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Regulations for Nitro Workers

Reproduced below is the text of Regulations for Workers Employed in Nitro Processes. This would have had application to some workers at Newington.

O. 78. (Established - October, 1930.)

Revised - March, 1956


(i.e. T.N.T., Amatol, Ammonal, Shellite, D.N.P., C.E., etc., as detailed in R.N.A.S. Part 2. Chapter 7 and Appendix 14.)

1. Workers employed in any NITRO process are to deposit in the place or places provided all clothing put off prior to work.

2. Workers for whose use an approved costume is provided are to wear the costume when employed in any NITRO process. They are to remove it before partaking of food or leaving the premises, and deposit it in the place provided.

3. No worker is to introduce, keep, or prepare any food or drink, or make use of tobacco, in any place in which any NITRO process is carried on.

4. Workers employed in any NITRO process or in any place where any NITRO process is carried on, shall, before partaking of food, before using recognised conveniences, and before leaving the premises, wash in the lavatory provided, and in doing so shall in no case wash in water already used by another person; and shall cleanse the skin, if and as directed, with any fluid or other material provided.

5. Workers are strongly urged to make the fullest use of the barrier creams and preparations supplied, for application to hands, arms and face, before starting work, as a protection against dermatitis, or other skin troubles.

6. Every person employed in any NITRO process is to submit himself, when required, for examination ny the Medical Officer.

7. After suspension from employment in any NITRO process or work in connection therewith, no worker is to work again in any NITRO process without a written sanction from the Medical Officer, which should be entered in the Health Record.

8. Workers are not to interfere in any way, without the concurrence of the Officer-in-Charge, with the means provided for the removal of vapour, fumes and dust, or with the carrying out of these Rules.

Note-"NITRO PROCESS means:-

(a) manipulation, movement or other treatment of a Nitro compound in whatever form, and

(b) handling or cleaning any surface, or handling, cleaning or destroying any object or part thereof with which a NITRO compound has been in contact.

Sta. 10030/56

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