Australian Twin Cam register

Chassis No:2089_YD_2Year of M/F:20/5/59
Body No:76539Engine No:
Reg No:Tas unregColour:(Gl. blue)
Trim Colour:(black)

Present Owner:Pringle-Jones, Richard 05-
Previous Owners:Gary Ryan, Rosanna 76 - Denis Hobbs - 78. Andrew Rennie, MG Workshops - 78 -? Unk -94. Max Freeland, 94-05

Built less Batt. Registered in Vic. HMC 666 on 4/1/62. Was drivable when owned by Ryan & Hobbs. Rennie (dealer) stripped T.C. parts and sold car as a pushrod. Recognised by M.F. (collector). MF sold to RP-J 05 who owns new T.C. engine ex-Linden Duckett and another bought ex-USA via eBay. Car sent to Healey Factory (Vic) for body repairs 5-07. Inspected by GK who confirmed chassis no, found LH no B60267 and body no.

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