This photo album shows all of the buildings constructed at Newington in 1897-98, with the single exception of the guncotton magazine. This magazine was replaced during the early 20th century with a larger storehouse. The photos were taken by the website author in 2012. Click on the first photo thumbnail below to open the album, then click on the "Next" link to move to the next photo.

cooperage_small.jpg examiningroom_small.jpg guardhouse_small.jpg celldoorintheguardhouse_small.jpg
laboratory_small.jpg gunpowdermagazine_small.jpg gunpowdermagazinerear_small.jpg gunpowdermagazineinterior_small.jpg
gunpowdermagazineannex_small.jpg latrineblock_small.jpg warrantofficersquarters_small.jpg soldiersquartersbldg118_small.jpg
soldiersquartersbldg126_small.jpg gateposts_small.jpg

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