Australian Twin Cam register

Chassis No:1873_YD_2Year of M/F:22/4/59
Body No:76442Engine No:1574_16GB\U
Reg No:Tas MF 1959Colour:Orient Red
Trim Colour:Black

Present Owner:Freeland, Max 76-
Previous Owners:Paul Trevethan, Vic. 2nd owner 60s. Reg Hunt Motors 1964 Bob Taylor, Karnak Rd., Asburton, Vic. 64-66 Myles Harding, Sth. Yarra, (W.S. 3/73) Rowan Hardman, (W.S. 3/75) Peter Kendall, Glen Waverley, 75 Don Lane, Brighton, 76

Built less Batt. Reg. Vic HDG 757 15/3/60. Rereg. JAD 167 12/6/64. Owned by BT from late '64 to mid'66 engine rebuilt then sold. Re-rereg ITB 631 11/1/77. Reg. card shows chassis no. change also, but this is likely to be a clerical error as it seems very doubtful and the numbers are not of a recognisable type. Freeland rebuilt the car using a pushrod chassis which is stamped HDD 23 10766 (?) this is not the number on reg. branch card.

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