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Welcome to Toxic Waste. This webshite is a continuation of the review fanzine I edited, illustrated, and published between 1990 and 1997. Likewise, Toxic Waste is more than a weblog. I've probably got too many plates spinning here online, but with proper time management I should be able to stay on top of it all. Enjoy your stay.

Rod Williams
Melbourne, 8/10/2008

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Leave your shoes at the door and turn off all mobile phones before entering Toxic Waste. This solar powered, low-GI website contains some pro­fanity and adult con­cepts equiva­lent to an Aust­ralian M 15+ rating. Furthermore, boring discussions about sport are refused classification 'round these parts. Proudly made in the United States of Aust­ralia with local materials and labour. No animal testing was carried out during its con­struc­tion. Please return for recycling after use. Toxic Waste has a carbon footprint of zero, hence no carbon trading fees are payable. All content is copy­right © to each respective con­trib­utor. Must be viewed in 1280×1024 mode or higher. Get hip.
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   literature meltdown »

Herman Melville, Mody-Dick (in progress)

Paul McAuley, The Quiet War (in progress)

Leigh Blackmore, Spores from Sharnoth (in progress)

Peter F. Hamilton, The Neutronium Alchemist (in progress)

Stephen Jones (ed), Best New Horror 22  

H.P. Lovecraft, At the Mountains of Madness  

Kirstyn McDermott, Madigan Mine  

Stephen King, Carrie  

Michael Shea, The Color Out of Time  

Steig Larsson, The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest  

Richard Feynman, Surely You're Joking Mr Feynman?  

Jack McDevitt, Polaris  

Charles Stross, Singularity Sky  

Stieg Larsson, The Girl Who Played with Fire  

Michael Shea, A Quest for Simbilis  

Wood & Brooks, Stephen King: Non-Fiction  

Stephen King, The Long Walk  

Robert Crumb, The Book of Genesis  

Thomas Tessier, Finishing Touches  

Stieg Larsson, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo  

Various, Harlan Ellison's Dream Corridor: Vol 2  

Alastair Reynolds, Absolution Gap  

Shane Jayirya Cummings, Shards  

Larry Niven, Convergent Series  

Larry Niven, Ringworld  

   televised radiation meltdown »

The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson (Ch 11)  

My Kitchen Rules (Ch 7)  

Inside Maximum Security (7 Two)  

Man vs Wild (SBS)  

Curb Your Enthusiasm (Go!)  

   sinema meltdown »

The Shadow of the Moon  

30 Days of Night  

Saw VI  



The Wolfman (2009)  

The Hurt Locker  

The Long Riders  

The Assassination of Jesse James...  

Rumour Has It  


   live event meltdown »

Ace Freely and Band (The Palace)  

Warriors of Brazil (Her Majesty's Theatre)  

Spontaneous Broadway (Comedy Theatre)  

Climate Change Seminar (State Library)  

Hard Evidence: 9/11 Tour (Trade Union Hall)  

Dracula's Theatre Restaurant (Carlton)  

   noise meltdown »

Megadeth, Endgame  

Gigantour II (DVD)  

Slayer, World Painted Blood  

Talking Heads, The Best of...  

   oz classification meltdown »

Banned : The 8th Day (pörn)

Banned : Left 4 Dead 2 (computer game)

Banned : Hooters #76 (pörn magazine)

Banned : Rio Loco (pörn)

Banned : Evil Vault 4 (pörn)

Banned : Risen (computer game)

Banned : Sexy Poker (computer game)

Banned : Necrovision (computer game)

Banned : Cry Wolf (pörn)

Banned : Bet and Zak (pörn book)

Banned : Sibling Love (pörn book)

Banned : Dog Fuckers (pörn)

R 18+ : Natural Born Killers (reclassification)

R 18+ : Fight Club (reclassification)

R 18+ : The Devil's Tomb (horror violence)

R 18+ : Feast III: Happy Finish (blood and gore; high impact horror violence and coarse language)

R 18+ : The Hills Run Red (high impact violence, drug use and themes)

R 18+ : His Name was Jason: 30 Years of Friday the 13th (documentary)

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periodical meltdown


Rue Morgue  


Diecast Magazine  

   censorship meltdown »

The Kiwi 1980s gore film Death Warmed Up has been released on DVD at last. An Australian release is apparently forthcoming. Message board gossip suggests that the picture quality is average.

Visit Refused Classification, Libertus, and Somebody Think of the Children! for more Aussie censorship news.

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Your Humble Narrator
So I'm visiting Brisbane to see the family. Mum and I are in Woolworths buying groceries. The trolley is full, and I'm pushing it toward to checkout lanes when mum lobs a Schwarzkopf men's hair colouring pack into the trolley. Looking at a recent photo of myself (above), I think my sterling silver locks are very...Hollywood. "Well said!"