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RAN Torpedo Depot North Sydney

Formerly the supply element of the RAN Torpedo Factory (later Establishment), the Torpedo Depot became an independent entity on 1 May 1972, when responsibility for it was transferred from the Superintendent of Missile and Torpedo Maintenance to the Superintending Armament Supply Officer (SASO minute TD:CB of 10 November 1972). It remained collocated with the Establishment at Neutral Bay, which by that time also housed HMAS Platypus, the shore base for the Australian Submarine Squadron.

Staff of RAN Torpedo Depot, 1986

Staff of the RAN Torpedo Depot, 1986

(Names of individuals in photo (left to right) Back Row: Ern Sandral, Doug Murray, Rod Caton, Viv Hailstone, Kevin Rewhorn, Bruce Annesley, Peter Rankin, Steve Bowdler, Ron Eyers, Brian Burgin. Front Row: Dean Arigho, Michelle Quinn, Dorothy Clarke, Robin Queenan, Ron Lee, Marianne Rowlands, Robin Le Lievre, Tom Easton.)

Torpedoes managed included:

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