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The Abduction Club Cut in the UK for the 12 certificate - images of executed men hanging removed; ours is M and no nudity is mentioned in the consumer advice.
Abraxas - Guardian of the Universe Topless scene cut for the US PG rating ours is M.
All About My Mother IMDB says it is missing 3 mins compared to the Spanish version I found no proof; rated M locally at 101 mins film.
Almost Pregnant Released unrated in the US on VHS with supposedly more explicit sex scenes at 96 mins ours is M with "high-level sex scenes" consumer advice at 87 mins PAL / 90 min NTSC. It is listed by the BBFC at 89:48 PAL and 90:16 PAL.
Amazon Jail Women in prison flick aka Curral de Mulheres (1982) cuts are expected but it may be uncut? Listed at 99 mins on IMDB.
American Samurai UK and US versions are cut according to IMDB.
Angel of Passion Cut for the US R rating, shorn of some sex footage according to IMDB.
Another Day in Paradise US DVD also has the unrated version of this Larry Clark film just need to confirm that the local DVD is not longer because of one extra scene.
Apartment Zero May be cut refer to Terror on Tape book.
The Art of War Mirror smashing scene is trimmed for the US R rating according to IMDB.
Auto Focus Director Paul Schrader says it was originally NC-17 according to IMDB, rated R locally. The local DVD does not use digital pixelation to obscure sexual imagery. Was any apparent in the theatrical release version? The pixelation was only supposed to apply to US domestic prints.
Azumi The extended director's cut runs to 144 mins NTSC compared to the standard world wide release lasting for a mere 114 mins film. In Australia the shorter version was classified R on 3/4/2004 for Madman Entertainment. IMDB also lists a running time of 128 mins, and the BBFC lists a DVD release from Optimum Releasing at an equivalent running time of 123:00 PAL. It is not known yet whether cuts were made to satisfy any classification system. The longest versions are available on DVD in Japan and Korea. Azumi (2003) was made by the director of Versus, Ryuhei Kitamura.
Battle for the Planet
of the Apes
US version is missing bloodier battle scenes is ours? Reported on MHVF.
Battle Royale Rated R rating at 114 min / UK 113:07 film / 108:29 PAL for Becker Entertainment hence it is not the 121 min film / UK 116:10 PAL extended version which apparently has added gore, but nor has it been censored.
Beverly Hills Ninja Trimmed of nunchaku footage in the UK.
The Black Cauldron Cut by Disney (dick) head Jeffery Katzenberg before release according to IMDB.
Blackbelt US version is cut, Dutch is uncut according to IMDB ours is R at 85 mins PAL.
Blade Blood spurting from necks and a henchman licking his bloody arm stump may be missing from the DVD due to UK cuts. Our DVD does not have any stump licking. One reader reports that the PAL version matches the US DVD.
Bloodsport II An ear-clapping was cut from the UK version according to IMDB. It was passed with an M rating (cut) and an R rating (uncut).
Bloodsport III The UK version is cut significantly by 26 secs according to IMDB.  It was passed with an M rating (cut) and an R rating (uncut).
Body Shots Classificed R for Roadshow with the 103 and 106 (US unrated) min film versions. Sexual/rape content was most likely cut out. Which one was released locally by Roadshow?
Bounty Tracker A scene where one man is shot three times at close range was cut from the US R-rated version accordig to IMDB. Ours is rated MA.
Breaking the Waves Strangely, the IMDB lists the director's cut laserdisc as being shorter (153 mins) than the US R-rated version (159 mins). Ours is rated R at 158 mins film.
Broken English Our version is most likey uncut at 95 mins film rated MA, with the consumer advice including the text "high level sex scene". An explicit sex scene was censored in the US NC-17 release to obtain a US R rating.
Bug Buster A longer US version apparently played on US cable TV. The DVD is 89:21 PAL according to Craig, which equates to 93:04 NTSC, so the local DVD may be uncut. IMDB also lists the running time as 93 mins, but is this for the cut version?
