Australian Twin Cam register

Chassis No:2374_YD_2Year of M/F:15/7/59
Body No:B 1785Engine No:1255_16GB\U (2054)
Reg No:NSW unregColour:O.E.W.
Trim Colour:Black

Present Owner:Bennett, Jim 99-
Previous Owners:Bob Rowntree, NSW. 80 Peter Boorman, Lilyfield, NSW. 99

This is not a 'no Batt' car. It is listed as HD imeaning Home Delivered, i.e. collected from Abingdon by owner. Victorian registration HDE 818 8/3/60, handwritten entry S/H 959. This is taken to confirm the car was used overseas before registration here. Car had pushrod engine fitted when purchased by Rowntree and chromed and widened wheels. Boorman bought less engine, 1255 bought from Ian Cromarty, this engine was originally fitted to chassis 1717. Original engine 2054 was later fitted to 1978 and is now in 1759.

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