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RAN Weapon Equipment Depot Garden Island

The Gunmounting & Torpedo Depot, was an element of the dockyard at Garden Island, New South Wales from c. 1922. In 1942, the torpedo aspects were transferred to the new Torpedo Factory at Neutral Bay. The residual gunmounting aspects remained with the Engineer Manager at the dockyard.

In 1945, the Navy List shows C. E. Boyle, an Assistant Armament Supply Officer, on the Engineer Manager's staff - presumably responsible for the gunmounting work. By 1949, Boyle is shown as a Deputy Armament Supply Officer. In 1950, the Navy List shows the Gunnery Equipment Depot as a separate element of the NSW base staff. Boyle remained in charge of the depot until c. 1960.

Commonwealth Navy Order 16 of 1948:

With reference to A.F.O 3400/47, the Gunmounting Store at Garden Island, Sydney, will in future be known as the Gunnery Equipment Store.

Commonwealth Navy Order 310 of 1952:


To meet the changing conditions consequent on the increase in complexity and quantities of Ordnance equipment required to be maintained in store, it has become necessary to re-organise and augment available resources to commence the forming of a Commonwealth wide Gunnery Equipment stores organization.

2. In the Royal Australian Navy, the procurement of Gunnery and Underwater Weapon equipment stores, as defined in Admiralty Fleet Order 799/1947 (termed G/B stores) is administered by the Supply, Maintenance and Repair Section ('Q' Section) of the Directorate of Ordnance and Underwater Weapons.

3. The main stocks of Gunnery Equipment stores are maintained in the Gunnery Equipment Depot, Sydney. A smaller Gunnery Equipment Depot has also been set up, within the R.A.N. Armament Depot, at Chicago Street, Maribyrnong, for the maintenance of similar stores in the Melbourne Area.

Further small quantities of certain gunnery equipment are located at Fremantle in the R.A.N. Armament Depot Byford, and at Brisbane (H.M.A.S. MORETON). ..."

The depot was combined with the Gunwharf section of the RAN Armament Depot Sydney and renamed the RAN Weapon Equipment Depot (at Garden Island) on 2 December 1963; by 1973, the depot office was located at North Sydney.

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