But I'm a Cheerleader A longer masturbation scene and the sex scene between Megan and Graham were trimmed to obtain a US R rating. Ours is rated M at 89 mins film and contains "low level sex scenes", so I am guessing ours is uncut.
Cave Girl Island Unrated US version exists ours is 76 mins R; "mainly concerned with sex" indicates it may be uncut.
Casino Royale (2006) This newer Casino Royale remake suffered cuts from two sides: the US cinema print was censored to score the increasingly financial US PG-13 rating, and the UK print was cut to remove a bit from the torture scene where Bond is first sitting in the chair and has the rope drapped over his shoulder with the remark from his captor "What a waste". I seem to recall this line being present in the version I saw theatrically, so I can assume that only the US cuts may have affected our print. Weirdly, the NZ OFLC has no listing for Casino Royale. Therefore I cannot say yet whether the Australian cinema print was censored or not. The Aussie DVD seems to be uncut, along with the Dutch, Finnish and Asian Region 3 DVDs, with the latter running to 144:24 NTSC.
   The Oz Blu Ray disc is the uncut version. One uncut Blu Ray disc was also released in Finland with a running time of 144:34 60hz.
   If anyone out there remembers their cinema viewing well, the bits to recall are: (a) The "What a waste" line at the start of the torture scene, (b) the thug's head going through a coloured glass pane in the stairwell fight, and also in the same scene, (c) a shot of the first thug falling several stories and hitting the ground floor.
   Out of interest, here are the remarks from the BBFC: "This film was originally seen by the BBFC in an unfinished version, for advice as to the film's suitability at '12A'. The BBFC advised the company that the torture scene placed too much emphasis on both the infliction of pain and the sadism of the villain for the requested '12A' category. When the completed version of the film was submitted for classification, reductions to the torture sequence had been made, including the removal of lingering shots of the rope, close shots of Bond's facial reaction and the substitution of a more distant shot of the beating compared to the original version. This re-edited version of the scene was considered acceptable at '12A', where the Guidelines permit violence provided there is no dwelling on detail or emphasis on injuries."
Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle The local DVD (Columbia Tristar) is uncut, but are the VHS and theatrical versions uncut? According to the BBFC website, the theatrical running time is 105:43 film with three seconds cut by the British censors to remove a head-butt. This converts to 101:29 PAL, which more or less matches the 101:09 PAL UK video running time. Our DVD runs to 102:43 PAL. The OFLC lists the theatrical release as running for 110 mins! What the...? It is also not known yet whether the head-butt is missing from our DVD edition.
Club Dread It was released in the US unrated on DVD with an extra 15 minutes of footage. I am not sure yet if additional gore or sleaze was reincorporated, or even whether such deletions were actually done to avoid an NC-17. The local DVD (Fox) is labelled "uncut" and runs to 113:08 PAL or 117:51 NTSC, so our theatrical print was definitely the shorter version. From I could tell watching the film on DVD, there was some OK gore and topless nudity but it was pretty tame stuff. A person being cut in half with rope and some bloody gashings are the only real highlights. Standard MA 15+ fare.
Coyote Ugly The new US DVD contains footage removed for the original PG-13 version. The Australian edition on DVD and VHS must be compared to determine whether we inherited the initial cut version too.
Cursed This horror flick from Wes Craven and writer Kevin Williamson was cut down to get a US PG-13 rating from its original longer R print. No Australian classification has been registered yet. More details.
Darkness The North American release was cut to secure a US PG-13. From IMDB: "the word 'fuck' is changed to 'freek/frick'. The man slicing his finger happens offscreen. The boy being attacked inside of his room by the six kids isn't shown. The R-rated version shows more intense sequences of the satanic ritual which was preformed on the six kids." No Australian distributor has submitted this movie for classification yet. The unrated US DVD (Dimension Home Video) runs to 102:10 NTSC.
Dark Tide An unrated US VHS exists but ours is strong and rated R, so it may not be cut.
