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Fire Regulations Governing the Embarkation and Disembarkation of Explosives - 1928

Reproduced below are the regulations issued by the Armament Supply Officer, Spectacle Island, on 31 May 1928. To modern eyes, these are remarkably concise.

Ammunitioning shell

Sydney, NSW. 1940-05. A workman gives instructions to the crane driver on lifting 8" gun shells from the wharf to load into a lighter for transfer to an RAN cruiser. From the collection of the Australian War Memorial.(


When embarking or disembarking explosives at a ship or wharf steps are always to be taken by the Lighterman to see that fire hoses would be readily available should the necessity arise.

No naked lights are allowed on board ammunition lighters containing explosives, and smoking is strictly forbidden. No matches, nor any other prohibited articles are to be taken into lighters, except smoking material in a locked portable box (for use of Depot employees during meal hours, etc).

Every precaution is to be taken by the Lighterman to ensure these regulations are strictly observed, and in the event of there being any contravention of same the matter is to be immediately reported to the senior officer present.

A ship's officer will be stationed in the Lighter during the embarkation or disembarkation of explosives.

(See Naval Magazine and Explosives Regulations, 1923).

31ST MAY, 1928.                          ARMAMENT SUPPLY OFFICER

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