Australian Twin Cam register

Chassis No:2089_YD_2Year of M/F:20/5/59
Body No:76539Engine No:
Reg No:Tas unregColour:Glacier Blue
Trim Colour:(black)

Present Owner:Pringle-Jones, Richard 05-
Previous Owners:Gary Ryan, Rosanna 76-78 Denis Hobbs - 78 Andrew Rennie, MG Workshops 78? Unk -94 Max Freeland, 94-05

Built less Batt. Registered in Vic. HMC 666 4/1/62. Rennie bought a rough T.C. in late 60s fitted with pushrod engine. He replaced Dunlop wheels and brakes with wire wheels and sold car. M.F. found the car and bought it, later reselling to RP-J 2005. RP-J owned new engine ex-Linden Duckett and another bought ex-USA via eBay. New engine dismantled by Shorty (Tas) and found to have broken big end bolt! Body and chassis restored by Healey Factory 2007. Finished car appeared at Natmeet Hobart 2012.

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