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An Explosives Accident Scrapbook

From the pages of the Sydney Morning Herald:

Newspaper article - Terrible Calamity Newspaper article - Newcastle Powder Explosion
Newspaper article - Tug Sunk Newspaper article - Burnt to Death
Newspaper article - Death of Three Boys Newspaper article - Quarry Explosion
Newspaper article - High Explosive in Crackers Newspaper article - TNT Floating Around Harbour

Source: All Sydney Morning Herald

Row 1: 6 April 1891; 9 September 1908
Row 2: 3 April 1914; 16 June 1914
Row 3: 30 September 1914; 11 March 1926
Row 4: 29 October 1937; 1 November 1948

More information is available about accidents at Newington and Spectacle Island.

"The proximity of the magazine to the place from whence the flames aspired, was, in Itself, a circumstance so dreadful, as not to leave a moment to decide."

The "Three Bees" Blows Up

In 1833 the brig "Ann Jamison" (or "Jamieson") blew up at the King's Wharf at Circular Quay with the loss of 8 lives when loose gunpowder in the hold was ignited. Read the Sydney Herald's account of the tragedy.

On the evening of March 4 in 1866, a shipbroker's office at no. 17 Bridge Street, Sydney was devastated by the accidental explosion of two bottles of nitro-glycerine.

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