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Station Monograms

Station Monograms

Station Monograms are found marked on ammunition, components and packaging. They serve to identify the "station" that produced or last handled the item to which they are applied. Monogram seals, either linen or lead, were also used in RAN service as a "tell-tale" to demonstrate that a sealed package had been opened. Packages with "broken seals" were regarded as suspect and not admitted to storehouses until examined for safety in storage.

This list shows some of the Australian monograms likely to have been encountered in RAN Armament Depots during and after World War 2. They are all the Australian monograms shown in the List of Station Monograms for Government Explosives Establishments, 1964, published by The Inter-Departmental Explosives Storage and Transport Committee.

Typical ammunition package

Typical Ammunition Package, showing sealing by linen monogram seal

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