Australian Twin Cam register

Chassis No:1920_YD_2Year of M/F:30/4/59
Body No:Engine No:AEH371RS10349 (1605)
Reg No:Vic ex(MG 994)Colour:BRG (O.E.W.)
Trim Colour:? (red)

Present Owner:Christos, Peter 84-
Previous Owners:John Jones Motors, St. Kilda, Vic. 69. Robert Allardice, Beaumaris, Vic. circa 82. John Wilson, Mildura, Vic. 14/7/84.

Built less Batt. Reg. Vic. HFE 444 4/8/60. Rereg. BNJ 440 31/8/82. Reg. no. changed to MG 994 4/9/84. Car rebuilt by Allardice through late 70s. Colour changed then. Engine rebuild during 90s, block has original number plate but stamped across pushrod distributor hole boss is the number AEH 371 RS 10349.

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