Australian Twin Cam register

Chassis No:2325_YMH5Year of M/F:19/6/59
Body No:B1513Engine No:636_16G\U
Reg No:QldColour:Ford Blue (Red)
Trim Colour:Grey

Present Owner:Unknown collector 06-
Previous Owners:William Sydney Priestley, Johannasburg, S.A. 59-64. Edward Raynor Tomkins, Park Springs, S.A. 64-93 Brian Barford, Qld. 94-06.

Built with Oil Cooler, CKD build no. MGA 458 Durban, South Africa. Imported when Tomkins emigrated to Australia in early 90s. Sold shortly after and B.B. commenced restoration, completed 1997. National Meeting Qld 97 Concours winner T.C. class and outright (post TF) Also class and outright winner at Gold Coast M.G.C.C. Concours 97,98,99. Offered for sale circa $65k /04, sold through Healey Factory.

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