banned & censored movies in australia
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exceptions / rumours / special cases
Alexander (2004) I have not found any hard evidence that indicates Alexander was censored to obtain its theatrical US R rating. The shorter director's cut had the homoerotic elements toned down, but technically this was not due to censorship. However, the case could be argued, I suppose. The longer Final Cut version does apparently have more gore and bloodshed compared to previous versions. It's not clear yet whether or not these brief shots were initially removed to appease the MPAA. For now, the shorter versions of Alexander are not deemed to have suffered censorship, but any fresh information to the contrary would be welcome. By the way, I have yet to see either of the two earlier assemblies.
American Pie: The Wedding According to an introduction by writer and producer Adam Hertz on the local DVD (Universal), the extra footage in the 'unrated' DVD version was shot especially for the home video release. The bachelor party sequence includes more topless nudity and crass humour, such as Stifler using the vagina of a blow-up doll as a stubby holder. This longer version also received an MA rating.
Dawn of the Dead (1979) Many versions of this zombie classic have been released overseas on VHS, laserdisc and DVD. The (now rare) original VHS rental (Fox) is the uncut theatrical version. This version of the film is ostensibly George Romero's preferred cut, despite slighly more gore appearing in the extended editions. Note that a UK VHS release had been censored by the BBFC.
BloodRayne This tragic but entertaining Ewe Boll vampire epic was classified twice by the OFLC for home video. On 24/4/2006 it was given an R rating for DVD from a VHS copy of the film. Then on 9/8/2006 Fox submitted it again and it given another R 18+ rating with the same consumer advice "Strong horror violence and sex scene". Michael DVD received a review copy of the DVD which ran to 90:05 PAL, making it the cut for US R version. The BBFC recorded a similar running time for the UK release. However, reports started to come in stating that the local retail DVD was in fact the uncut version. The US unrated DVD runs to 98:46 NTSC. Was it only the rental version that was cut?
Day of the Dead (1986) The Australian OFLC had intended a cut version to be released, according to a letter John Dickie sent to me in the 1990s. However, the full uncut version was put out on VHS rental by the Premier label, much to the delight of horror fans. The film is available on DVD from Anchor Bay in the US. VHS sell-through tapes can be found locally, but their uncut status is not known.