Australian Twin Cam register

Chassis No:1918_YD_2Year of M/F:2/5/59
Body No:76474Engine No:1602_16GB\U
Reg No:VicColour:Red (O.E.W.)
Trim Colour:Red

Present Owner:Johnson, Mark 2016 -
Previous Owners:Trevor Wickham, Dundonnel, Vic. 74. John Ruddock, Ivanhoe or Heidelberg, Vic, 78. Terry Butler, East St. Kilda, 80ish. Frank Moore, Qld -15 Roger Cameron, Vic 15-16

Built less Batt. Registered in Vic. 5/9/61 HKX 167. Painted Red by Butler in 70s. Lost for some years after he sold it. Owned for long time by Frank Moore, Qld. Brought to Vic by R.C. on sold to M.J. Body removed to be repainted in original colours, other 'upgrades' being made, 5-speed g/b, Webbers, LSD, floor lowered to suit tall driver.

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