Australian Twin Cam register

Chassis No:2422_YD_2Year of M/F:21/7/59
Body No:Engine No:1802_16GB\U (2077)
Reg No:UKColour:Blue (Iris bl)
Trim Colour:Black

Present Owner:Evans, Lesley
Previous Owners:Roland John Callaway, Canterbury, Vic. R. Pullar, Aspley, Qld. Ian Mac Nee, Friarstown, Vic. - 87 John Pitman, Vic. 87- 89 Barr, Rob 89 - 15 Dr Amarjit Paul 15-15 Gosford Museum(Dealer)15-18

Built less Batt. Probably sold new in N.S.W. Registered in Vic, HLM 452 24/10/61. Acquired by IMN as spares for rebuild of 1705. Original engine 2077 transferred to 1705. Bought as rolling chassis by JP 87. Engine 1802 bought from James Alcorn in US. JP also built Coupe 2072 at same time for himself so swapped the best bits including chassis 2422 to Coupe - go to file 2422 C for continuation. The roadster was sold under identity 2422. Bought by R.B. accident damaged rebuilt using 1500 chassis and body ex-USA by Mentone Panels 1993. Sold by RB to AP in 2015, when Dr. Paul learned its history he resold it to Gosford Museum who then advertised it as a replica. Sold to L.E. in UK 2018.

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