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RAN Armament Depot Kingswood Staff c. 1970

Help me name the people in this photo of staff of the RAN Armament Depot, Kingswood. The photo was taken about 1970. If you can identify person number 8, or correct a name or other details, please email Robert at the email address at the foot of the page (

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Staff of RANAD Kingswood c. 1969

You can see an unlabelled copy of the photo at the bottom of the page.

1. Ken Hollier, Office 2. Norm Smith, Office 3. Val Smolonogov, Office
4. Joy Sinclair, Office 5. Joyce Minary, Office 6. Tom Dalgleish, Superintending Armament Supply Officer
7. John T. Miller, Officer-in-Charge 8. Janice?, Office 9. Rhonda Parkyns, Office
10. Jack Greening, Assistant Navy Stores Officer 11. John W. McKenzie, Deputy Navy Stores Officer 12. Jack Lloyd, Office
13. Bob Jones, Office 14. Wes Mitchell 15. William "Bill" Knight, Foreman of Stores
16. Bob Curran, Office 17. John S. McKenzie, Office 18. Phil Henderson, Office
19. Ray Scanlan, Senior Technical Officer, GMU 20. Graham Wiley, Office 21. Bob Anderson, Office
22. Ron Mascord, Senior Technical Officer, GMU 23. Harry Creighton, Foreman of Laboratories 24. Dick Kilgore, Senior Technical Officer, GMU
25. Charlie Plackett, Stores Supervisor 26. Bob Macintosh, Stores 27. Frank O'Hare, Stores
28. Barry Pritchard, Stores 29. Les Sharman, Driver 30. Stan Birrell, Driver
31. Aldo Saliba, Office 32. Athol Atherfold, Office 33. Chris Barling, Office
34. Alf Flack, Laboratory 35. Ray Cooper, Inspection 36. Bernie Furkin, Naval Police
37. Cec Maher, Stores 38. Harry Guilfoyle, Stores 39. Ron Hope, Driver
40. Harold "Brusha" Soward, Stores 41. Billy Horne, Stores 42. Mick Soper, Laboratory
43. Fred Morgan, Stores * *

Staff of RANAD Kingswood about 1970

Some Staff of RANAD Kingswood and Guided Missile Unit About 1970

If you would like a high quality scan of this photo, please email a request to the page owner whose email address is shown at the bottom of this page.

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