Australian Twin Cam register

Chassis No:2491_YM_2Year of M/F:23/10/59
Body No:B 1562Engine No:2143_16GB\U
Reg No:Vic MGATCCColour:Black
Trim Colour:Red C.S.

Present Owner:Horsfall, Barry
Previous Owners:Dave Fryer, NSW. 7/66-7/67 Rod Hiley, Qld. 70s Max Henderson, Qld/PNG, 80s Max Mulligan, Maclean, NSW 89-04 Burke, Frank 6/04-4/07

Built with CS. H. WW. less Batt. Fryer bought from Civic Car Sales, Newcastle with 53000 miles. R.H. repainted, recondition mechanicals & fitted MGB overdrive gearbox. Advertised for sale at Nat Meet 04 by Dan Casey sold to FB.

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