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RAN Armament Depots - Useful Links and Resources

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Historic photographs of Spectacle Island and Newington can be viewed on the Trove website operated by the National Library of Australia. You will need to search for photos using search term "Spectacle Island" or Newington"

Or take a photographic tour via Flickr through the RAN Armament Depots of the mid-20th Century: RAN Armament Depot Photo Album

Asbestos Diseases Foundation of Australia Inc.

The Asbestos Diseases Foundation of Australia Inc. is a not-for profit organisation working to provide support to people living with asbestos related diseases.

The Sydney Harbour Federation Trust

The Sydney Harbour Federation Trust was set up by the Australian Government to plan for the future of former Defence and special Commonwealth lands around Sydney Harbour.

Sydney Olympic Park - History

Five layers of history have left Sydney Olympic Park with a unique legacy of resources, including locally rare ecosystems and species, artefacts, buildings with heritage value or green credentials and a diverse open green space that is suitable for a wide range of programs and activities.

Home of the Royal Australian Army Ordnance Corps (RAAOC) Association

This website is the home of the Royal Australian Army Ordnance Corps (RAAOC) Association and provides a stepping stone to some of the early history of Newington.

Royal Australian Navy History

Ship data and historical facts of the Royal Australian Navy. Old editions of the Navy List and Navy Orders can be downloaded here.

History of the Naval Police

Meet the men who guarded the ammunition!

Naval Historical Society of Australia

The online database is a guide and research tool and is compiled from authenticated Australian naval records and archives in Australia and oversee.

Australia @ War

Everything you need to know about service units in Australia during World War 2.

Ahoy - Mac's Web Log

A site dedicated to all "Who went down to the sea in ships" in World War 2. Topical articles on naval history.

The Gunnery Pocket Book

The Gunnery Pocket Book, B.R. 224/45, 1945 was created near the end of WW II and therefore represents the peak of British WW II gunnery.

HMVS Cerberus

Friends of the Cerberus Inc. aims to preserve HMVS Cerberus for future generations. Good for period information and old manuals.

NAVWEAPS - Naval Weapons, Naval Technology and Naval Reunions

Naval Weapons, Naval Technology and Naval Reunions! A comprehensive resource.

Australia's Official War Histories

First and Second World War official histories are available here in digital format to download. Images of the original pages can be viewed and words in the text searched.

Royal Australian Navy Armaments Depot (Somerton)

This page was written by Rowan Crowe of Craigieburn Historical Interest Group and based on documents retrieved from the National Archives of Australia.

WWII Snake Creek Armament Depot - NT

Snake Creek Armament Depot


The National Archives of Australia contains many files that directly or indirectly relate to Naval Armament Depots. With the exception of a few that are available online, none have been used so far in compiling this website. The State Records Office of NSW also contains some files, particularly relating to Goat and Spectacle Islands.

Sydney Olympic Park holds a collection of objects and records relating to the Newington site.

An increasing number of publications relating to the technology and work practices of the time are now freely available to download. These can be found on sites such as the Internet Archive and Scribd. Some of these are:

Two videos have been made about RANAD Newington. The History and Operation of the Newington Armament Depot, a 46 minute video cassette, was made by the Olympic Coordination Authority in 1999. The Railways of Newington Navy Armament Depot - A 1997 Driver's View Plus was made by Rowlingstock Productions in 1997 (Catalogue No. NNAD). This video cassette has been re-released as a DVD, and is still available.

Essential background reading for understanding the development of armament depot building design and layout are the following books:

The standard references for naval weapons in the first half of the twentieth century are:

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