Dead and Breakfast Reader Gary G. reports that the MA-rated Australian DVD of Dead and Breakfast matches the US unrated version. Classified MA 15+ on 10/8/2005, this horror comedy flick may or may not be uncut on home video. One quote of the local DVD (Imagine) running time I found (probably on a forum) was 84:21 PAL, along with the remarks, "Hey all – just watched Dead and Breakfast – kinda shit but funny in places. Struck me that this R4 version is cut though – haven't seen the unrated but the gore just looks truncated and the soundtracks jumps in places – 84mins 21 is the running time I got here!" So it does seem cut. An unrated DVD (Anchor Bay) listed at about 88 mins NTSC was put out in the US. The BBFC website lists the UK DVD (Anchor Bay) at 87:55. This could be a direct NTSC to PAL conversion, hence the 87/88 min duration. Our friend's supposed 84:21 PAL time comes out to 87:57 NTSC, virtually the same as the UK release, so one can conclude we have the UK transfer, but which version is it?
   Gary again: "I still stand by what I said about Dead and Breakfast. The only difference is in the picture quality (as far as I can tell). The US unrated version is a better transfer and not as dark as the local release (allowing a better view of the nastier stuff). The sudden 'cuts' are evident in both versions so I assume the issue was the way the film was cut together rather than one of censoring."
Dodgeball "It appears there was a third line edited for the US Theatrical Cut, and the only edit for our edition. Original: 'Sometimes you gotta grab life by the haunches and fuck it into submission.' US: 'Sometimes you gotta grab life by the haunches and hump it into submission.' It seems to now appear in the U.S. Unrated version." [Anonymous comment on Michael DVD, IMDB]
   The local DVD needs to be compared to the US unrated version to confirm modified lines of dialogue. The film was originally cut for the US PG-13 rating. IMDB lists other lines that were probably cut from our theatrical print due to US censorship: Original: "You all are about as useful as a cock-flavored lollipop" US: "You all are about as useful as a poopie-flavored lollipop." Original: "It's like watching a bunch of retards trying to fuck a doorknob!" US: "It's like watching a bunch of retards trying to hump a doorknob!"
Doom It looked cut in cinemas, particularly when one marine is struck in the stomach and doubles over, then there is a jump cut and blood is already on the floor grill. Now an unrated US DVD has been released.
Dr Jeckll's Dungeon of Death Reportedly cut, directed by James Wood, US VHS from Wizard is 88 mins rated R.
Dream Lover The US version was shorn of sexual footage to gain a US R rating. Ours is rated M with "sexual scenes" consumer advice running to 103 mins film. An unrated out-of-print US DVD (Polygram) exists, which is also listed at 103 mins NTSC.
End of Days A syringe is swung by a crazy man and supposedly hits someone, but we see nothing. The extant sound effects in this scene imply something gory.
Epitaph I think the local VHS is uncut; US release from City Lights is unrated.
Femalien An unrated US DVD is available does it have more than our R-rated release?
Femalien II Ditto.
Fire on the Amazon Rated MA. A Sandra Bullock movie with an unrated version that is 31 secs longer says IMDB, OFLC says we have the 78 min version PAL/film? IMDB also lists an 87 min version, which could be wrong.
Final Destination Two cuts were made to secure a US R rating according to IMDB.
Forbidden World / Mutant The tentacle penetration death and the creature's vomit death appear cut says Chris Doolan in Bloody Entrails #5; it is available on DVD; US VHS is 77 mins rated R.
From Dusk Till Dawn III:
The Hangman's Daughter
This one must have had cuts to obtain an R rating; some of the edits are dubious.
The Girl Next Door A US unrated DVD (Fox) has been released even as the movie unspools across Australian cinemas, but is ours the censored version? Classified MA locally, the film is listed at 109 mins on celluloid. The Kiwi censor's website shows a running time of 109:59 film. Fox also released a US R-rated DVD to appease wowser outlets in America.
