Australian Twin Cam register

Chassis No:2414_YM_2Year of M/F:14/7/59
Body No:B1532Engine No:2001_16GB\DA
Reg No:TasColour:Green
Trim Colour:Green C.S.

Present Owner:Freeland, Max 86 -
Previous Owners:Harry Cape, Merriwa, NSW. 59-66 Rodney Ireland, Oakey, Qld. 66- Paul Samuals, NSW - 86

Built with CRG. CS. OC. WW. Note special BRG colour. Ordered from P & R Williams, Sydney by Cape to be collected by him from Abingdon. He met John Thornley at factory and was told they didn't build MGAs in the colours he wanted but Harry pointed out that they were building Healeys on the next line in those colours so Thornley said "leave it to me." Cape drove and raced car in UK before returning to Australia. Car arrived in Melbourne and was registered Vic. HDB 064 26/2/60. Restored by Samuals in 1980s.

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