a four-hour documentary on the making of the film circulated before Lord of the Rings began. This release may restore deleted footage.

From Beyond (1987)
Director Stuart Gordon
Cut Formats VHS
Classifications R
Cut Footage More details are to follow, but for the the cut scenes are mostly extensions of existing shots, including a close up of the pineal gland prodding a opening in the forehead, brain fondling and chewing, brain sucking via an eye socket, sexual fondling of Barbara Crampton by Pretorius, a paramedic having her head struck against bitumen, and blood spurting from a bitten pineal stalk.
Reason Cut before release to obtain a US R rating.
Uncut Releases Unrated US DVD (MGM), Monsters HD US TV screening 10/6/2006.
Comments "Once licensing issues are resolved, I am sure that Charles Band's Full Moon Pictures may release this film in its original cut as intended by Stuart Gordon. The film was a massive casualty of the MPAA, however due to contractual commitments Gordon was bound to deliver an R-rated picture. An uncensored director's cut has been talked about for years, but at this stage legal wrangles continue to tie up the rights to the film." [M. C. Thomason]
   The German DVD (Dragon) runs to 81:32 PAL, which makes it comparable to our cut VHS rental.
Entry Last Updated 26/5/2008

From Dusk Till Dawn (1996)
Director Robert Rodriguez
Cut Formats VHS, Film, DVD
Classifications R (15/2/2002 - DVD, 16/2/1996 - 108 mins film)
Cut Footage Some quick gory moments including a few more frames of a cut throat, a man's head being eaten by a monsterís abdomen. Said monster also squeezes a zit and shoots the pus stream at people.
   The Aussie DVD (Buena Vista) and US DVD and laserdisc (both Dimension) contains the censored bits as part of a making-of documentary. The up-coming US special edition DVD (Anchor Bay) should have the same supplementary material. No known home video version is known to contain the missing footage restored in the movie.
Reason Cut by the studio (Miramax) before release to get a US R rating.
Uncut Releases UK TV1000 [Source: Melon Farmers].

The Fruit is Swelling (1997)
Director Chin Man Kei
Cut Formats VHS
Classifications R (1997)
Cut Footage So-called sexual violence.
Reason Cut to avoid being banned.
Uncut Releases Hong Kong DVD.
Original Entry Refused-Classification. [Thanks to RC]

Fugitive X Innocent Target (1996)
Directors David Heavener
Classifications Banned
Uncut Releases Unknown.
Original Entry Refused-Classification. [Thanks to RC]

Fury in Red / Hong Tian Long (1991)
Director John Ni
Cut Formats VHS
Classifications R (18/12/1991 - 89 mins film), Banned (15 October 1991 - 92 mins film)
Cut Footage Three minutes of film which may have contained part or all of the following scene: "It was considered by the board to be 'indecent' pursuant to the Customs Regulations as the pregnant women's clothing is forcibly removed and her rape by three males is shown in considerable detail, culminating with implied knife cuts to her breasts. The resulting wounds are shown in a subsequent scene." [Source: OFLC via Refused-Classification]
Reason Cut to avoid being banned.
Uncut Releases Hong Kong VCD.