   "Fox is churning out two separate DVDs of The Girl Next Door. The first is, of course, the theatrical cut, and then there's the unrated version reviewed here. Luke Greenfield points out some of the differences on the DVD's audio commentary - shotgun shells scattered across the ground as Matthew walks to his almost certain death, Kelly pushing a kid as he barges into a classroom, and some additional footage in the limo scenes. Aside from some of the new footage spliced into the film, there are also a few alternate shots popped in there, with more explicit porn videos playing in the background at Eli's and a lot more nudity in the strip club." [DVD Talk]
   I am curious to see if the extra footage was cut to avoid a US NC-17 rating, or whether it was added for the DVD to bolster sales or to indulge a directorial whim. It is good to see another major studio (Fox) releasing unrated material on DVD. Now if only they would do it theatrically and challenge the commercial stigma of NC-17. Please? I will probably see this one at the cinema before its local engagement ends.
The Godfather Part III "Prior to this crappy sequel's release, the MPAA demanded that the death of Don Lucchesi had to be trimmed for the film to have an R rating instead of the dreaded NC-17. Originally, after Don Lucchesi is stabbed in his aorta with his glasses (!), a glorius spurt of blood would have resulted (while in the background his assassin would have been shot). NOTE: Even Coppola's 'final director's cut' doesn't include this, because of the ratings. Director's Cut, my ass. Also the Finnish dvd-version (a part of The Godfather DVD Collection) is identical to this, though in the special features disc feature documentary The Godfather Family - A Look Inside, we can see this scene uncut from the behind-the-scenes point of view." [Source: The ATTIC] Ours needs to be checked.
Geronimo Unrated LD version exists; this is a made for TV film released with an extra 10 mins on video, which is most likey just dialogue and narrative stuff.
Hang 'em High Two US Fox LDs exist...114 mins and unrated 116 mins [remastered] NTSC; PAL DVD is 114:40 M, US DVD is 114 mins PG-13; I have the longer LD shipping. It has been released locally on DVD but I have not checked it out yet.
House of the Dead It had an uncut premier in San Francisco, but the official website mentions that an X-rated DVD is due in 2004, so will the global theatrical run be cut? no OFLC listing yet.
Hostel Regarding censorship cuts made for the MPAA to secure a US R rating, Roth is quoted as saying, "...except for 16 frames that I removed (I won't say where, but it's not in any scene involving an eyeball) the fans will see Hostel with all the blood, gore, and nudity that everyone at Toronto got to see." [Source: Horror Channel]. I need to confirm that the Aussie cinema print I saw also had these 16 frames missing.
House of 1000 Corpses It received an MA rating and appears to be the cut version. I have yet to see it myself. The US DVD is not be the uncut unrated version first promised by Artisan.
In the Cold of the Night Exists as a US unrated version from Republic 113 mins; given a local R rating at 108 mins PAL or 112:30 NTSC on 20/3/1991.
Iron Angels / Angels Our VHS is much more graphic than the UK tape, but it still looks slightly trimmed. Fatal Visions also mentions cuts "for western audiences". Our VHS matches the Taiwanese version [M. C. Thomason].
Jaws: The Revenge Need to check that UK cuts were not carried over to our VHS rental. There were two US versions, one with a gory shark demise and Jake (Mario Van Pebbles) dies and one with a happy ending, but this may not have been due to censorship. The VHS rental (CIC) runs to 86:17 PAL and includes the ending where they find Mario Van Peebles alive in the water after the shark is blown up. The is no footage of the shark being impaled on the front of the boat, as mentioned on IMDB. The DVD has a counter time of 86:21 PAL and appears to be the same version.
Killing Zoe Numerous cuts were made to reduce the film from a US NC-17 to US R rating. There is an uncut French DVD coming, according to The ATTIC, that should restore Tom Savini's special effects. Ours is 92 mins film rated R. I have the French disc on order and will check it out.
Kung-Fu Hustle An "uncut" bloodier Asian region 3 DVD has been released by Columbia Tri-Star.
Legion of the Dead From the director of Permutos, released locally on DVD at 89 mins PAL or 92 mins NTSC; the US Artistan DVD is totally butchered gore in the extras is missing from the feature.
