Australian Twin Cam register

Chassis No:2156_YD_3Year of M/F:1/6/1959
Body No:B10340Engine No:V033274P
Reg No:Vic 17288HColour:Red
Trim Colour:Black (CS)

Present Owner:Kolecki, Andrew 2011-
Previous Owners:Bob West, UK Bill ?, Ireland, 01 Chapman, Tom Vic, 01-11

Built with CS, CT (cent. therm.) Htr, SSCutains. Now fitted with boot rack and Reome cast wheels. Imported ex USA by West and restored, sold to B.I. who onsold it to T.C. He kept it in the UK for a couple of years before importing into Australia circa 2003. UK reg NFO 835. VIC SPC-420. T.C. sold to A.K. 6-11.

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