'0-9' titles

1990: The Bronx Warriors (1982)
DirectorEnzo G. Castellari
Cut FormatsVHS
Classifications R
Cut Footage Almost nine minute's worth of footage, which includes a decapitation.
Reason Unknown.
Uncut Releases Dutch VHS, Japanese letterboxed VHS (Eion) which runs to 88:34 NTSC and has the Japanese subtitles on the lower matte, not on the image as with the Dutch tape. [Source: MHVF] To add some confusion, the uncut Dutch tape is also listed at 88:34, which might mean it was transferred from an NTSC master, hence the identical running time.
Original Entry Refused-Classification.

2020: Texas Gladiators / Anno 2020: I Gladiatori del Futuro (1982)
DirectorKevin Mancuso aka Joe D'Amato aka Aristide Massaccesi
Cut FormatsVHS
Classifications R
Cut Footage Miscellaneous moments of violence.
Reason Sourced from a cut UK master.
Uncut Releases Japanese VHS (Cinemaland), US VHS (Media). The Swedish VHS (HemVideo) has a running time of 84:51 PAL but its censorship status is unknown. IMDB shows a running time of 91 mins NTSC/film.

8mm (1999)
DirectorJoel Schumacher
Cut FormatsFilm, DVD, VHS
Classifications R (9/2/1999 - 123 mins film)
Cut Footage The following scenes were reportedly trimmed before the film was released theartcially. As far as I know they have never been reinstated.
   (a) Sex throughout the movie. For example, background sexual activity was trimmed under the "no more than two buttock-thrusts rule".
   (b) A lot of a conversation between Phoenix and Cage was removed because a bank of TV monitors in the background were showing hardcore pornography footage.
   (c) Sequences in the underground sex club were trimmed to remove shots of enema porn (which were in fact real).
   (d) Machine's cutting of Phoenix's throat was edited.
   [Source: IMDB]
   The audio commentary on the DVD has Joel Schumacher referring to a three-hour version of the film, but he does not elaborate on what is missing.
Reason Cut to obtain a US R rating and to reduce the running time.
Uncut Releases None except for the script by Kevin Andrew Walker, which is available on the Internet.

99 Women (1969)
DirectorJess Franco
Cut FormatsVHS
Classifications R [assumption]
Cut Footage No specific details are available. Some nudity and sex content would be missing.
Reason Unknown.
Uncut Releases US DVD (Blue Underground).
Original Entry Refused-Classification.