Australian Twin Cam register

Chassis No:2448_YD_2Year of M/F:7/9/59
Body No:B 1815Engine No:2111_16GB\U
Reg No:SAColour:White (O.E.W.)
Trim Colour:Red

Present Owner:Fox, Rob
Previous Owners:Alan Mann, Camberwell, Vic. Alan Grasset, Upwey, Vic. 70 Ted Hider- Smith, Canterbury, Vic. Wal Magilton, Burwood, Vic. Geoff Bell, Chadstone, Vic. 72 Adrian Ackhurst, Burnside, SA. Bostok, Goodwood, SA 82 Groskorth, Glenalta, SA Craig Bastian, Sports Car Connection, SA. 10/9/85

Built less Batt. First reg. Vic. HCP 601 22/1/60. Raced in 60s by Mann, prepared by Harry Firth. Also raced by Bell, he built a 5 bearing 1800 T.C. engine. That engine retained by A.A. when car sold. Currently fitted with MGB 5 brg. with Weber.

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