Australian Twin Cam register

Chassis No:2219_YD_2Year of M/F:8/6/59
Body No:Engine No:1853_16GB\U
Reg No:Vic LAJ 128Colour:Red (Ch. red)
Trim Colour:Black (red)

Present Owner:Beaumont, Barry 77 -
Previous Owners:Frank White, Kynton Vic. 60-63? Peter Ward, Balwyn Vic. H. Drury, North Carlton, Vic. Philip George, Burwood, Vic. 10/77

Built less Batt. First reg. Vic. HDJ 281 17/3/60. Rereg. LAJ 128 8/12/71 FW bought in Footscray when 6 mths old, eng rebuilt by BMC. Raced at Winton, beat Moffat in his TR3. Rebuilt by George in 1971, mods included wide wheels, dashboard, seats, Mk 2 grill. Twin side-draught webers also added at some stage. B.B. had car repainted in 1989 (BMW red) and engine rebuilt by Paul Trevethan 1991.

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