Lord of Dogtown An unrated US DVD has been released. Does the Australian releases match this cut, or are they shorter?
The Mangler The US unrated version apparently contains the following extra juicy footage:
(a) 9 min: Old woman is crushed in the mangle - 2 secs.
(b) 9 min: Bloody shoot of the in squeezed woman - 2 secs.
(c) 9 min: Blood flooded face of the woman is to be seen- 1 sec.
(d) 14 min: The reporter photographs the crushed remnants of the old woman - 3 sec.
(e) 69 min: Scene of a man in the roller with the arm chopped off with an axe is to be seen .Blood squirts on all involved. The arm stump is to be seen, then a cut on the blood-sprayed watchers - 13 sec.
(f) 82 min: Lin Sue is crushed under the roller - 3 sec.
(g) 83 min: Lin Sue`s crushed remnants are to be seen - 3 sec.
(h) 84 min: Gartley's legs are crushed by the roller - 5 sec.
(i) 84 min: The roller closes and you can see Gartley lying with torn off legs. Blood squirts from the stumps - 2 sec.
Our VHS rental tape needs to be checked.
Necromancer (1998) Reportedly cuts have been made to a fellatio-castration scene, from CBS-Fox.
The New Guy This title has been released on US DVD in an unrated edition. Our release was rated PG for Columbia Tristar on 13/6/2003.
Night of the Demons III Exists as an unrated US VHS tape.
Panic (1982) Directed by Anthony Richmod aka Tonino Ricci, reportedly cut, UK print? Our VHS (King of Video) runs for 89:56 PAL, the UK VHS (Broadway) runs for 88:48 PAL. All the Euro tapes that Delirium #5 lists are shorter than ours, Denmark & Finland 84:42 PAL, Holland 77:40 PAL, Switzerland 87:13 PAL. Our running time needs confirmation.
Pieces An interview with the director has revealed that the Spanish version had even more gore.
The Pit and the Pendulum (1990) This was released on US VHS (Full Moon) marked unrated on the tape, but the cassette packaging still says R. The running time is 97:03 NTSC. I did not notice anything extra, but the local tape needs to be examined and timed.
Pulse (2006) The US remake of the J-Horror original by Kiyoshi Kurosawa was released on DVD locally by Roadshow rated M with a running time of 84:13 PAL. This equates to 87:49 NTSC and 87:44 film. The US DVD and HD DVD are the unrated versions. According to DVD Compare, the latter includes "a few additional seconds of gorier 'Internet suicide' footage". The Aussie release was classified on 21/8/2006 at 87 mins for film and 4/12/2006 for DVD. The UK DVD (Paramount) clocks in at 84:29 PAL.
The Rape Because of the Cats US X and R versions exist of this 1973 'thriller' ours is R-rated on VHS.
Red Eye This thriller was rated PG-13 by the MPAA for its US theatrical and DVD releases. The Spanish DVD website Lelo lists an unrated version. The UK DVD runs to 81:39 PAL and the BBFC lists the film print at 84:56, which almost matches the DVD running time after conversion. I found no other references to an uncut version anywhere else. I will attempt to import the Spanish DVD and compare it with our DVD. First I'll see whether the Aussie DVD running time matches the UK release.
Resurrection This dark and gruesome police procedural suffered at the hands of the US MPAA board, according to the director's region 1 DVD commentary by Russell Mulchay. The following comment is made by Nathaniel Thompson in DVD Delirium Vol 1 during his review of the US DVD (Columbia Tri-Star): "...he does point out that a horrific leg cutting sequence was trimmed down to get an R rating." I have seen the Australian full frame VHS rental, and overall the movie is definitely a strong R, but I'll have to look again to see if the leg butchering scene is that gory; I remember it being quite a strong moment nevertheless. This film is not out on local DVD yet. It was classified R on 16/7/1999 for theatrical distribution by Eagle Entertainment.
The Ring II A US unrated DVD is being released in August 2005. The film was rated PG-13 for its US theatrical run.
