Australian Twin Cam register

Chassis No:1919_YD_2Year of M/F:30/4/59
Body No:76484Engine No:Unknown
Reg No:Vic ex(HAM 797)Colour:O.E.W.
Trim Colour:Red

Present Owner:Richards, Tony 17-
Previous Owners:Ken Trotter early 60s-06 Barry Richards (dec), 06-17

Built less Batt. First reg. 20/8/59 HAM 797. Interesting to note that by error 2 days later a new white Renault was also registered HAM 797. Trotter Bros. bought in 60s from first owner who used it to go to a golf club on Mornington Peninsula. Left in their mother's backyard in 70s and neighbourhood kids vandalised the car. Later dismantled and stored in Lilydale. Moved in 80s to Box Hill and restoration started. Picture taken by West Australian newspaper at North Wharf, Fremantle 4/4/1960 - note headlight covers. Purchased by BR 06 some resto performed, BR dec. in 17 and car passed to son Tony, work continues.

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