Australian Twin Cam register

Chassis No:2260_YD_2Year of M/F:16/6/59
Body No:B1672Engine No:1910_16GB\U
Reg No:NSWColour:Alfa Rossa (Ch. red)
Trim Colour:Red

Present Owner:Hiscock, Frank
Previous Owners:Robin Orlando, NSW

Built less Batt. Imported into NSW 31/8/59. Bought by Orlando for racing, driven by Ralph Sachs in many events. After Orlando's death car laid in shed for many years until his daughter took it to local TAFE college to be restored. This didn't get very far and F.H. was able to purchase it. Car was very original and may have travelled only about 5000 miles. Car was stripped, body NOT removed from chassis, interior trim original. Subject of article in MG World magazine

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