Rob Roy The UK version had the rape scene trimmed. Our DVD is 133:06 PAL and the cut UK version on video is 133:04 PAL after 15 seconds were cut by the BBFC.
Ryan's Daughter "The original prints of Ryan's Daughter had (from old memory...) 22 mins total hacked out of it. There was, as I recall, about 3 mins cut from the wedding night, and two large cuts later with the Captain. Totally destroyed the plot line, and made it impossible to understand...It was re-released with a R rating, and some of the cut material was replaced, but not all as I understand." [Paul R.]
Scary Movie A 100 min version is apparently available in Hong Kong. The US DVD is 88 mins NTSC. IMDB reports numerous different versions. I don't know how long the Aussie DVD goes for but the UK release goes for about 84:32 PAL on average or 84:14 film. Even so, is the shorter version the result of censorship cuts?
Serpico One VHS release apparently had profanity overdubbed with tamer language. [Heath G.]
Sinbad - Legend of the Seven Seas There could be a head-butt shot missing from our DVD which was pre-cut out of the UK theatrical release before it was classified by the BBFC.
Sin City The extended unrated US DVD was due for release on 13/12/2005. It remains to be seen whether footage was removed for the US R rating, as well as to shorten the length of the feature for its theatrical release. It was apprently released in Singapore in a director's cut version according to IMDB.
Spider-Man II Our DVD has apparently inherited British cuts to a headbutt fight scene. An extended version is now available on DVD.
Squirm "Squirm was originally rated R during its theatrical run, then cut down to a PG (or GP) to gain wider distribution. This version is the only one that has ever been released to video regardless of box labeling. The new DVD will restore gore and nudity." [Bruce Holecheck at MHVF]
   "This movie was initially rated R by the CARA and released theatrically in that form in the US. Shortly after this initial theatrical release, the US distributor, American International Pictures, made some minor cuts to the picture and re-submitted it to the CARA. This new cut of the picture received a PG-rating and, subsequently, was also released theatrically by A.I.P. No additional edits were made specifically for the U.S. video release. In fact, although the video released by MGM has been re-rated PG, it is the original R-rated version. There are no additional gore shots in the R-rated theatrical release that are not in the MGM VHS release." [IMDB]
   I will confirm the state of our M-rated VHS rental. MGM have released the uncut version on US DVD.
The Stand Seem to remember this being cut for US broadcast for violence and pacing reasons the US DVD is a long version at 366 mins NTSC, ours is 361 PAL according to the OFLC.
Thursday Released on US DVD by Universal unrated now out of print our VHS is rated R.
Torso From Video Classics, released uncut on DVD in the US.
The Unnamable An "uncut" version exists on US VHS unrated; our version is M rated at 87 mins, film/VHS?
Unhinged Is ours uncut? It was released in the US uncut on DVD (Indie DVD).
Vampirella We appear to have the 85 min restored version on VHS 83:00 PAL Warner.
Violence in a Women's Prison I have word that this was banned, but I need to check titles.
Warrior Queen An unrated US VHS exists M. C. Thomason says ours is uncut.
Wild Things The US unrated DVD is has been released and I have a copy. I will do a comparison with the original theatrical version.
Women in Cages Reportedly cut from CBL Video, directed by Gerry D. Leon.
Wonder Boys Two instances of profanity have been overdubbed by less offensive words on the DVD release. In one case Robert Downey Jr. says "You're stoned" to Michael Douglas when in fact he clearly mouths the words "You're fucked up". Later in the film Verson says "He's a crazy man" but he actually mouths the words "He's a crazy motherfucker". It is not known yet why these substitutions were made, but reportedly the US R1 DVD and Australian R4 DVD have been affected. No word either on whether the theatrical print had the same overdubs. [Sources: Melon Farmers, The Rewind Forums]
X-Men II The grenade scene looked cut.
Young Adam A full frontal shot of Ewan McGregor and his manhood has reportedly been cut by Sony Classics in the US to get the more commercial MPAA R rating. The film was classified MA 15+ by the Australian OFLC. SBS screened the film with the gential shots intact.